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David Geffen Is Interested In Buying The LA Clippers

From Reuters:

David Geffen interested in buying L.A. Clippers: source

By Ronald Grover | April 29, 2014

(Reuters) – Billionaire media executive David Geffen is interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, according to a person with knowledge of Geffen’s thinking, following a decision by National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver to ban Clipper owner Donald Sterling for life…

Geffen, who started two record labels and the Dreamworks film studio with Jeffrey Katzenberg and director Steven Spielberg, had expressed interest in the past in buying the Clippers but never made an offer.

He has a net worth of an estimated $6.2 billion, according to Forbes magazine…

Yes, Mr. Geffen will be the perfect ‘Mr. Clean.’

From the 2012 archives of the UK’s Daily Mail:

Billionaire David Geffen, 69, splits from toyboy lover 41 years his junior after six years together

By Daniel Bates | 21 February 2012

He has enjoyed a trip to the White House, a house in Malibu and jaunts with Hollywood stars.  But now after six years of a life he could only dream of, former California college student Jeremy Lingvall has finally split from his partner, billionaire media mogul David Geffen…

The decision to part ways brings down the curtain on one of the most talked about relationships in recent times, not least because of the 41-year age difference.

When they first started dating, Lingvall was met with a hostile reception among some gay commentators and blogs with claims that he was using Geffen as a ‘sugar daddy’.

On the face of it the criticism seemed justified – as the two could not be further apart.

Well, ‘opposites attract.’ (Just kidding.)

Lingvall, 28, is a surfer and graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara, although on a social networking website he described it as ‘The University of Casual Sex and Booze’…

Geffen, 69 on Tuesday, is the 200th richest man in the world with a fortune of $5.5billion who worked his way up from the mail room of talent agency William Morris.

Once in Geffen’s life, however, Lingvall became a indispensable part of it – and accompanied him everywhere. When Geffen went to the White House in 2009 to meet President Obama at his first state dinner, which was in honour of the Indian prime minister, Lingvall went with him.

In a sign some took at shameless self-promotion, Lingvall posted a photo of the occasion on his Facebook page taken at the moment he met the President in the White House garden…

He and Geffen would also spend days on the latter’s two yachts including the 453-foot yacht ‘Rising Sun’ he bought from Oracle founder Larry Ellison in 2010.

The boat is the world’s eighth largest yacht and comes with 82 rooms on five decks, a gym with spa and sauna, a private cinema and a basketball court on the back…

That basketball court could come in very handy.

Anyway, what a great (and historic) statement it would be for the NBA to force Sterling to sell the team to an openly gay man. If only Geffen were black as well.

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5 Responses to “David Geffen Is Interested In Buying The LA Clippers”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Welcome to ——–


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Remember this:

      Rome was a successful society based on adherence to societal norms, funded by conquest and people stayed in their own caste. There was the ability to move from one caste to another but it happened rarely. A soldier of meager means could rise through the ranks and become a senator.

      However, they all worshiped and paid homage to the Roman gods, formerly the Greek gods, with minor variation.

      They did not view humanity with any special reverence. Life and death were commodities, worthy of payola. If you valued your life, you paid to keep it secure. Death was commonplace and few, if any, grieved for the loss of the life of a slave. Thus, your life was valued only by those whose lives you influenced and, when deceased, you might get a tombstone outside the city remarking how loyal you were or, just that you were very wealthy or a faithful life.

      But during life, you were allowed whatever indulgence your money would allow. If you were into sex with animals….no problem. There were institutions that specialized. The oldest profession had been perfected to an artform in Rome. And no one thought anything of it, or, if they did, was destroyed because they were, most likely, a Christian, which taught a different kind of morality.

      Thus, and moving ahead fast here, the Roman empire collapsed for a lot of reasons. One was corruption in the government and incredible theft of property and taxation by same. Another was the lack of adherence to the family core and allowing rampant sexual perversions to become “normal”.

      Another was the lack of new territories to conquer, thus decreasing the wealth the ruling class had to spend on construction and art, food, etc. Slaves are expensive and a full 30% of Rome was slaves. Can’t feed ’em? Either free them or let them starve. Eventually, you can’t keep them because there’s no money.

      Then comes Christ and He explains there’s a better way. Took awhile to catch on but it works far better than the Roman way, the Greek way (Remember, the ROMAN Catholic church and the GREEK orthodox church), and so on.

      Yet here we are, living a parallel with the fall of Rome. Secularists and Secular thinking and worshiping false gods and making false idols of same.

      Kids growing up thinking that money is happiness. (Though I would rather be rich miserable than poor miserable)

      But you get the point. The push to make a sexual aberration normal. Less than 2% of the human population is homosexual and though Christ told us to not hate them, it is also NOT normal.


      So…the people with money are the makers of policy for the rest of us. They need not follow any moral code but we do. Yet the moral code is becoming usurped by those who demand we also respect and accept them (In essence, even worship them) to which I say “NO!” and never will accept or respect them.

      I have that right. God gave me that right. Not some group of people or a piece of paper.

      They are unalienable and they belong to me and every other human being on the planet. God said so. Not some senator. Not some entertainer. Not some sports star.


      No man, no one comes up to that level and no human can usurp that.

  2. chainsaw says:

    I hope the toyboy lover claims common law marriage and goes after half.

  3. canary says:

    Clipper’s Donald Sterling and the Nevada rancher Bundy who voted for Harry Reid are both Democrats.

    Both seemed irrational and a bit looney. Maybe they have dementia.

    One hot shot said the Clippers was a Black League. Can you imagine a white League?

    Now Oprah and Puff Diddy (?) want to buy the Clippers. Maybe they should have an auction. Maybe the team should buy their own team.

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