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Crop Report Cancelled, Michelle’s Garden Now Safe

From Reuters:

U.S. cancels October crop report, first miss in 147 years

By Charles Abbott | October 17, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government canceled its monthly report on grain and cotton production on Thursday for the first time since reporting began in 1866 and said it will not estimate U.S. or world crop production until early November…

In other words, these were never cancelled during any of the previous 17 shutdowns. But Obama wanted to punish the farmers.

The widely followed USDA reports were the biggest immediate casualties of the 17-day government shutdown. Officials were also deciding on Thursday whether to issue an overdue report on the U.S. inflation rate.

Because we can’t go on without the government telling us that we are just imagining inflation.

"We have never missed a report in the past," said a USDA spokesman, who said the cancellation of the crop report was "the first time ever."  USDA began crop reports in 1866, covering cotton and tobacco, a year after the end of the American Civil War…

So even the north didn’t punish the south this way. But nothing is beyond Obama’s spite.

Still, at least one of our long national nightmares is over.

From BuzzFeed:

Michelle Obama’s Vegetable Garden Is Being Cared For Again

By Andrew Kaczynski | October 17, 2013

Michelle Obama’s White House garden is being cared for again. Last week, the blog Obama Foodoroma documented that because of the government shutdown, the First Lady’s vegetable garden had gone to the weeds.

White House gardeners are considered non-essential personnel and many were furloughed during the two week shutdown. The reduced staff was only allowed to do two activities: water the plants and remove trash.

And God knows Michelle and the Obama daughters wouldn’t want to soil their hands by weeding when it isn’t for a photo op.

Food rotted, mushrooms sprung up, and leaves rained down on the garden as “trimming, fertilizing, transplanting, and mowing the grass,” were off-limits during the shutdown, according to Obama Foodoroma.

But now, the overgrown weeds and squirrels wreaking havoc on the garden are at bay. A source in the First Lady’s office confirms the National Parks Service is back taking care of the garden again.

But who can even see it if the White House tours are still closed? Also, given that there were no USDA inspectors on the job for those 16 days, who is going to dare to eat anything from that garden?

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2 Responses to “Crop Report Cancelled, Michelle’s Garden Now Safe”

  1. wirenut says:

    I just dismounted my unicorn, and set it free, under a rainbow. Dorothy, and the red slippers smiled.
    Me think’s The Wicked Witch, forget’s about us munchkins. Screw “M”, the crop reports are always a scam.
    When others know, what you plant, how much you plant, and your forecast. It’s no roll of the dice. Futures,hedgeing,
    etc. Stop paying people to not grow crops. Let the market be free. Then will see what food really costs. Get the government out of it, and let the market rule.

  2. canary says:

    I guess the school students who do the gardening for free ride a federal govt bus to the garden and then to home. M.O. is busy getting botox.

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