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Cuccinelli Would Have Won VA With GOP Support

From the Politico:

Why Terry McAuliffe barely won

By JAMES HOHMANN | November 6, 2013

.. The much-closer-than-expected outcome blunts the narrative that this was a clean win for Democrats going into 2014 and guarantees an intense blame game among Republicans about what might have put Cuccinelli over the top.

Based on a review of returns, exit polls and conversations with operatives, here are six takeaways from the surprise election of the night: Obamacare almost killed McAuliffe…

That’s not what the AP and the rest of the mainstream news media are saying.

Cuccinelli called the off-year election a referendum on Obamacare at every stop during the final days. “Despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of Obamacare,” Cuccinelli said in his concession speech Tuesday night.

When President Barack Obama crossed the Potomac for McAuliffe on Sunday, he glaringly avoided even mentioning his signature accomplishment — trying instead to link Cuccinelli with the federal government shutdown.

Which, of course, is yet another Obama lie. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats shutdown the government by refusing to even vote on the bi-partisan CRs that would have kept the government funded.

Exit polls show a majority of voters — 53 percent — opposed the law. Among them, 81 percent voted for Cuccinelli and 8 percent voted for Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis. McAuliffe won overwhelmingly among the 46 percent who support the health care overhaul.

Cuccinelli actually won independents by 9 percentage points, 47 percent to 38 percent, according to exit polls conducted for a group of media organizations. They made up about one-third of the electorate…

Cuccinelli might have won if he had more money… McAuliffe outraised Cuccinelli by almost $15 million, and he used the cash advantage to pummel him on the airwaves. A lack of resources forced the Republican to go dark in the D.C. media market during the final two weeks.

The Republican National Committee spent about $3 million on Virginia this year, compared to $9 million in the 2009 governor’s race. The Chamber of Commerce spent $1 million boosting McDonnell in 2009 and none this time.

“If the Republicans would have rallied around the nominee instead of refusing to support Cuccinelli, he would have won,” said a GOP source involved in the race…

Removing direct contributions from outside groups, McAuliffe raised $28 million to Cuccinelli’s $11.7 million. RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski defended the committee, saying that it has to make hard choices about how to spend limited resources.

And we believe her. (Not.) Anyway, we don’t want to hear the GOP elite blame the Tea Party for losing an election, ever again.

“The RNC spent millions of dollars to fund the ground game efforts in both New Jersey and Virginia, working in coordination with both campaigns to identify and turn out voters,” she said… 

The Democrat won only 4 percent of self-identified Republicans, according to exit polling. [McAuliffe’s] key was getting more of his people to the polls — 37 percent of voters self-identified as Democrats and 32 percent self-identified as Republican…

So Cuccinelli, like Romney, lost because of turnout. Despite the GOP ‘spending millions’ to turn out voters.

Obama himself was a mixed bag. A 54 percent majority of those voting Tuesday disapproved of Obama’s job performance, according to the exit polling. But 30 percent of those who “somewhat disapproved” of Obama nonetheless voted for McAuliffe.

God help us.

And despite the widespread criticism directed at Republicans for the government shutdown, an equal number of voters pinned the closure on Obama vs. congressional Republicans…

Good thing the Politico buried that startling fact near the bottom of the piece. But isn’t it funny how no one else in the media is mentioning this?

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3 Responses to “Cuccinelli Would Have Won VA With GOP Support”

  1. Petronius says:

    Here in Virginia we had to listen night after night to dozens of pro-McAwful TV ads featuring self-described “Republicans” and “conservatives” who denounced Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for his “extremist” or “radical” views, while proclaiming their support for the moderate and non-ideological Democrat candidate and all-around-nice-guy, Terry McAwful.

    We kept waiting for the Republican response and counterattack. But somehow it never came.

    How curious.

    Like the besieged Huguenots of LaRochelle, we died a thousand deaths waiting for the English rescue fleet that never sailed.

  2. heykev says:

    “If the Republicans would have rallied around the nominee instead of refusing to support Cuccinelli, he would have won,” said a GOP source involved in the race… ”

    We are always told by our Republican Masters from DC that we need/must support all the Republican candidates that can win in order to gain a majority. Yet when we had a chance to win and simply walked away from him because he was not a moderate (aka Rino’s) Republican like Christie or McCain.

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