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Danish: We Cannot Borrow For Welfare

From Denmark’s Politiken:

"We cannot afford to pay healthy people not to work," the prime minister says in announcing the government’s retirement reform proposals.

Govt.: We cannot borrow for welfare

Prime Minister puts forward the government’s new retirement proposal.

25. Jan 2011

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Lib) has presented his government’s retirement reform proposal which, if carried, will introduce a Senior Early Retirement scheme, increase the pensionable age and phase out the current early retirement system.

Flanked by Deputy Prime Minister Lars Barfoed (Cons), Løkke Rasmussen said “We cannot borrow for welfare. That is a fact and we are now presenting our retirement reform”.

“We want to abolish the early retirement scheme because we fell it is unreasonable. We believe its priorities are mistaken. We cannot afford to pay healthy people not to work,” Løkke Rasmussen says.

What kind of crazy talk is that? And from a Dane?

During their news conference announcing the proposals, both Løkke Rasmussen and Barfoed were repeatedly at pains to stress that those who are worn out will still be able to leave the workforce through the new Senior Early Retirement scheme.

“While we on the one hand will not pay healthy people not to work, we also know that there are people who are worn out and cannot work anymore. Our view here is that those who are worn out should not have to work, irrespective of whether they are 40, 50 or 60,” Løkke Rasmussen says.

The government proposal also includes an increase in the age at which a national pension can be claimed from 65 to 67.

Although the Social Democrats and Socialist People’s Party have rejected the government plans for an abolition of early retirement, Løkke Rasmussen hopes that agreement can be reached

We suspect that in the long run they really don’t have a choice. The law of economics will decide for them.

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2 Responses to “Danish: We Cannot Borrow For Welfare”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    You know, it’s bloody comical. From a land whose history goes back thousands of years all you have to do is look. The fables, the stories from their treasured past tell loudly of folly and misguided adventure. And from all around, their neighbors as well. Such expressions as “The upright never grow rich in a hurry.” “paying the piper”, “look before you leap”, “it’s easy to spend other people’s money” and countless others and the lessons they contain go back for generation after generation. But one thing seems to be certain: Humans never learn. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again, creatively renaming the same old thing that’s been tried and has failed, time and time again. Sometimes it’s with a benevolent king, sometimes with elected officials, sometimes a dictator. Track human history and you will find it’s all been done. But for some very odd reason, humans seem to think that because we have advanced so far ahead technologically, that we must also be advanced intellectually. I submit, that if time travel were possible, I could go back 2,000 years, grab a guy from Rome, stick him in my house and within a month, have him sitting on his ass with the remote in his hand, drinking beer and eating potato chips. Yes, wehave advanced in technology but the basic precepts that make people what they are remain. Certain psychological laws remain. The desire for acceptance, the need to be loved, the need to be comfortable. Though it varies slightly from person to person, the means by which we reach these desires doesn’t change and hasn’t changed with the exception of murdering your rivals…though in some cases, many, in fact, that is still true. Here in this society, it is generally considered quite rude. (sarc)

    In any case, if you look back at ancient Greece, Rome, the middle ages, the reformation, the Renaissance, the stories are told again and again, ad nauseum. Fables from Aesop on down and then some. It’s all been done


    In the 1770’s, men of great vision saw a better way. And this nation proved it could be done but now all the old ways are creeping back into the argument and into our lives where people who think they are better than others, also think they can control others to their own benefit. They are acting like they are ordained by nature itself to take a superior attitude and flog the masses while they themselves ignore their own human frailties. The founding fathers weren’t great because they drew up a system of government so much as they were because, for the first time in human history,. they were aware of their own propensity for human failure and installed methods to correct for it. One man, accountable only to himself, will fail. But several men, accountable to the masses, must not. They knew that humans make stupid mistakes and succumb to desire, anger and passion. What they had hoped to avoid was a mass-re-education of the people to believe that they needed to be told what to do….living in a time when self-reliance was paramount. If you didn’t get out of bed, you didn’t eat. Nowadays, we have a full 20+% of our society that lives off of other people’s money. They don’t have to do anything so laborious as to go to the welfare office and cry. Not what Adams, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc would even remotely tolerate.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    What?!!! You mean the Danes can’t just print some more money?

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