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CPUSA/AFL-CIO Demand More Stimulus

From the CPUSA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

No recovery unless we create 11 million jobs, AFL-CIO head warns

by: Rick Nagin
June 21 2010

CLEVELAND – In speeches here last week AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka attacked right-wing efforts to use the federal budget deficit as an excuse to block programs needed to end the economic crisis.

"The United States does not have a short-term debt problem," Trumka stressed at a town hall meeting Thursday sponsored by the North Shore AFL-CIO and in a speech Friday at the City Club. "It has a short-term jobs crisis. We may have a mid-term or long-term deficit problem that we can get to. But now is not the time to go on an austerity program and kick us back into a recession. That is a bad policy that will lead us to disaster."

He blasted the Senate Republicans and some Democrats who have used the deficit as an excuse and voted to deny extending benefits to the long-term unemployed,

"There are six and half million long-term unemployed," Trumka said. "If they suddenly stop spending it would be a huge broadside hit to the economy. We cannot grow our way out of deficit by getting smaller."

The current recovery, he said, is "very fragile." …

"There is no recovery until we fill the 11 million job hole created since the recession began," he declared. Real unemployment in the U.S., he said, is 25 million, if part-time and discouraged workers are counted.

The AFL-CIO has put forward a far-reaching program to address the crisis. The program includes rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, aiding state and local governments to maintain jobs and services, public jobs programs in hard-hit communities, using funds paid back in the Wall Street bailout to help local banks, as well as extending benefits to the unemployed.

We thought we were already doing this, and in fact on spent a trillion or so dollars on these very things.

Wall Street is mounting "massive resistance" to such programs, Trumka said, noting, "There are four lobbyists for every member of Congress" fighting regulation of the financial industry which caused the crisis.

Trumka also issued a stern warning about the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, which is to issue a report in December and is considering recommending cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Fourteen of the 18 members appointed by the Obama administration are "fiscal conservatives," Trumka said.

"Social Security is the most successful anti-poverty program in history," he said. Social Security is not part of the federal budget and has no effect on the deficit. Commission members, he said, say cutting Social Security is a way of showing bond-holders that Democrats are ready to make sacrifices, but, Trumka said, cutting the program, either by raising the retirement age or reducing benefits, is "playing with dynamite."

Social Security, he said, will have no solvency problem for decades and then it can be easily fixed by raising the "cap" – the maximum income that is taxed – now set at $106,800.

"We believe that every American should be able to retire with 70 percent of their take-home pay," Trumka said. "And for low-income people, it should be higher."

Isn’t it funny who Mr. Obama’s initiatives always track with the agenda of the unions and the Communist Party of the USA?

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3 Responses to “CPUSA/AFL-CIO Demand More Stimulus”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    I grew up thinking Unions were tough Hard-Hat wearin’ dudes who were above government welfare and anti-American practices.

  2. JohnMG says:

    Trumpka talks like a man with a paper asshole! But make no mistake, he is no different than the rest of his “labor leader” bretheren. Take this for example.

    I’ve belonged to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters for over forty years in the St. Louis District Council. Currently this council has a base dues requirement of $23 per month with a supplemental dues check-off of 3% of hourly earnings per each hour worked. This amount is withheld by the employer and sent directly to the District Council. The membership in this council is over 17,000 persons, and the hourly compensation package exceeds $30 per hour. Do the math, even at 50% employment, and see how much money is raked in weekly.

    Now, along with this is the benefits package which includes health & welfare insurance, pension, and vacation. The vacation contribution alone is $1 per hour worked and is sent directly to the Council Pension and Benefits office. Again, do the math using 50% employment at 40 hours per week, and see how much additional money they control. A vacation plan year begins on the first Tuesday in June and runs until the end of the following May. A member cannot access this money (being withheld weekly from his check) until June of the next plan year. If it is not redeemed before December of that year the amount is subject to a fine.

    All this money is held in escrow by the Council and invested. So there is interest being earned by the council. I can tell you from experience, that the quickest way to be told to “sit down, brother, you’re out of order” is to ask at a meeting where this earned interest goes.

    Now my question is, why should the American taxpayer be required to pony up additional taxes to pay for extended unemployment benefits, when the unions are so flush with money they can contribute millions that we know of (and untold millions that we don’t know of) to a bunch of socialist, communist, fascist sons-o-bitches? If they are sooo concerned with the welfare of their good union ‘brothers’, how about spreading some of their own wealth around? But never mind answering. I already know the answer.

    By the way, I’m self-employed, and all I ever get from them is grief. Problem is, if you’re going to work in this market, they’re practically the only game in town. But I hate every red cent these bastards extort from me. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if they all roast in hell. They’re as un-American as I can imagine. Even a lingering death is too good for them!

    • Steve says:

      “Now my question is, why should the American taxpayer be required to pony up additional taxes to pay for extended unemployment benefits, when the unions are so flush with money they can contribute millions that we know of (and untold millions that we don’t know of) to a bunch of socialist, communist, fascist sons-o-bitches?”

      Of course once upon a time, very long ago, this is what unions used to do.

      But, alas, no more.

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