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Cuba Doubles Some Docs Salaries To $27 A Week

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Cuba hikes salaries for doctors, nurses

March 21, 2014

Cuba is giving its hundreds of thousands of medical workers raises that in some cases exceed 100 percent, official media on the island announced Friday, though pay remains much lower than what medical professionals earn elsewhere.

"Though pay remains much lower than what medical professionals earn elsewhere." Could the AP downplay this story anymore?

The Communist Party daily newspaper Granma also reported that Cuba expects to take in $8.2 billion this year for the tens of thousands of medical worker it sends to care for the poor in countries such as Venezuela and Brazil.

So Cuba is charging for their humanitarian aid? Where is the outrage?

Granma published a sample of what the pay hikes, which take effect June 1, will look like. At the high end, doctors with two specialties will see their salary go from the equivalent of $26 a month to $67, while an entry-level nurse will make $25, up from $13.

Good thing the AP prepared us for these salaries by pointing out that "pay remains much lower than what medical professionals earn elsewhere." And bear in mind, the vast majority of doctors with only one or even no specialties can’t be expected to make such a princely sum as $67 a month.

Salaries at government jobs in Cuba average about $20 a month, augmented by a range of free services and subsidies.

Note how the AP had to immediately put this in. But, no, everything is not free or subsidized in Cuba.

The raise will affect more than 440,000 medical sector employees, Granma said, and was made possible by the elimination of 109,000 redundant jobs in the last four years…

So the Cuban authorities laid off some medical staff to be able to pay others more. Where is the outrage?

Cuba also is raising the salaries of medical workers on international missions, which already pay higher salaries and in hard currency. Doctors and nurses working in Cuban ally Venezuela, for example, will see their salaries double…

Which might cut down on their defection rate. (As does holding their relatives hostage.)

Cuba has not made public how much it pays doctors on foreign missions, though it is believed to be a small fraction of what it collects from the nations where they serve…

Again, where is the outrage?

Some doctors defect while abroad, though there are no official statistics on how many.

Why is that? They are so good about giving us all their other ‘statistics.’

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One Response to “Cuba Doubles Some Docs Salaries To $27 A Week”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This calls for US Government Aid!

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