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Cuba May Release 52 Political Prisoners

From a forgive and forget New York Times:

Cuban Government Vows to Release 52 Prisoners


July 7, 2010

MEXICO CITY — The Cuban government on Wednesday agreed to release 52 political prisoners in the coming months, a dramatic move that may ease international criticism as well as save the life of a prominent dissident who has been on a hunger strike for four months to push for the liberation of inmates.

What “international criticism” would that be? All we ever hear from the so-called international community is songs of praise for the plucky ‘Workers’ Paradise.’

The announcement, which would reduce the number of prisoners of conscience on the island by about a third,

Which means that the New York Times is declaring that Cuba has 156 “prisoners of conscience.” Stop the presses!

[C]ame after a meeting that included President Raúl Castro of Cuba; Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the archbishop of Havana; and the Spanish foreign minister, Miguel Ángel Moratinos.

The prisoners to be released, five initially, and then, 47 others, were all detained during a major crackdown on dissent in 2003, when the government of President Fidel Castro rounded up 75 activists and journalists who were accused of acting as “mercenaries” on behalf of the United States.

Of the original 75 detainees, some completed their sentences or were released on health grounds. Those who remained behind bars turned into potent symbols to Cuba’s critics of the government’s heavy-handed approach to dissent

Remember all the endless stories from our watchdog media about these imprisoned journalists? We don’t either.

The announcement of the decision to release the prisoners came in a statement from Orlando Marquez, the spokesman for Cardinal Ortega.

The five prisoners to be released first, whose identities were not made public, were to be flown to Spain with their families. The others to be set free will be repatriated, church officials said. “This process will be concluded in three to four months from now,” the church statement said.

“Three to four months”? And yet we are going to give Russian back ten of her spies in a matter of days.

This sounds like the 52 prisoners are going to freed after having served out their full sentences. We suspect Cuba is just trying to score propaganda points for absolutely nothing.

Although the United States did not play a role in the negotiations over the release, some analysts said the accord might help improve relations between Cuba and the United States.

Of course. How can we ignore such an obvious gesture of good will?

Wayne S. Smith, a former American diplomat in Havana who favors an end to the American embargo of Cuba, said the prisoner release should prompt the Obama administration to “do something to encourage the trend.”

Naturally. With Cuba, all roads to lifting the US embargo.

Which is really just code for sending US aid to that Communist utopia.

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One Response to “Cuba May Release 52 Political Prisoners”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I find it hard to believe any of these prisoners would want to leave this communist utopia for the money-grubbing capitalists in Spain. Ungrateful bastards!

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