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CRU “Set Agenda” On Climate Change

A University of East Anglia press release from last summer:

CRU key to setting environmental agenda

Wed, 11 Jun 2008

The University of East Anglia – in particular its Climatic Research Unit – is the only university to be included in a list of the key bodies that have set the environmental agenda in the UK over the past 30 years.

The influential ENDS (Environmental Data Services) Report, a regular policy briefing for business professionals, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a fact-packed special supplement reviewing the fast changing UK environmental scene over the past three decades.

In it, it outlines the most important people, ideas and policies during this period. Among the government bodies, the pressure groups and the businesses, the supplement names just one university: ‘The University of East Anglia (and its Climate Research Unit)’.

It cites Professor Sir David King, the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser, who described the school of environmental sciences at UEA to be “the strongest in the world”.

And it says the Climatic Research Unit, established in 1972, “is widely recognised for navigating the study of climate change out of an academic backwater and has set the agenda for the major research effort in this area ever since".

Among the most influential individuals, it includes University of East Anglia Professor of Environmental Science, Bob Watson (Defra’s chief scientific adviser and former head of the IPCC and climate adviser to the Clinton administration), and the late David Pearce. Formerly of the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, based at the University of East Anglia and University College London, David Pearce was a pioneer of environmental economics.

“The ENDS Report is a highly influential publication and we are delighted to be singled out in this way for inclusion in this list,” said Professor Jacquie Burgess, Head of the School of Environmental Sciences.

“Our Climatic Research Unit was investigating climate change before most people woke up to the challenges we face – and continues to be the leader in its field.”

Apparently, the administrators at the University of East Anglia are shameless, since this is still proudly displayed on their website.

Or maybe they are proud of what can be done when you sacrifice science for your agenda.

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3 Responses to “CRU “Set Agenda” On Climate Change”

  1. proreason says:

    “Climate Change”….well, they got that part right. It will do that.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s so funny is the references to it being a legitimate field of study. That’s the telling part though. A niche of the bigger field of climate study. People have made careers out of that niche and therefore must protect their “life’s work” and that sets up the panic mode for appearing legitimate. The brain short-circuits when it realizes that their life-work is a crock..a sham….a wet paper sack that the coffee is now dripping out of and staining the carpet.

    What to do? In Clinton-esque fashion…they scream louder so the opposition is not heard. Then keep saying to themselves “it’s real, it’s real, it’s real”.

    I remember doing that when I wanted something for Christmas that was absurdly expensive and I would close my eyes and wish as hard as I could. Well, the absurdly expensive thing didn’t ever materialize under the tree and neither will the “deniers” go away. Truth has that funny habit of happening regardless of wants or desires.

    When one volcano puts out more greenhouse gasses in one eruption than mankind has in its entire existence and there is no consequent catastrophic climate shift, well, I’m afraid I have to remain just a touch skeptical. And that skepticism is now just flat out disgust accompanied by clear denial that anything anyone wants to tell me about melting glaciers, homeless polar bears, and NYC under 50 feet of water. Well, the part about NYC might be a good thing.

    But sadly, so many hippie academics have built an entire career on crap science, they now have to admit it and well, looks like the chips are down for that particular group.

    • proreason says:

      A doctorate in the study of love. They discover it can be joyful and painful, and that it isn’t permanent. Love Choice becomes an issue when it is revealed that love objects sometimes think they have the right not to participate. Sweeping legislation to control love is called for, with burdensome taxes on types of love that don’t meet Al Toad’s criteria. Crisis looms when they discover that some men and women are unfaithful in love, and that it can cause rage in humans.

      A doctorate in hunger. They discover that all creatures experience it, and that many people like to eat. Eater Barons are discovered who consume many times normal. Tree rings dating back thousands of years appear to have teeth marks on them, which demonstrate that Eater Barons have existed for centuries. Redistribution of eating is the obvious answer. Catastrophe looms when it’s revealed that if food disappears, lots of people will die.

      A doctorate in breathing. They discover that breathing is critical to life. Angst occurs when it’s discovered that some breathers are selfishly breathing more than others. Redistribution of breathing is suggested. Every human will have to carry a card that tracks how many breaths each of us has taken. Crisis looms when sophisticated breathing models reveal that lack of breathing causes death. This is demonstrated going all the way back to the Ice Ages, which is the suspected inception of breathing.

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