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Nadia McCaffrey Fills In For Cindy Sheehan

Is fellow media moth, Nadia McCaffrey, trying to elbow aside Mother Sheehan? From the taxpayer-supported Communist front, DemocracyNow!:

AMY GOODMAN: And what made you decide to come?

NADIA McCAFFREY: I had to be here. I had to support Cindy. I had to support the mothers. I came because what she started is very important. I think it's going to make history. This is the first time when we have some attention. I'm talking about the war, the Gold Star Families especially. And all the mothers must join, and we are doing it right now. So, while Cindy is away, we are going to be standing right here at this camp, or the new one, but we will be at least three or four Gold Star mothers at all times, and I'm not moving one inch. I may have to go for a day or so, but I will be back until Cindy comes back and until this is over.

Of course, the real story is just how few actual mothers of dead soldiers have joined the Cirque du Cindy.

In actuality, McCaffrey is a co-founder with Mother Sheehan of the Gold Star Families For Iraq Peace. (McCaffrey helped raise and hand deliver more than $600,000 in aid for the Iraqi "resistance" in Fallujah.)

The handful of other mothers there who have lost their sons in the Iraq war are also from Cindy's group, as far as I can tell. Meanwhile, back to the interview:

AMY GOODMAN: What are you planning to ask President Bush? I think most of the press is not covering the fact that there are a number of mothers who are asking to speak with President Bush, who have lost their children in Iraq right now. What are the questions that you are thinking about?

NADIA McCAFFREY: Well, we are almost — well, past 1800 mothers cross-country, and the questions are – each one of us has a question. We are working, and these questions will be released this morning. Now, Cindy needs to speak to President Bush, and that's fine. We respect this, and we will keep this open, completely, for her. The rest of us will join and have those questions. Now, we were trying to talk this morning about not if it’s possible to have a meeting with all of us instead of one person. If it happens before Cindy gets back, for example, we would like to do it, as we are going to talk about it, but I think it sounds logical, and it might be a way to change the President's mind.

It sure looks like Nadia is trying to upstage Mother Sheehan, while the cat's away.

Another bizarre thing about Mother McCaffrey is that she is so in love with death she has tried to commit suicide three times :

Nadia McCaffrey's

Near-Death Experiences


Our condolences to Nadia over the loss of her son Patrick who was killed on June 22, 2004 while serving his country in Iraq. Visit Patrick's Memorial website. Nadia is a Coordinator for GoldStarsSpeak, Speakers Bureau, a Peaceful Pro-People Organization that works with GoldStars Mothers (Mothers who have lost a Son in the Iraq War) They are working actively to bring our troops home and to stop the war.

Nadia McCaffrey is a perfect example of how a NDE can dramatically change a person's life. After being bitten by a snake when she was a child, she had a very beautiful NDE. Having to return to life from her NDE was a tremendous disappointment to her. Her desire to once again be in the spirit world of love and peace caused her to attempt suicide on two occasions. These attempts only resulted in two more NDEs.


You have to wonder what she has against soldiers dying in war? Why would Mother McCaffrey deny its charms to others? (Though, this might help explain her support for the terrorists.)

Also, please notice that the Gold Star Families have a speakers bureau. I wonder what their rates are. I bet Cindy's latest PR campaign stunt has driven them up nicely.

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