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US Military Deaths Are Near Peacetime Levels

Here are some stunning figures that our watchdog media will never report.

Never mind that they are from an official June 29, 2007 report (pdf file) done by Congress’s very own Congressional Research Service.

The chart on page 7 of the CRS report says it all:

US Active Duty Military Deaths, 1980 Through 2006
Part I, Total Military Personnel


You will note that the military’s current casualty rate is just about at or even under that of the average during peace time.

One has to take into account that the size of the military has contracted over the years, thanks to Mr. Clinton.

Still, for the year of peace 1980, the fatality rate (2,159,630 divided into 2,392) was .11%.

Compare that number to the fatality rate near the height of the “insurgency” in 2006 (1,378,014 divided into 1,858) which was .13%.

And with the “surge” of course these numbers have gone down tremendously in the last year.

From the Department Of Defense November 1, 2007 briefing:

So why isn’t this amazing news being shouted from the rooftops?

And speaking of our unbiased media watchdogs, remember the recent reports about the uptick in suicides in the military in recent years?

As it happens the next chart in the CRS report speaks to that claim:

US Active Duty Military Deaths, 1980 Through 2006
Part II, Cause of Death


It would appear that the number of self-inflicted deaths is actually going down.

Of course the steep decline in the number of men and women on active duty and the tremendous reduction of accidental deaths are contributing factors here.

But still, how many people on the street would believe that we lost more solders in 1980 in a time of no war, than in 2006 when we were fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Meanwhile, we have people (well, Democrats and other America-haters) who claim to be so despondent over the numbers of soldiers dying in the war on terror.

And yet, sadly, US soldiers have been dying at roughly that same rate for at least the 25 years — in times of peace and times of war.

Where was their concern for human life then? Or are these folks only concerned about the deaths of US troops when it can be used to hurt America’s interests?

These are rhetorical questions, obviously.

(Kudos to the poster at Free Republic, InfantryMarine, who first got hold of this CRS report.)

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