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DC Exchange Gives $375K To Planned Parenthood

From the Washington Examiner:

DC Obamacare exchange awards $375k grant to Planned Parenthood


Washington, D.C.’s health insurance exchange has awarded a $375,000 grant to abortion provider Planned Parenthood to help enroll participants in Obamacare, the exchange announced on Tuesday.

Remember how Congressman Bart Stupak and the rest of us were promised that Obama-Care funds would never go to help fund abortions?

And while $375K might sound like chump change, remember there will eventually be more than 50 exchanges, who will all be giving grants to Planned Parenthood.

By the way, Bart Stupak is now a lobbyist for ‘healthcare concerns.’ In fact, Planned Parenthood is one of his firm’s clients.

As part of its effort to boost enrollment in the exchange created by President Obama’s health care law, the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange doled out $6.4 million to 35 DC-based groups… One of the largest awards went to Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington D.C…

“We are excited to create these partnerships with trusted organizations that have deep roots in the communities that make up the District of Columbia,” Diane C. Lewis, chair of the exchange’s executive board, said in a statement.

That is, these "trusted organizations" can be trusted to do the Obama administration’s bidding.

According to the exchange, 150 representatives will undergo 30 hours of “rigorous training” to enable them to answer questions about Obamacare for those seeking to enroll. They will be tasked with helping participants evaluate their options and assist them in applying for benefits.

Yes, these navigators will tell people how to register to vote Democrat, right after they learn all the benefits of having an Obama-Care abortion.

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2 Responses to “DC Exchange Gives $375K To Planned Parenthood”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, of course, Government is supposed to just hand out other people’s money. That’s what it’s there for.

    /You and I?
    //Other People supplying the money

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    The war on the unborn continues at taxpayers cost.
    I did get a chuckle when I saw the peaceful mooselimb babe (?) in the photo.
    Then it gave me a idea.
    You all can draw the picture.

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