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DC Bound Flight Is Diverted To Boston Airport

From the terrorist enablers at Reuters:

Unruly passenger forces US plane diversion

By Jason Szep

BOSTON (Reuters) – A Washington-bound United Airlines flight from London was diverted to Boston on Wednesday after a confrontation with an unruly passenger, transport officials said.

"There was an altercation with at least one female passenger," a United Airlines spokeswoman said. A federal law enforcement official said the woman had an anxiety attack.

"I don’t believe she has any ties to terrorism," the official said. Police said they arrested one person but declined to say who it was.

Air passengers have been subjected to heightened security since British authorities said last Thursday they had foiled a plot to blow up planes from London to the United States. British police made two dozen arrests.

U.S. Transportation and Security Administration spokeswoman Amy Von Walter said the flight — United 923 from London Heathrow — was escorted by fighter jets and landed without incident in Boston, 450 miles from Washington.

The plane, carrying 182 passengers and 12 crew, had been headed to Dulles airport near Washington. The captain declared a security emergency.

"There was a supposed confrontation on board. There may have been a banned item on board and they are now searching the luggage," said Phil Orlandella, a spokesman at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

There was no immediate comment on media reports the woman had Vaseline, a screwdriver, matches and a note on the Islamic militant group al Qaeda.

Passengers on flights from Britain have been barred from carrying gels and liquids.

This story is still confused. The details regarding the screwdriver, Vaseline and al Qaeda notes seem to have come from those ever helpful federal union employees of the TSA.

(Note that the only contribution the Democrats have made to the war on terror has been to insure their party got more members and donations with the expansion of the federal employees union.)

But however this incident turns out one has to ask if we can afford the luxury of Moslem terrorists any longer.

They are just too much damn trouble.

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