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DC Now Subsidizes ‘Medical Marijuana’

From a jubilant Associated Press:

In DC, no such thing as too poor for medical pot

August 5, 2010

WASHINGTON — No one should be too poor to buy pot if they live in Washington, at least if the marijuana is for a medical condition. That’s the conclusion of a new medical marijuana law enacted in the nation’s capital.

The District of Columbia passed a law earlier this year that allows residents to legally obtain the drug for medical reasons. But it also includes a provision unlike the 14 other states with medical marijuana laws, requiring the drug to be provided at a discount to poor residents who qualify. Who will get the reduced-price marijuana and how much it will cost, however, is still being worked out…

The first round of regulations implementing the law is expected to be released Friday. It may answer some questions about how low-income residents will be treated, but the regulations will also be revised over several months, and patients aren’t expected to be able to purchase medical marijuana in the city until 2011.

Right now the law says that patients "unable to afford a sufficient supply of medical marijuana" will be able to purchase it "on a sliding scale." Low-income patients will also get a discount on a required city registration fee. Dispensaries, meanwhile, will have to devote some revenue to providing marijuana to needy patients.

Like most of the Democrat initiatives we see today, this is just another way to create more party members. Dope smokers are chemically induced Democrats.

The range of what the drug will ultimately cost low-income residents is anyone’s guess. On the illegal market, an ounce of marijuana can range from about $100-$140, according recent police estimates. City officials have estimated that an ounce from a dispensary will cost about $350 and that the average user will purchase about that much a month, though up to two ounces would be permitted. While one city report suggests 300 people would buy marijuana in the first year — a number some consider low — no one knows yet how many would qualify for a reduced rate. One guess is 30 percent, about the same as the percentage of the district’s population that is on Medicaid

30% of the population of Washington DC is on Medicaid?! That is outrageous. But, sure, only 300 people will take advantage of taxpayer subsidized marijuana.

For Washington residents, qualifying for a reduced rate may also be tied to the federal poverty level. The city has among the highest poverty rates in the nation — only Mississippi is substantially higher — and more than 1 in 3 residents get some form of health care assistance.

And yet Washington, DC has been one of the parts of the country that has been least affected by the recession. In fact, it is thriving, thanks to the massive government expansion. So how can there still be so many poor people living there? Of course giving more people marijuana will help turn that around.

However, this could start one of those ‘green economies’ that Mr. Obama is always promising. Now these ‘poor people’ will be able to sell their free marijuana on the street and turn a tidy profit. Profits they will of course use to wean themselves from government handouts.

Teresa Skipper, an HIV-positive resident who uses marijuana to stop frequent nausea and help her eat, said she hopes the new law will make getting the drug easier for her since she is a Medicaid patient.

Because, of course, there are simply no other ways to suppress nausea and increase appetite.

She would like to get the drug legally, but she says she can’t and won’t pay more than the $50 an ounce she pays on the illegal market.

You see, even though marijuana is supposedly a matter of life or death to Ms. Skipper, she is not going to pay more than $50 a week to stay alive. In fact, she doesn’t even think her life is worth $50 a week:

"People under the poverty level and below shouldn’t have to pay anything," said Skipper, who uses about an ounce a week. She’s waiting to see what officials will decide, but she said it may not change much for her.

"Marijuana is like gas and food to me. It’s in the budget," she said.

Funny, but the Associated Press neglected to mention that Ms. Skipper is actually a poster child for a legalize drugs organization, the Marijuana Policy Program.

Here is their ‘mission statement’ from their website:

Marijuana Policy Program – Mission Statement

1. Increase public support for non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies.

2. Identify and activate supporters of non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies.

3. Change state laws to reduce or eliminate penalties for the medical and non-medical use of marijuana.

4. Gain influence in Congress.

Welcome to the brave new world of Obama. Or should we say, George Soros?

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2 Responses to “DC Now Subsidizes ‘Medical Marijuana’”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “Welcome to the brave new world of Obama”

    “A gramme in time saves nine”

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Barney Frank…Visionary!

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