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Danish, Norwegian Embassies Attacked In Syria

The latest on this insanity, from the UK’s Sky News:

Angry demonstrators set ablaze the Danish embassy in Damascus. Demonstrators angered over cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper broke into the Danish embassy in Damascus, setting a fire that gutted it.

Embassy Set Alight In Cartoon Row

Saturday February 04, 2006

Hundreds demonstrators have set fire to the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria during a protest against the publication of cartoons showing the Prophet Mohammed.

They stormed the buildings in Damascus and started fires amid violent scenes.

Witnesses said the demonstrators set fire to the entire Danish building, which also houses the embassies of Chile and Sweden. Protesters have been staging sit-ins outside the Danish Embassy in Damascus

The protest started out peacefully but as anger escalated, protesters broke through police barriers and torched the building, the witnesses said.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry says it has summoned envoys of nine Western countries to protest about the cartoons.

Meanwhile, Iran has said it may cancel trade contracts with those European countries whose papers published the cartoons.

The demonstrators were protesting against caricatures of the Prophet which were first published in a Danish newspaper months ago but resurfaced several days ago.

Several European newspapers published the cartoons to demonstrate their right to freedom of speech, triggering rage and protests across the Muslim world on Friday.

And this news about the nearby Norwegian Embassy, from the AFP:

Demonstrators stone Norwegian embassy in Damascus


Demonstrators stoned the Norwegian embassy in Damascus Saturday, shortly after torching the nearby Danish embassy in anger over cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed published in Denmark and Norway, an AFP correspondent witnessed.

The crowd tried to storm the building, but riot police had set up a security cordon around it and drove them back, firing tear gas at them.

Eleven of the demonstrators were taken to hospital.

Let he who is without a sense of proportion cast the first stone.

Notice that the building next to the now destroyed Danish embassy is a Christian church.

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