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Cuba To Cut 500K Workers, ‘Reform’ Pay

From an outraged Associated Press:

Cuba to cut 500,000 gov’t workers, reform salaries

By Paul Haven And Will Weissert, Associated Press Writers
September 13, 2010

HAVANA – The big economic changes Cuba’s communist leaders have been promising for years appear finally to be happening in earnest — and they will be hard.

Cuba on Monday said it is laying off nearly half a million workers, an eye-popping figure in any country, but especially in a nation where the government so totally dominates the economy.

The shift would mean that one-tenth of the island’s 5.1 million-strong work force will be looking for jobs in the private sector by April 2011, a drastic change that could mean a radically altered economic outlook, especially for Cubans in their 20s and 30s who have known nothing but a paternalistic communist system ushered in by Fidel Castro in his 1959 revolution…

Look at the language the Associated Press uses here to implicitly condemn these changes. And look at how wistful they are about the “paternalistic” good old days.

The layoffs announced Monday will start immediately and continue for months, according to a statement from the nearly 3 million-member Cuban Workers Confederation, which is affiliated with the Communist Party and is the only labor union allowed by the government.

"Our state cannot and should not continue supporting businesses, production entities and services with inflated payrolls, and losses that hurt our economy are ultimately counterproductive, creating bad habits and distorting worker conduct," the union said

Imagine a union saying this. A Communist union. (But we repeat ourselves.)

Monday’s announcement also said Cuba will overhaul its labor structure and salary systems to emphasize productivity so that workers are "paid according to results."

How revolutionary. No wonder the AP is apoplectic.

The labor overhaul comes less than a week after Fidel Castro caused a stir around the globe when he was quoted by visiting American magazine writer Jeffrey Goldberg as saying Cuba’s communist economy no longer works.

Castro later said that while he was not misquoted, his words were misinterpretedand that he meant to say capitalist reforms could never work in Cuba

Sorry, but actions speak louder than words. And it sure sounds like Mr. Castro is retracting his retraction.

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5 Responses to “Cuba To Cut 500K Workers, ‘Reform’ Pay”

  1. Right of the People says:

    These half million people are screwed! I can’t imagine there is much of a private sector in the world’s last true communist country. Maybe Fidel is planning on a new wave of boat people like when he emptied the prisons and insane asylums with Jimmah Carter’s help.

    The AP is upset because one of their heroes has turned out to be just another fraud like the big eared clown in the White House.

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    It’ll be pretty funny when the US government is forced to make some of the same changes. Of course, in a capitalist country, cutting the public sector down will have a limited economic effect. Too bad we may not be one by that time.

  3. untrainable says:

    The sqirming has begun. Castro might as well be standing out in front of his mansion with a sign that says “Will beg for American Dollars.” I can’t wait to hear the man-boy-king try to justify billions in aid to Cuba. I mean if he can (attempt to) justify yet another $50 billion on infrastructure that will save our economy (this time)… nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. I’ve got a shovel ready fer ya…

  4. proreason says:

    Don’t worry.

    Cuba is an outlier….along with the USSR, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Poland, Hungary, several other communists countries in old East Europe, dozens of South and Middle American countries, and dozens of African countries.

    Marxism works like a champ when you have smart leaders.

    Like Omamy, or another smart one, if another smart one ever appears.

  5. fallingpianos says:

    The only reason communism has ever “worked” is because it has been propped up with outside help. If the United States adopts socialistic governance, which seems likely given that the Hitler-wannabe (yeah, I said Hitler; nazis and communists are merely two branches of the same rotten totalitarian tree) in the White House is hell-bent on destroying this country, then Fidel’s goose is cooked, and he knows it. The United States is the only real free market in the world that has clout (if we choose to use it) and resources. If the U.S. goes away, then the only alternative is to introduce free-market reforms. Otherwise, Fidel becomes as dirt-poor as his subjects… and that just wouldn’t do.

    The dirty little secret is that communism needs the free market in order to survive. Without free market economies, communism collapses very quickly, and in such a way that not even Obama’s propaganda machine could make it look like anything other than what it is: a dismal failure. The beauty of capitalism is that it doesn’t need communism. Never has, never will.

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