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Davis’ Ex Was ‘Asked Not To Talk To Reporters’

From William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

Wendy Davis’ ex-husband: “They’ve asked me not to talk to reporters”

Posted by William A. Jacobson | Monday, January 20, 2014

… The wagons are being circled around [Wendy Davis] with claims of a War on Women and sexism … all because the truth has come out via an interview with her husband by the Dallas Morning News, and other investigation.

Claims of ‘sexism’ are the new ‘racism.’

There even are accusations by Texas Democratic political operatives that the campaign of her opponent, Gregg Abbott, has been peddling the story. So far, however, the facts revealed by the Dallas Morning News have not been contested.

Gee, why is that?

In fact, bits of the story were revealed in a Houston Chronicle article on September 2, 2013, but no one paid attention because the Chronicle story was not as detailed and Davis would not announce her run for the Governorship for another month. There was no campaign narrative yet developed, as there is now and as to which the Dallas Morning News article is devastating.

Besides, the news media didn’t want to hurt her cause. Which is also their cause.

Here’s the key thing. The Wendy Davis campaign has been trying to keep Jeff Davis from speaking to the press for months. According to the Houston Chronicle article [back in September]:

“They’ve asked me not to talk to reporters,” Jeff said. He is anyway, because: “If she runs, the scrutiny on her will be extraordinary. She needs to deal with it in a constructive way. She needs to take control of the message. … My goal in all this, I think, is just try and protect the kids as much as I can.” …

And Davis’ ex-husband was probably right to be wary, especially being an attorney himself. For it turns out that Ms. Davis likes to sue people with deep pockets.

From the November archives of the National Review:

Wendy Davis’s Thin Skin

Andrew Stiles | November 7, 2014

…  Following an unsuccessful bid for a seat on the Fort Worth city council in 1996 —

When she ran as a Republican, by the way.

— Davis sued the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, along with parent companies ABC and Disney [sic], for libel, alleging that the paper’s coverage of her campaign had been biased and “demonizing,” caused harm to her physical and mental health, and infringed on her “right to pursue public offices in the past and in the future.” Davis demanded “significant exemplary damages” in return.

The suit, which was roundly dismissed on three separate occasions after Davis appealed all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, centered on a series of “libelous and defamatory” articles about her candidacy, which, she alleged, were authored “with an intent to inflict emotional distress” and to deny her rights under the First Amendment…

As a result of the paper’s actions, Davis alleged, she had “suffered and is continuing to suffer damages to her mental health, her physical health, her right to pursue public offices in the past [sic!] and in the future, and to her legal career” and deserved financial compensation.

So she claims she suffers from mental illness? (But isn’t it a shame that the paper’s coverage will keep her from running for public offices "in the past"?)

The suit was essentially laughed out of court. It was quickly dismissed by a district-court judge, who sustained all of the defendants’ objections, largely on the grounds that Davis had failed to present legitimate evidence to support her libel claim. It was unanimously rejected by an appellate court three years later and ultimately by the Texas Supreme Court…

Maybe she was trying to prove her mental illness by pursuing this all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.

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4 Responses to “Davis’ Ex Was ‘Asked Not To Talk To Reporters’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Don’t blow the Narrative, Jeff. You did see what happened to Loretta Fuddy, didn’t you?

  2. mr_bill says:

    If she has indeed suffered “damages to her mental health I think she would have a hard time rebutting that if her own testimony and sworn court petitions claiming such damage were to be re-printed in their entirety for all the voting public to read.

    Also, where is Eric Holder and the Dept. of [Social] Justice? They need to find out if Ms. Davis owns any guns, obtain a federal search warrant, and tear her place apart to find and confiscate them as she’s obviously had mental health issues and isn’t fit to own firearms under nerobama’s new executive orders.

    • Petronius says:

      Exactly. Great post, mr bill.

    • mr_bill says:

      Thank you, Petronius. I would also add that we need to see the divorce proceedings so the public can understand how Wendy’s second ex-husband was able to win custody of her kids, including one which was not biologically his child. That seems like an very odd occurrence in a judicial system that is extremely hesitant to grant custody to fathers, regardless of circumstances. What was the rationale nerobama used to unseal Jack Ryan and Blair Hull’s divorce proceedings? Time to file those petitions citing some case law from our presidential “Constitutional scholar.”

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