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DC Tax Employee Accused Of Stealing $400K

From the Washington Post:

Former Washington tax office employee charged with stealing more than $400,000

By Associated Press, Published: September 28

WASHINGTON — A former employee of the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue has been charged with stealing more than $400,000.

Mary Ayers-Zander was charged Monday with wire fraud. Prosecutors say in court documents that from 2007 to 2011 Ayers-Zander accessed taxpayer accounts and entered fraudulent changes that resulted in credits. The vast majority of the refunds the individuals were credited with went directly to Ayers-Zander’s bank accounts, though she also issued refunds that went to individuals.

Ayers-Zander was charged by information, suggesting a plea deal is in the works

Even though this is listed as an AP story, it only appears in the Washington Post. Apparently, no one else in the main stream media finds this to be newsworthy.

The Washington Examiner supplies a little more detail and background:

Another employee theft scandal at D.C. tax office

By: Scott McCabe | 09/27/11

While federal investigators were uncovering the largest government theft in the city’s history inside the District’s tax office, another employee apparently was running her own embezzlement scheme down the hallway.

According to charging documents made public Tuesday, Mary Ayers-Zander began stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Office of Tax and Revenue in February 2007, about the same time that D.C. tax office manager Harriette Walters’ 20-year, $50 million theft scheme was unraveling.

More details about this earlier scandal can be found here.

The alleged $400,000-plus theft by Ayers-Zander, a tax examiner assistant, continued until January of this year despite assurances from D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi that he had changed the culture of the office and had established stricter internal controls to prevent large-scale theft by workers in the office

In January, a tax office official noticed an unusual pattern of refunds being paid and the office notified the FBI, the city’s inspector general and auditor.

Ayers, who no longer works for the city, faces a maximum of 20 years if convicted. A plea hearing has not been scheduled…

According to charging documents, Ayers-Zander ran several scams to steal $414,800. She fraudulently credited the taxpayer accounts of several people and had $365,000 wired to her own bank personal bank accounts in 48 separate transfers, documents said.

Ayers-Zander also fraudulently credited the accounts of other individuals and wired $46,000 in fraudulent refunds to those individuals by check or electronic funds transfer, according to the charging documents.

She also filed fraudulent income tax returns for individuals and had refunds wired to an individual’s bank account in California, documents allege.

It all seems a little like overkill, doesn’t it?

After all, doesn’t the District already steal enough ‘legally’ from its unfortunate denizens?

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3 Responses to “DC Tax Employee Accused Of Stealing $400K”

  1. proreason says:

    Four hundred thousand here, Fifty million there, 500 million over there. What’s the problem? We have printing presses don’t we?

    These people were driven to malfeasance by a society that rejects them. Haven’t they suffered enough?

    Imagine going through life having to inspect the tax returns of racists who make money you could never conceive of. Imagine being a solar panel expert in a world that thinks your genius is less useful than greasy goo. No wonder they cracked and decided to help themselves to what everybody else has.

  2. sticks says:

    What did we expect? These people work for the government, they have been taught that no one has a right to own anything anyway especially not money. Now they watch as Obama and his minions wring every last drop they can get from the public for the next 5-10 generations,so why not reach into the cookie jar and get a few crumbs for yourself? The current crew in Washington are like hogs at the trough, they might make a big show of swating these two, but then they will quikly get back to their feed

  3. Chase says:

    She was pretty smart – went ahead and processed her own reparations payment, making sure to add about 1% for ‘charitable contributions’ (par for the course with uppity-rich blacks) parsimoniously doled out to those other accounts, and saving big by cutting out the lawyers. I guess since she lived in DC her attempt to join in Pigford vs White Clueless American Taxpayers wasn’t gonna work. The lawyers will still find a way to get theirs though – they always do in cases like this.

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