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Darren Wilson Texts To Friend He Is Afraid To Go Outside

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

‘I can’t go out… the support is really keeping me going during this stressful time. Just stay safe’

Under 24-hour guard in fear for his life, Darren Wilson breaks his silence in texts to friend

By Daniel Bates and Neil Blincow | 19 August 2014

The policeman who shot dead a black teenager in St Louis has revealed he is under 24-hour guard and ‘can’t go out’ at this ‘stressful time’ in his first comments since the killing. Darren Wilson text messaged a close friend to say that he can’t leave protective custody because he would be immediately recognized – making him and his young child a target.

In his messages Wilson, 28, also thanked for the support of his friends which he said was ‘really keeping me going’.

He had texted Jake Shepard, his friend of 14 years, who showed the messages to MailOnline because he wanted the public to get a more accurate picture of the friend he described as always having ‘pure intentions’.  …

Shepard, 28, a nurse, said he felt that there were two sides to this story and that he wanted to re-balance the coverage of the death of Michael Brown, 18…

How much you want to bet that Mr. Shepard is white, and therefore a racist. Besides, by what right does Officer Wilson get to have his side of the story told?

Shepard told MailOnline he thinks Wilson did the right thing according to his training. But he believes that the police in general should have better training to use non-lethal force before opening fire. He said: ‘It’s sad for Mike Brown and his family. Darren could have just Tasered him and Mike would have spent six months in jail or something and maybe got his act together after that.

‘Darren could have gone on with his life too but now both of their lives are over. It sucks. ‘I’m sure Mike’s family is having a hard time but at least they have the support of the whole nation behind them, openly. Darren doesn’t get that’.

We suspect a lot more people support Officer Wilson than the news media is letting on. Come to think of it, where are the polls on that question?

Shepard’s comments came as people have begun to come out in support of Wilson… A rally took place on Sunday in downtown St Louis where around 100 people – many of them cops – held up posters in support and cheered as drivers honked their horns…

Which is probably the first and last time we will hear about this rally.

Shepard told MailOnline: ‘People are very suspicious of law enforcement as it is and something like this happens you will always be remembered as the cop who murdered Mike Brown, regardless of what happens at trial or if he’s ever charged or fired.

‘Obviously he’s not going to be able to be a cop over there (in Ferguson) any more. ‘He’s going to have to resign but there’s always going to be a negative connotation to his name, and it sucks. He doesn’t deserve that.

‘He’s had pure intentions with everything I’ve ever seen him try and do. When we played hockey he wasn’t the guy out there trying to fight people, he didn’t care about stuff like that…

Unfortunately, good intentions only count if you are a liberal.

Asked if he knew where Wilson is now, Shepard said: ‘I know he’s safe because I have a friend in law enforcement who said he has been put under protection and guard 24 hours a day.’ …

Don’t worry, those champions of morale justice over at Anonymous are busily tracking him down as we speak.

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2 Responses to “Darren Wilson Texts To Friend He Is Afraid To Go Outside”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I want him and his family spirited to a Nation where he cannot be extradited, set up for life by the Ferguson PD’s budget. Get him away from the clutches of the Machine ..

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Officer Wilson will be indicted; not for probable cause but for the optics of politics. No one in their right mind intentionally shoots to kill unless their life is in danger; no one.

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