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Cuban Children Will Not Longer Get Coffee

From a bemused Associated Press:

Cuba puts peas in the coffee again

Peter Orsi, Associated Press, On Tuesday May 3, 2011

HAVANA (AP) — Cubans’ morning joe will be a little more bitter and a little less potent as the island returns to mixing coffee with roasted peas in a cost-saving move.

The blend is being distributed beginning this month for domestic consumption, the Interior Commerce Ministry said Tuesday in an announcement published by Communist Party newspaper Granma. The change apparently will not affect coffee for export, for sale in pricier stores or in establishments catering to tourists.

Naturally. But so much for the ‘workers paradise’ of Cuba being a classless society.

The message also said authorities are eliminating the coffee ration for Cubans ages 0 to 6. Up until now, coffee had been allocated by number of people in a household as a way to support families.

So children six and under will be denied their coffee? Someone should tell Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama.

The measure was first brought up in December by President Raul Castro, who said Cuba was paying $47 million a year on imports to meet local coffee consumption in the java-loving nation.

Like rum and cigars, coffee is an iconic product in Cuba. In the early 1960s, annual production reached 60,000 tons and Cuba was a net exporter. But last month, state-run coffee company Cubacafe director Antonio Aleman said that while the country has spent $9.5 million to modernize production in the past five years, meager harvests are falling short of annual demand of 18,000 tons of beans.

Cuba has an ideal climate for growing coffee. The cost of coffee has been skyrocketing for years. So this is yet another shining example of the wonderful benefits of a command economy.

Prodigious consumers of highly sweetened java, Cubans are no strangers to coffee cut with peas, which was long the norm. When they started getting the pure stuff in 2005, some even complained that it tasted funny.

Funny, it wasn’t the norm before the Communists took over.

"I like it better with peas," street sweeper Juan Hernandez Pedroso said as he sat on a curb Tuesday, taking a break during the afternoon Havana heat. "I don’t know, maybe it’s because it’s what I’m used to." …

Yes, given enough time, people can adapt to almost everything. They can even come to like being enslaved.

Tuesday’s announcement in Granma noted that the price of coffee rose 69 percent in the last year from $1,740 to $2,904 per ton, while peas are going for just $390 a ton

Just think how much better off Cubans would be if they were allowed to grow their own coffee.

But that notion does not even seem to occur to the reporters at the Associated Press.

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8 Responses to “Cuban Children Will Not Longer Get Coffee”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    I’m surprised the Cuban gov’t doesn’t order citizens to ‘pee’ in their coffee as a cost saving measure.

    • jobeth says:

      Brazilians encouraged their ‘subjects’ to pee in the shower…to save ‘flush’ water. eeewww

  2. Freedom615 says:

    Peas in the coffee? What a great idea? Let’s expand on that idea…how about using ethanol as gravy for our mashed potatoes? Or, how about rolling American dollar bills into cigars?

  3. jobeth says:

    “Just think how much better off Cubans would be if they were allowed to grow their own coffee. (And us to be able to drill)

    But that notion does not even seem to occur to the reporters at the Associated Press.”

    Ummm…Let me fix that….with a twist, for American comsumption.

    (Same old stuff…just insert your own details…This could be a liberal MSM/AP news template…I just changed the direction…lol)

    Just think how much better off Americans would be if they were allowed to drill for their own oil.

    But that notion does not even seem to occur to the reporters at the Associated Press.

    Amazing how the problems are all the same with the progessive liberal plans…only the details change. Oil? Coffee? Same results.

  4. Right of the People says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how the leftists the world over can take a functioning, productive economy and within years of taking over, completely trash it.

    Example: Cuba used to grow the best tobacco in the world but Castro considered it a waste since with the embargoes levied in the early 60s by most of the free world its export was severely curtailed. He had the tobacco fields reseeded with other crops like corn which leached out minerals and nutrients tobacco needed, destroying the land for tobacco production. Later, Castro decided tobacco would be a good cash crop and ordered it replanted but alas, it wasn’t nearly as good as before.

    Seeds smuggled out of Cuba and taken to Honduras which has a similar climate have flourished and now they make the best cigars in the world. I had a Cuban cigar recently in Canada where they are legally imported to and it sucked. I’ve had better dime store cigars and for a twentieth of the price.

    Example: Russia before the commies had a thriving agricultural base of small, independent farms who were like sharecroppers to the landed aristocracy produced enough to feed the people. The Bolsheviks come along and collectivize the farms and production goes down nearly 40%. Later under Gorby, they reinstate some small, privately run farms that outproduce the collectives about three to one.
    Russia also had a thriving and growing industrial base that would have soon outstripped most other European countries until Lenin and his buds came along and put an end to that nonsense.

    Example: Venezuela’s entire economy. Used to be thriving, now Obama’s hero Chavez is scrambling to make ends meet.

    I could go on but why bother. The fidiots who voted for the Bamster would never listen no matter what facts they’re told. It would spoil the dream and we can’t have that now, can we?

    • jobeth says:

      What amazed me is that the leftist can’t/refuse to see those results over and over.

      Every time.

      Of course I guess they keep telling themselves that THEIR version of this pipe dream is the one right version. The one that works. Problem is it always fails.

      I also wonder what kind of brain (or lack of one) it is that works so hard to help the elite enslave themselves. A little thought and a quick look at history would/could wise them up. Wait…they don’t have access to an un rewritten history do they?

  5. Right of the People says:

    I just had another thought. If the kiddies can’t have coffee anymore, how will they stay awake in the sugar cane fields come harvest time?

    • jobeth says:

      Easy…they will just chew or suck on the sugar cane while working.

      Talk about a sugar high! lol Those kids will be all over the place.

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