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CPUSA: Obama Reset H-Care Debate

From the Communist Party USA:

Resetting the health care debate

Sam Webb, National Chair of the CPUSA

President Obama’s speech to Congress last night reset the debate and struggle for real health care reform. No one thought that the reform of our nation’s health care system would be easy to begin with, but what transpired recently – the fierce counter attack by the right-wing extremists, the letting loose of the demagogues of hatred, fear, racism, and division, and the digging in of private insurance companies and other sections of corporate America – proved to be a sobering reminder that the political terrain and initiative can shift in the direction of one’s foes, as it did this summer.

But it also can shift back as happened last night, thanks to the president’s intervention in this bitter and bruising struggle.

By the speech’s end, supporters of health care reform were re-energized, its opponent dispirited, the public much better informed, the case for a governmental role well articulated, and the moral high ground regained by the president and the coalition that elected him.

What the president’s speech didn’t and couldn’t do was seal the deal on the language and details of that bill. In other words, there will be a health care bill on the president’s desk later this fall, but what is still to be decided is its precise content and scope.

So the struggle goes on.

The opponents of health care reform may have lost ground last night, but don’t expect either them or the advocates in both parties of “health care lite” to fold up their tent. In its editorial today, the Wall Street Journal appealed for “popular mobilization” to oppose the bill and John McCain showed little interest in giving ground on the Today show this morning.

As for the supporters of health care reform, we have to be every bit as tenacious as right-wing reaction. Justice, morality, and truth are on our side, but they are not enough. Only when combined with persistence, united action, and struggle over the bill’s content, including a public option, will real health care reform see the light of day.

Of course this was written by the head of the Communist Party in the United States, but it could have been written by almost any Democrat or member of our news media.

What is especially galling is the claim that “justice, morality, and truth” are on the side of robbing Peter to pay for Paul’s healthcare.

Especially, when it’s often the case that Paul can afford to pay for his own health insurance, but just can’t be bothered to.

Where is the justice? Where is the morality? And where is the truth of the other side’s arguments?

If the Democrats would try to address the issue truthfully, maybe their constituents wouldn’t have to shout at them at townhalls.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, September 11th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “CPUSA: Obama Reset H-Care Debate”

  1. Howard Roark says:

    True communists are especially patient in achieving their goals. Look at how long they’ve been acting as saboteurs in America–from the IWW to the CPUSA, they have been infiltrating our government, our universities, and our neighborhoods for over 100 years. Their leaders have got to be happy with the current quickening of their cause in America.

  2. proreason says:

    In another thread I pointed out that the last 1,000 years of history has been about the growth of freedom.

    Starting with the Magna Carta, people gradually wrested control of their own lives from the aristocracy, and then the Communists, Nazis, and other totalitarians.

    Today, nearly a billion people live as free men, and 2-3 billion more are reaching that status in India and China.

    But the aristocracy has never given up. Now the hide in the guise of progressive politicians. Yesterday they were Socialists, Fascists and Communists. They have incredible wealth, and they want their total power back. They don’t want to ever again have their position at the apex of society threatened.

    So in the most free country on the planet, in the country that has revolutionized the world with free markets and free people, in the country where common laborers live like kings of a few generations ago, in that country, we have the wannabe totalitarian aristocrats on the verge of snake-oil convincing the population to step back a thousand years, to give up the freedom people have won to manage THEIR OWN LIVES.


    Because the snake-oil conmen have convinced people that forcing somebody else to pay for their health insurance is more important than living free.

  3. WendyB says:

    Right on, both of you! The mystery is, why do the sheeple, I mean, people, fall for the con men’s lies? An excellent book to read on this is Thomas Sowell’s “Vision of the Anointed.” The basic thesis is that the liberal elites create “crises” that require immediate, dramatic government action (Sept. 2008, anyone? No? Then how about anthropogenic global warming?) and then cram through the government action while people are panicked. Afterwards, when the law of unintended consequences has had its way with us, the liberal elites move the goal post and change their story on what they were trying to accomplish. And, since liberals are notoriously careless about facts, history and evidence, they get away with it.. Finally, and this is my basic point here, liberals go for this cow patty EVERY TIME because it fits in with their view of themselves and the world. They are the uniquely endowed smart, kind, wise and just who really should be allowed to rule over the rest of us. Really, it’s better for us. If we could just see that, and stop fighting them so hard. Here, let me turn up your morphine drip, you poor confused conservative. There now, isn’t this much, much better?

    • proreason says:

      You give them too much credit.

      It isn’t just arrogence.

      It’s all about power. They want power that can’t be overcome, like the power the kings had. Watch Nancy Pelosi. She is Queen Antoinette incarnated. Someone that stupid can’t really be arrogant. Any teenager is smarter than she is. But she really thinks she should be royal. You can read it in her face. And not just her.

      That’s why every program they propose DECREASES the wealth and freedom of the country. Wealthy and free people have a tendency to challenge authority. That’s also why everything they propose is opposed to the principles upon which the US was founded.

      Divine Kings, Communism, Fascists, Totalitarians, Dictators/emperors of all stripes. 5 faces of the same philosophy……I get everything, you get nothing, and you don’t have a sayso about it, ever.

  4. WendyB says:

    You’re right, Pro, about the ringleaders. I was trying to explain why so many apparently intelligent, well-meaning people, e.g., most of my in-laws, bless their silly little souls, believe the con men so fervently. Basically, you’ve got your con men (Pelosi, Soros, Barry O), your pathetic henchmen, who will be the first ones offed by the con men after they consolidate their power (ACORN, SEIU, Frank, Dodd, etc.) and then you have all the nice liberals who were stupid enough to vote Obama in based on his hopey-changey mojo. Many of these people aren’t stupid in most measurable ways, so there has to be a reason they’re so willing to drink the hopey-changey Kool Aid. That reason is liberal arrogance. They aren’t religious in the true sense of the word, but they are Secular Humanists who believe in the perfectability of man. And they’re just the ones to help with the perfecting of everyone who’s not as kind and wise as they are. So they’ll vote in The Boy from Kenya, with his beneficent message of Hope and Change, and not have a clue that they’re being set up.

    • proreason says:

      Wendy, yep.

      It’s the leaders who are drunk with power. The ones like your relatives are motivated by different things.

      Mostly, it’s because they are brainwashed.

      But in their scrubbed heads there is a whole range of motivations: greed (the dominant one), job security (teachers, UAW, Civil Service), anger (Queers, some minorities, Femi-nazis), groupthink/arrogance (professors, the media, your in-laws perhaps), Kumbaya (maybe also your in-laws imho), and dumb-as-a-post (homeless people, Kos Kids, other losers).

      They almost all use the language of Kumbaya, but few really believe it. But I have met some who are true believers. Those are generally nice people. The other group that is ok to deal with are the job security motivated people. The rest of them are intolerable.

  5. WendyB says:

    You nailed it. My friends and in-laws fall into one or both of the groupthink/arrogance and Kumbaya buckets, though I do have one nephew-in-law who’s working the angry minority schtick on my last nerve (Dude, Koreans are not victims of racism, except by blacks). I like the “kumbaya” tag! One of my sisters-in-law made some stupid quote about peace being the way her September 11 “remembrance” this morning. Oh, right, so the Islamists flying planes full of civilians into buildings full of civilians should have immediately made us all think about peace, not about hunting them down and wiping them out.

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    “But it also can shift back as happened last night..”

    Really?!?! In whose opinion?

    This limp and unconstitutional “debate” gets reset because the dimwits won’t leave it alone ’till they get what they want. Power! Unbridled power!

    With their constant smoke and mirrors antics .. with their usual which nut is the pea under hoax-istry .. they will keep this “debate” going until they’re able to jam .. “something” .. “anything” .. down our throats.

    It’s not about health care. It’s about power! And it really needs to be called out for what it is and be stopped!

    The federal government has NO CONSTITUTIONAL CHARGE or AUTHORITY whatsoever to be in the health care business! Regardless of what you call it or what “conditions” you put in it!

    The phony “debate” needs to end. The answer needs to be no!

    Discuss, maybe, what needs to be reformed; but not taken over, or fulfilled, by the government. This whole thing is a charade and a mockery.

    Let’s make sure government does governments’ business and ONLY governments’ business. Provide for the common defense (how ’bout that missile shield, o-blah-blah? .. and an adequately funded military?), help build and maintain a quality national infrastructure, and help enable trade (domestic and foreign).

    Good grief!

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