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CPUSA: Rich Must Pay Their Fair Share!

From the CPUSA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

Robin Acree, Executive Director, GRO-Grass Roots Organizing – Mexico, Missouri

In Show-Me State, calls to tax the rich, show us some jobs

by: Tony Pecinovsky
March 5 2010

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – "Government has a responsibility to assist people in these hard economic times," former United Auto Workers member Clem Smith told a crowd of about 150 protesters on the state Capitol steps here March 4.

Smith, now a machinist employed at Boeing, knows first-hand the positive role government can play in creating job opportunities for the unemployed.

In May 2009, like thousands of other Missouri Chrysler employees, Smith was laid off.

"After 13 years of loyal service," he told the People’s World, "I was unemployed. I looked for a job. I got my resume in order. But there were no jobs."

Fortunately for Smith, he was able to get into a state-funded training program run by St. Louis Community College that "allowed my auto work experience to translate into aerospace work."

After being accepted into the jobs training program, Smith attended 10 weeks of training at the St. Louis Career Center…

Unfortunately, Rex Sinquefield, a retired multi-millionaire investment banker, wants to do away with state-funded programs by getting rid of Missouri’s income tax.

Missouri uses income taxes to pay for vital public services. Everything from health care, to education and training programs, to public transportation, to the fire and police departments relies on income taxes.

While using his personal wealth to buy influence in the state legislature, Sinquefield is also the main funder of a statewide ballot initiative to eliminate income taxes in Missouri’s largest cities. He wants to replace the income tax with increased sales taxes, a regressive tax disproportionatey affecting low-income, cash-strapped communities.

Robin Acree, from rural Missouri-based Grass Roots Organizing (GRO), told the crowd, "We need the lawmakers to work for us, not millionaires. We need jobs, infrastructure and health care, not tax cuts for the rich."

Jennifer Whittler, a single mother from Mexico, Mo., works full time and goes to school. She has no health care. She asked, "Where’s my bailout?"

"I couldn’t afford to keep working, stay in school and care for my daughter without relying on my parents for a place to live. I work hard and I still can’t make it in this economy," Whittler added.

Pointing to the Capitol dome, she continued, "They are trying to cut social service programs by eliminating the income tax. All they care about are the people with the money, the people lining their pockets."

Bradley Harmon, president of the Missouri State Workers union, told the crowd, "We need to make the people in this building feel uncomfortable. It is time for us to be serious about making corporations pay their fair share. It is time for us to have an economy that works for working people."

Harmon’s union represents the state workers at the Department of Social Services, Youth Services and the unemployment offices. As budget cuts continue to worsen not only are state workers facing lay-ffs [sic], but the people they service also face longer lines, more waiting and less access to vital public services.

Brenda Procter, from the Missouri Budget Project, discussed the need to raise revenue in the state by closing corporate tax loopholes.

"Moms pay taxes on diapers, but rich people pay no taxes on yachts. Is that fair?" she asked. "Is that right?"

Procter was referring to the state’s yacht sales tax exemption, a loophole designed to give the rich a free ride.

To generate revenue Procter suggested that Missourians "reform our tax structure. Currently, if I make $9,000 or $900,000 I pay the same tax rate."

"We need solutions besides cutting social services," she added.

Following the rally, protesters went to a Sinquefield-financed consulting office to deliver demands that Sinquefield resign from the Show-Me Institute, a Missouri-based right-wing think tank.

"We’re tired of Sinquefield’s shenanigans and radical experiments with Missouri’s future," Acree said.

"We won’t rest until Rex and his corporate cronies take their hands off our government, our democracy and start paying their fair share," she concluded.

Imagine how shocked these lunatics would be if the rich did indeed pay their fair share?

It would certainly be astronomically less than what the wealthy and corporations are paying in taxes now.

But of course the truth, or indeed any semblance to reality, simply does not matter to these people.

And speaking of mindless, fact-free propaganda, the leader of this protest, Robin Acree, posts on the blog of the odious America-hating toad, Michael Moore:

Mike & Friends Blog

Blogger Profile: Robin Acree

Robin Acree is the co-founder and Executive Director of Grass Roots Organizing (GRO!), a statewide grassroots driven group headquartered in Mexico, Missouri that wins real results for real people. She has organized in low-income communities and communities of color throughout the rural areas outside the two largest cities for over twenty years.  Robin was raised in Mexico, Missouri.

She is a former welfare mother, domestic violence survivor, non-traditional college graduate and fiery grassroots leader. She was honored for her work and for GRO achievements in 2005 with the prestigious Ford Foundation “Leadership for a Changing World” award. She provides strategic and passionate direction for state, regional, and national partnerships and campaigns.

Indeed, Ms. Acree and Mr. Moore could be doppelgangers.

The radical left is such a small and incestuous world.

But oddly enough our heroine seems to have forgiven Mr. Moore for his part in destroying the American car industry and the jobs it used to provide.

And she seems to have no trouble taking awards and corporate money from the Ford Foundation.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, March 6th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

15 Responses to “CPUSA: Rich Must Pay Their Fair Share!”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Government has a responsibility to assist people in these hard economic times,”

    It does?

    “I couldn’t afford to keep working, stay in school and care for my daughter without relying on my parents for a place to live. I work hard and I still can’t make it in this economy,” Whittler added.

    Well, Ms Whittler, you’re not going to like my answer. Ever hear the expression, “Something’s gotta give”? Well, life is all about choices and priorities. As one moves along, the other changes. So maybe school will have to wait. Be GRATEFUL that your parents let you live there with your kid. Your bailout? YOU are your bailout. Based on the choices you have made, you are, like anyone else, stuck (or blessed, depending on how you look at it) with the situation you have. I’ll bet you have a cellphone, don’t you? Sure, everyone does. Who pays that bill? Have a car? And, I know you get money from the gubbmint because your a “single mom” the single most uttered phrase of victimhood in the last century after WWII and so far, this one.

    Stop asking for a handout. You’re pissing me off.

    • jobeth says:

      Very good Rusty…! I’d like to memorize this and recite it at appropriate times. And I am finding more and more its more and more often. Sigh….

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, jobeth, it’s the speech I would undoubtedly have gotten from my parents. Like kids of all generations, they look for the easy out once something they’ve done becomes uncomfortable. I left home when I was 18. There’s no great thing to it. It was expected and I was ready to do it.

      I am also re-reading Eddie Rickenbacker’s autobiography. If you want inspiration and see a person who came from nothing using only his own two hands and working brain, you will come away with a respect for the American Way that few these days understand. Published in 1963 (I think) many of his mentionings are still appropriate today regarding the desire for better, the willingness to learn and to DO THE WORK.

      He stands, to this day, as one of those who knew what it was like to be a self-made man, to be proud without having to apoligize and to respect others. I recommend his book to any and all. It’s available from Amazon.com.

      Kids today would maybe read it and laugh as a fabrication, or somehow question its author as doing all of that. He did.

    • Petronius says:

      Rusty: excellent posts. “. . . the willingness to learn and to DO THE WORK.”

      In America the choice is not between the Haves and the Have-Nots. The choice is between the Cans and the Can-Nots, the Dos and the Do-Nots, the Wills and the Will-Nots.

      These Communists can whine and complain endlessly about “rich people” and “millionaires.” But the overwhelming majority of rich Americans got that way through their own efforts. Very, very few Americans ever got rich by sitting on their ass, or by inheriting wealth (thanks to the Liberal Death Tax), or because money fell into their laps like manna from heaven.

      And along the way each of those rich Americans created wealth and jobs for hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    “If you destroy a free market, you create a black market.” – Winston Churchill

    It’s fair to ask, cui bono? Who is angling to create the black markets that will be left after destroying the free markets?

    Follow the money, like asking General Electric why their wholly owned NBC was such a loud hailer for global warming at the same time GE was paying lobbyists to create Legislation taking us from a 25 cent lightbulb to a toxic filled $6 lightbulb.

    Follow the money.

  3. proreason says:

    CPUSA seems to be challenging the Slimes to be the house organ of the Obamastration.

    Which would probably be a good thing for the country.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Ok here are the falicies in this whole premise –
    1) The top 50% of income earners pay 97.11% of the income taxes – so to me fair is a straight flat tax that everyone – whether you make a hundred dollars a year or a million – you pay the same percentage – as I don’t think that the top 50% should be paying almost all of the income tax taken in.
    2) Take for example Public Education in reality those people who opt to homeschool, use a religious school or private school are paying twice – once to fund Public Education which their children are not accessing (although some states/areas allow homeschoolers to access sports, field trips and music/art programs) and their chosen form of education. How is the disparity of wealthy (i.e. high tax areas) and poor schools systems balanced? By government funding – which again is another form of payment by people (and when you include the elderly) who aren’t accessing the system, yet paying more than once to fund it. And yet, in some areas (mostly poor) the disparity continues with terrible schools, poor education and high dropout rates – why? Because you can’t legislate to compensate for the root problems – which are parental education levels, parental involvement and local attitudes toward education.
    3) Everyone is offered an education – k-12 – with many school systems (if not all) Vocational programs are offered for those who do not want to go to college but would like to develop (or enhance) a marketable skill – many school systems also offer Adult Education at immensely reduced prices (compared to college) that again – give a certification for a marketable skill – and in the AE system (at least here) Financial aid is offered.
    4) People make choices – while I would support an in-house day care to allow people who truly want to improve themselves a chance – Why should hardworking, employed people have to pony up more and more of what they earned – to carry others along – We made it – given the same original opportunities – perhaps the only difference is the original choices we made.
    5) And it can be done – my daughter is again living with her father, working and just 2 months away from her college degree – it has not been easy (3 times living with us, 2 with her father), 5 jobs since HS graduation, 4 colleges and about 13 years – but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    And she was just contacted about the job she wanted (and used to have) which would put her on her own and finally back on her feet.
    And finally is the continual falicy that the Rich, Wealthy and/or Big Corporations – did absolutely nothing to earn the money themselves while the poor were the ones who did all the work and received nothing for that work.
    In America – the rich, the charitable and the average Joe – pay more than their fair share – which is why a single mom in America can work and go to school – and survive – even without health care (which is wrong – Ms Whittler has no insurance, which means, even with a job and living with her parents – is a choice she is making (probably to enable her to get all the entitlements possible).
    Boo freakin hoo.

    • Kenty says:

      What is really fair is for everyone to pay a flat amount of income tax. This percentage crap is ridiculous along the lines of a certain Karl Marx statement (from each according to their ability).

      Bill Gates doesn’t pay more for a loaf of bread or a traffic ticket so why should he pay more in income tax? Just because he can? That makes zero sense and is NOT fair.

      It would be very interesting to see how the poorer folks in this country would react to all these government programs and grants if Nancy, Harry and Barack told them their taxes were going up. I believe a lot of these programs would cease.

  5. crosspatch says:

    I can’t disagree with the CPUSA more. The fact is that the poor must pay their fair share. We have entirely too large of a percentage of people in this country who are either paying no tax, or getting back more than they are paying. If they aren’t paying taxes, then they have no personal investment in what is going on.

    I would support a law that says if you can not vote unless you are a net tax payer.

  6. wardmama4 says:

    Crosspatch – You can Thank LBJ, Congress and the civil rights movement for the 24th Amendment which did away with this under the guise of ‘protecting’ the minorities from the hateful rich white ‘master’ and his ‘poll’ taxes (but really just managed to remove the property ownership qualification from voting) thus anyone could suddenly vote.

    I agree that those who pay taxes – income and property – should have the right to vote. But I also agree that people like my neighbors – who don’t want to be registered on ‘the Man’s’ lists – should have the right not to vote.

    That is what America is about – I just don’t like that illegal aliens and those generationally on the dole – should have the same rights that employed, taxpayers (who are paying for all their ‘goodies’).

    Where’s the social justice in that? Voting is not a RIGHT It is a civic privilege.

    And I am sick of the Left attempting to make everything a ‘right’ – they are lying to their constituents – as their real agenda is to take control of everything and every aspect of American life and they are lying about what ‘rights’ are and are not.

    Where is the social justice in that? And if you have to lie – are you really doing the ‘right’ thing?

    • jobeth says:

      “And I am sick of the Left attempting to make everything a ‘right’ – they are lying to their constituents – as their real agenda is to take control of everything and every aspect of American life and they are lying about what ‘rights’ are and are not.”

      Amen! If these “useful idiots” think they are going to be able to demand their “rights” with the governing body they are trying to put in place…watch…It won’t be pretty.

      Once the “new” government is in place all those “rights” are going to be a mere memory in the pipe dreams of the foolish. Ask the people of Venezuela, Russia, China, and any number of other nations that bought into this farce.

  7. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Perhaps the problem isn’t that the rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, but that leeches like these people are taking more than their fair share of the pie, both literally and metaphorically. Really, a little PT would do these whales some good.

  8. TwilightZoned says:

    “I would support a law that says you cannot vote unless you are a net tax payer.”

    I couldn’t agree more. People who do not pay taxes have no vested interest to keep them low. Hell, even social security recipients pay taxes. The tune would certainly change if they suddenly were responsible for coughing up the cash. The democrapic party has used class warfare for quite some time all in the name of votes. They have no real interest in moving the poor out of poverty because they’d lose most of their voting base. Getting out of poverty means paying taxes. Once a taxpayer, you find out in a big hurry how the rate is actually a form of governmental theft. Plus, those on the dole (welfare) don’t understand they are now in a form of slavery. What the government giveth, they can also taketh away – especially if you don’t follow their wishes lockstep. It’s nothing more than control. The exact reason for universal health care – control over the masses.

    I’ll take the Fair Tax any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Being more of a user tax, those who can afford to buy more, pay more. At least everyone would be accountable for taxes based on ability. Additional bonuses, the government will be unable to manipulate it and congress couldn’t get out of paying their personal taxes.

  9. mjwooten says:

    Well said Rusty! I get so sick and tired of rich people being vilified! I am NOT one, but I still get sick of hearing it! You know, in my 37 year work history, I have never gotten a paycheck from someone that made LESS than I did. I admire anyone who started in their garage with an idea…and grew it to a multimillion dollar company. I say, MORE POWER TO YOU!

    Hey, I was a SINGLE DAD for a number of years, but you never heard me complain and I certainly felt like no victim. Yes, something did give, my time and those little luxuries as I strove to provide…and provide I did and never once complained about sales tax on diapers!

    Stop with this workers of the world unite crap…make your own way, that is PRECISELY what our founding fathers gave us in the Constitution…the freedom to be whatever we choose.

    Is that this woman’s picture up there? Well, doesn’t look like she missed too many trips to the buffet at China King, does she?

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