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Daily Kos Says E Coli Outbreak Bush’s Fault

From the Howard Dean paid stooge site, the Daily Kos:

Bush Caused Spinach E. Coli. Expect More of this!!!

by Maccabee
Mon Sep 18, 2006 at 06:16:51 AM PDT

He did. Bush Administration officials planted ineffectual political operatives in high level positions as a reward for campaigning for the Republicans.

Bush administration officials cut the budget and the staff for the FDA, we have all heard this before, two or three years ago.

Expect more of this lack of oversight to endanger us in every area the Bush Administration has appointed idiots and Republican operatives instead of experts.

Bush cannot protect you from anything. Not Terrorism. Not Hurricanes. Not even bacteria.

* Maccabee’s diary::::

Mind you, this isn’t just some random post. Maccabee is a honored Kos diarist, just like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and indeed most of the Solons of the Democrat party.

There is no charge too big or too small that it can’t be laid at the feet of the President.

As I have said before, these people have the mindset of natural slaves. They think whoever is President (or the Strong Man) is omniscient and omnipotent. And they both crave and fear his power.

Of course at other times, when it suits them, these selfsame people insist that Bush is hopelessly stupid and entirely helpless.

These folks cannot even comprehend the concept of a representative government, run by real flesh and blood human beings.

It just doesn’t jib with their childlike but nevertheless dangerous fantasies.

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