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CPUSA/AFL-CIO Call Stimulus ‘A Success’

From the true believers at the Communist Party USA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

Recovery Act success stimulates the push for job creation

by: John Wojcik
February 18 2010

Reports released this week show that Republican claims that the stimulus was a failure are dead wrong and the labor movement is losing no time by demanding even more government spending on jobs to break the neck of the Great Recession.

"The fact is that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is still working," the AFL-CIO said in a statement late yesterday, "generating more than 2 million jobs and laying the foundation for future economic growth." The federation said the positive results indicate that the government must continue spending heavily to create millions of additional jobs.

In a report also issued yesterday, Ross Eisenberry, vice president of the Economic Policy Institute, tracked monthly job losses before and after the Recovery Act.

"With unemployment at 9.7 percent today, it’s hard to appreciate how much more damage the stimulus investments prevented," he said, adding, "Without the more than 2 million jobs generated by the Recovery Act, the unemployment rate would now exceed 11 percent."

Another indication that the recovery package is working, some economists say, is that the economy grew 5.7 percent last quarter – the largest gain in six years. These economists are saying the growth is largely due to the Recovery Act and that those who say President Obama’s stimulus plan didn’t work are just plain wrong.

"The fact is that the Recovery Act did work," declared EPI President Lawrence Mishel, "precisely as it was designed to work and it has helped to produce roughly 2 million jobs that wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t become law."

One union leader said the Recovery Act impacted on much more than just the critical area of job creation, as essential as that is to an economic recovery. AFT President Randi Weingarten called the stimulus a "life preserver."

"Kids don’t get a second chance to get a good education. The Recovery Act was the help they needed, ensuring that schools continued to receive resources so that teachers could teach and students could learn."

The CPUSA needs to get a list of the 2,000,000 jobs that the recovery act "generated" (not saved, but jobs that wouldn’t otherwise exist) to Evan Bayh.

Maybe they can get him to change his mind about retiring.

By the way, the oft-cited Economic Policy Institute is a radical left trade union-backed tax exempt 501c3 "charity." The EPI’s directors include Ron Gettelfinger, Andrew Stern, Richard Trumka, and other leaders of organized labor.

Meanwhile, back here on earth, we have begun to think that we should call Mr. Obama’s stimulus package — the ‘simulus.’ Since it was a sham from the gitgo.

It should be clear to all by now that it was only ever meant to line the pockets of the public sector unions and the rest of the CPUSA’s fellow travelers.

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5 Responses to “CPUSA/AFL-CIO Call Stimulus ‘A Success’”

  1. proreason says:

    The CPUSA is always 100% behind the boy king.

    Who is not, of course, a socialist.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    I agree, no single domestic act in American History has stimulated so much united and peaceful political opposition at such a grass roots level. If this was destined to be the era of an attempt to subvert the idea of individual liberty, then all I have to say is thank goodness these pee-brained pick-your-pejoratives are leading the charge for change.

    Every great story of growth and triumph has first an urgent and unyielding crisis or villain to overcome. Looking back now, I wonder how long America would’ve continued to wander in the desert of comfortable secular post-modernism without Barack Hussein Obama forcing us to study our government and constitution on a daily basis as he assaults it.

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