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CPUSA: Obama Nuke Policy A Good Start

From the CPUSA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

Peace activists say Obama’s nuclear policy a good start

By Pepe Lozano
April 7 2010

President Obama introduced a new nuclear weapons policy Tuesday with the aim of reducing nuclear weapons and a promise that America would no longer build them.

"To stop the spread of nuclear weapons, prevent nuclear terrorism, and pursue the day when these weapons do not exist, we will work aggressively to advance every element of our comprehensive agenda – to reduce arsenals, to secure vulnerable nuclear materials, and to strengthen international agreement," Obama said in a statement…

Some of the policies include setting limits on the use of U.S. warheads, declaring some countries off limits even in wartime and steps toward reducing U.S. reliance on its most destructive weapons. Under the new plan the U.S. promises not to use nuclear weapons against countries that don’t have them.

The plan stopped short of saying the U.S. will never be the first to launch a nuclear attack, a position many arms control advocates wanted.

Peace and non-proliferation groups hope the U.S. will adopt policies that declare the "sole purpose" of nuclear weapons is to deter others from using them. But the Obama administration fell short on such a stance to preserve the option of using nuclear weapons to counter a non-nuclear threat.

The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in a statement said the review could have been bolder in some areas but overall it’s a significant improvement from the past.

"The encouraging steps outlined in the report should not be viewed as the end of the journey toward reducing the dangers posed by nuclear weapons, but they point us in the right direction," said the Center.

Kevin Martin, executive director of Peace Action in a statement said, "President Obama is the most engaged U.S. president ever on nuclear disarmament issues."

Martin added that Peace Action applauds Obama’s efforts and remains encouraged by the New START treaty, to be signed in Prague Thursday, as a modest but necessary step toward further nuclear arms cuts with Russia.

However Martin criticized Obama’s Nuclear Posture Review saying it "appears to be too beholden to outdated Cold War thinking, and it doesn’t measure up to his vision of a nuclear-free world."

Martin noted, "It’s certainly better that the one released by the Bush administration, which called for the possibility of using nuclear weapons on non-nuclear states."

That policy has been reversed, but the measure leaves room for the possibilities of new warheads in the future, saids [sic] Martin.

Which, in fact, is completely untrue, since this agreement specifically notes that we will not develop any new warheads and it outlaws any testing.

And the administration has also proposed a big increase in funding for the U.S. nuclear weapons complex. Both policies are disappointing, says Martin.

But the report is not the last word on these or other nuclear weapons subjects, Martin noted.

"Congress, the American people, and the international community all have a role to play in advocating faster progress toward the global elimination of the scourge of nuclear weapons. The upcoming Non-Proliferation Treaty Review conference in May will attract tens of thousands of people from around the world to New York City demanding a safer world with no nuclear weapons," he said.

You have to ask yourself why an organization that is predicated on the destruction of the United States and its system of government is so hell bent that we should do away with our nuclear weapons.

And while you are pondering that conundrum, you might recall that the KGB’s codename for the Atomic bomb spy and traitor Julius Rosenberg was “(The) Liberal.”

Of course Mr. Obama is giving the Rosenbergs their ultimate victory. Were the Rosenberg heirs invited to the signing ceremony?

Or were they too busy helping their Islamic terrorist friends?

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4 Responses to “CPUSA: Obama Nuke Policy A Good Start”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    CPUSA must be saving a mint by not organizing, busing, feeding, and equipping anti-Bush protesters every week.
    This will undoubtedly lead to an embezzlement scandal as greed overcomes belief.

  2. proreason says:

    Isn’t it interesting the CPUSA is now more careful than the libtards about hiding it’s true intent.

    It’s probably because the Communist Party has a 70 year memory about America’s taste for Communism.

    And Obamy has a memory of about 3 seconds.

  3. Georgfelis says:

    How can Obama “proposed a big increase in funding for the U.S. nuclear weapons complex” at the same time he cuts out any development of new weapons or testing?

    Answer: Many of the nuclear weapons development sites have enormous cleanup costs associated with them, cleanups that will require enormous contracts with enormous companies, and enormous payoffs. I sense a disturbance in the force, as if a thousand no-bid contracts (tied in with campaign contributions) cried out at once….

  4. wirenut says:

    Skin the politics of nukes! If we hadn’t developed them first, and used them first, we would be buried under the ash of those that did. Untold lives have been saved by the fact that they work all to well. From annihilation to deterrent, the fact that we could wield such a terrible sword has kept us free from outside tyrants. This is dangerous. Respect comes from strength. Weakness emboldens the predator and ignorant sheep are in charge.

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