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DC Court: Dollars Discriminate Against Blind

From a gleeful Associated Press:

US court: Paper money discriminates against blind

WASHINGTON – A federal appeals court says paper money discriminates against blind people.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has upheld a ruling that could force the U.S. to redesign its money so blind people can distinguish between values.

Such changes could include making bills different sizes, including raised markings or printing oversized numbers for people who see poorly.

The appeals court ruled 2-1 on Tuesday that the U.S. didn’t explain why such changes would be an unreasonable burden, especially since many other countries have done so.

Of course this will probably be overturned.

But one really has to wonder about our system when two (unelected) black-robed mullahs think they can just issue preposterous fatwas like this, without any let or hindrance.

We aren’t quite there yet.

Or are we?

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