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Daily Beast: Hillary Is Rewriting Her Record On Iran

From the Daily Beast:

Hillary Rewrites Her Record on Iran

By Josh Rogin | May 15, 2014

Hillary Clinton is now claiming to be the architect of crippling sanctions on the Iranian economy. But during her tenure at Secretary of State, her department repeatedly opposed or tried to water down an array of sanctions measures that were pushed into law by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Speaking at the American Jewish Committee Wednesday, Clinton said that she and Obama faced a “hard choice” when deciding to both reach out to Iran and increase the pressure on the Iranian government and economy, a not so subtle pitch for her upcoming memoir “Hard Choices,” which hits bookstores next month. She portrayed the multi-year effort to impose several increasingly tough sanctions measures against Iran as largely led by the administration.

To be fair, when Hillary speaks to Arab groups she undoubtedly tells them she fought the sanctions on Iran tooth and nail.

“With the help of Congress, the Obama administration imposed some of the most stringent crippling sanctions on top of the international ones… our goal was to put so much financial pressure on Iran’s leaders that they would have no choice but to come back to the negotiating table with a serious offer,” she said. “We went after Iran’s oil industry, banks, and weapons programs, enlisted insurance firms, shipping lines, energy companies, financial institutions and others to cut Iran off from global commerce.” …

Needless the say these sanctions have proved to be completely toothless, since the Iranians quickly found ways around them. Thanks largely to our good friends the Iraqis, the Chinese and the Russians. So it’s even worse to lie about sanctions that were useless in the first place.

Clinton referred indirectly to a series of bills passed from 2009 through 2012 that attacked Iran’s ability to export goods, participate in international financial markets, and continue with its illicit activities and money laundering.

What Clinton didn’t mention was that top officials from her own State Department—in conjunction with the rest of the Obama administration—often worked hard against many of the measures she’s now championing. Some bills Foggy Bottom slowed down; others, the State Department lobbied to be made less strict; still others were opposed outright by Clinton’s deputies, only to be overruled by large majorities in the House and the Senate.

For the senators who worked against the administration to pass the sanctions, Clinton’s comments Wednesday were an attempt to rewrite the events without acknowledging the administration’s actions at the time.

“Secretary Clinton’s comments are a blatant revision of history,” [Sen. Mark] Kirk [R-IL] told The Daily Beast Thursday. “The fact is the Obama administration has opposed sanctions against Iran led by Senator Menendez and me every step of the way, as was thoroughly documented at the time.”

The most egregious example of the administration’s effort to slow down the sanctions drive came in late 2011, when Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez openly chastised top administration officials for opposing an amendment to sanction the Central Bank of Iran that he had co-authored with Sen. Mark Kirk. Leading administration officials including Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman publicly expressed “strong opposition” to the amendment, arguing that it would anger allies by opening them up for punishment if they did not significantly reduce their imports of Iranian oil.

Clinton’s top deputies fought the amendment at every step of the legislative process. Clinton’s #2 at the State Department, Bill Burns, even joined an emergency meeting with top senators to urge them to drop the amendment. They refused. They amendment later passed the Senate 100-0…

In her talk on Wednesday, Clinton also took credit for weaning several other countries off of their dependence on Iranian oil. Clinton said. “Most of all, I made it my personal mission to convince the consumers of Iran’s oil to diversify their supplies and buy less from Iran.”

But the record of the administration’s pushback against several sanctions bills is public and undeniable, Sen. Bob Corker, the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said. “I take comments from administration officials saying they were so involved in this as a compliment. It was Congress who pushed this on a bipartisan basis,” said Corker.  “Let’s face it. You saw the public pushback from the administration. People can say what they wish, but there’s no way we would be where are today without Congress’s actions.”

There were several other instances of the administration and Clinton’s State Department working to scuttle or dilute Iran sanctions measures during her time in office…

We are not sure why any of this should be surprising. Hillary and Bill have been re-writing history for decades now. (Remember, Bill’s affairs were all invented by a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy.’ And ‘Bill was a champion of welfare reform.’)

The only surprise here is the critical tone. Usually, the Clintons are praised by the media for their revisionism.

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5 Responses to “Daily Beast: Hillary Is Rewriting Her Record On Iran”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s amazing still is the socialists’ undying fawning love for these miscreants. They refuse to believe Hitlery could do any wrong because, in part they just so much want these marvelous, “groundbreaking” and “courageous” things to be so.

    Reality always takes a holiday in the socialist mind. Everyone but they and their fellow travelers is evil. If you don’t at least spout the party beliefs, you are category “other” and must be destroyed.

    However, I think it goes back to the days of their childhood when teachers would ridicule them for their fantasy-land ideas and stupid term papers that sucked so bad they just invited extreme laughter. But, in their desire to get validation, rather than change their worldview, they sought out those who would reward them for their messed up thinking.

    Being as the 60’s was rife with such types who would support such garbage, they saw themselves as “world-changers” and set about to do just that. Remember, cyclamates and Ralph Nader and the beginnings of social activism? Yeah, all those jerks are now in government and plodding ahead with their march to utopia. And they will drag us there even if it kills us.

    Such is the mind of a committed socialist. The problem is, they needlessly find things that they think are wrong, such as the team that showed up to play hasn’t enough “diversity” and therefore must be destroyed, not on the playing field but in the court of public opinion. And the list goes on for several pages of what grieves a socialist.

    If any thinking person reads that list, their first inclination is that socialists are miserable, detached from reality and very, very angry. Any psychologist/psychiatrist who understands their craft will tell you that the individual must first look within themselves to resolve these violent feelings; get to the core of same and fix themselves before they go out and try to “fix” the world.

    But we have jumped the shark in that arena as most “mental health” professionals are also card-carrying socialists now. They believe the world to be unfair and cruel (and it is) but set about telling their patients that the world must change to suit them. This is a paradigm shift that ruins everything. Never is the world going to alter to suit the needs or desires of a small band of people (see muslim murderers) and therefore, the violent thoughts/behavior cannot be productive.

    There are so many apt and relevant aspects to the application of microcosm to macrocosm but they get ignored primarily because of the noise generated by the media machine which is part money-maker, part social commentary and part nut-case activist that the truth is never to be found. And it’s no longer back in the 70’s when you heard the occasional editorial opinion, no. The format for years now has been for the talking head to introduce the “story”, then cut to the slick, polished editorial, then finish it with a cut back to the talking head “on the scene”. Mostly, this is devised to showcase the talking head’s storytelling ability but all it did for me was make me turn my TV off.

    “Everyone loves a good story” they say. But I must be mis-wired because I despise bullsh*t. There’s good storytelling and then there’s complete and utter crap; Garbage; Junk.

    But the Lofo’s seem to love junk and garbage and sit with wide eyes and total attention as if what the post journalism grad is saying is absolute gospel. No cynicism, no second-guessing, no evaluating, thinking mind to assess what was just shoved down their throat as truth from the oracle….no.

    Thus, I have to think that the mental disorder is both voluntary and can be learned. A choice to be willfully ignorant and stupid and let the world run their lives instead of running their own lives because…well….freedom is hard and you have to make choices every day to pay your bills, to dress yourself, to remember to go to work, etc.

    Comes down to personal responsibility (See: Alec Baldwin) and how they want the world to not require much of them when they are behaving badly.

    Maybe we just live in a world of adolescents instead of, like the WW II generation that had to grow up and be responsible.

    • captstubby says:

      “Reality always takes a holiday …”
      Rusty, this reminds me of ;

      “In 1906 ,the Tsarist empire seemed to be on its last legs. It had just been defeated in war with Japan;
      In the land campaigns in Manchuria, there had been a similar epic of incompetence.
      the generals were at a loss to explain what had happened….for instance, had recognised that charging Cossacks had been defeated by small bodies of Japanese infantry, but instead of seeing that this was an inevitable consequence of changes in infantry fire-power, he supposed that it had happened because the Cossasks had been cowardly; he ordered their carbines to be removed, so that henceforth they would have to rely on sabres.”

  2. GetBackJack says:

    It’s The Clinton Way™

  3. canary says:

    And now Obama and Kerry are allowing US companies to sale airplane parts and engines to Iran.

    Iran would not hestiate to load a nuclear bombs on to these airplanes the US is aiding them with.

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