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Dana Priest’s Husband Got Joe Wilson Jobs

Pulitzer Prize winning Dana Priest is married to William Goodfellow. William Goodfellow is the Executive Director of the the Center for International Policy (CIP).

Here is what Discover The Networks has to say about the Center For International Policy:

Peace Corps Online

Dana Priest on left.

America’s Red Army

One of the most sophisticated of Fenton’s anti-war projects is the co-mingling of Win Without War and the Center for International Policy (CIP).

Before 9/11, CIP, a Fenton Communications client, mainly acted as Fidel Castro’s greatest “think tank” ally. Much of its million-dollar budget was spent lobbying to end economic sanctions and travel restrictions against Cuba.

Now, it has another mission. Fenton has established a “war room” with CIP called The Iraq Policy Information Program (IPIP). Its main job is getting the anti-Bush foreign policy message out to the media and providing guests for talk shows. A featured speaker of the IPIP is former ambassador Joe Wilson, one of the Bush administration’s most vocal enemies.

Like Moveon.org and Win Without War, the contact for the Iraq Policy Information Program is Fenton Communications. Win Without War also collects tax-deductible donations through CIP.

So Dana Priest’s husband runs an operation that gets Joe Wilson speaking gigs.

Don’t you just love our one party media?

( Mucho gracias to Lucianne Goldberg for the Priest-Goodfellow-CIP connection.)


More news on this from the inimitable Lucianne.

Dana Priest and Mel Goodman shared a stage behind the CIP banner in October 2003. From the first page of their news letter (warning, pdf file):

CIP’s Mel Goodman with Washington Post reporter Dana Priest at CIP’s “Cowboy Diplomacy” conference on national security, held in the U.S. Senate, October 2003.

Indeed, Dana Priest shared the stage that day with none other than the notorious liar, Joe Wilson. From page five of the same CIP newsletter:

CIP’s “Cowboy Diplomacy” conference featured speakers Ambassador Joe Wilson, Ann Wright and John Brady Kiesling. Both Wright and Kiesling are former Foreign Service Officers who resigned to protest the Iraq war.

By the way, Mel Goodman is a member of (crackpot) Larry Johnson’s Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which is an organization that pleads with former and current CIA officers to break their oaths and leak secrets that would hurt our national security.

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

Ex-CIA Accuse Bush of Manipulating Iraq Evidence

Monday, March 17, 2003

WASHINGTON — Invoking the name of a Pentagon whistle-blower, a small group of retired, anti-war CIA officers are accusing the Bush administration of manipulating evidence against Iraq in order to push war while burying evidence that could show Iraq’s compliance with U.N demands for disarmament.

The 25-member group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, composed mostly of former CIA analysts along with a few operational agents, is urging employees inside the intelligence agency to break the law and leak any information they have that could show the Bush administration is engineering the release of evidence to match its penchant for war

What a coincidence, huh?

More on Mel Goodman, from Wikipedia:

9/11 conspiracy theories

US Representative Cynthia McKinney led a Capitol Hill hearing on July 23, 2005 into “what warnings the Bush administration received before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Panelist and former CIA official Melvin Goodman was quoted as saying “Congresswoman McKinney is viewed as a contrarian and I hope someday her views will be considered conventional wisdom.

Many 9/11 researchers testified at the hearing, including Michael Ruppert, Peter Dale Scott, Wayne Madsen and several others.

That is to say, Goodman hopes it becomes conventional wisdom that Bush knew 9/11 was going to happen — and he let it happen. Even encouraged it to happen.

These are the thoughts of Dana Priest’s friends and colleagues. Her brethren.

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