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DC To Raise Min Wage, Has Highest Income

From Reuters:

Washington City Council Raises Minimum Wage to $11.50

December 17, 2013

The Washington City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved raising the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour, one of the highest rates among American cities. The new rate, increased from $8.25, would take effect in 2016 and be indexed for inflation.

So DC minimum wage workers will get cost of living increases as well. How generous of the City Council.

Mayor Vincent Gray, a Democrat, opposed the measure, saying it was unclear how it would affect the labor market. He urged raising the minimum to $10 an hour instead…

What a reactionary. Of course, he will sign the bill, anyway. Besides, who cares how it will affect the labor market?

After all, what cars were to Detroit, the government is to DC. And government is booming.

From the Washington Business Journal:

D.C. far outpaces nation in personal earnings

By Michael Neibauer | December 17, 2013

D.C. residents are enjoying a personal income boom.

The District’s total personal income in 2012 was $47.28 billion, or $74,733 for each of its 632,323 residents, according to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Economic and Revenue Trends report for November.

The U.S. average per capita personal income was $43,725. The highest of the 50 states, Connecticut, fell 25 percent short of D.C.

Meaning, DC’s average per capita income is 25% higher than the second highest state.

In terms of pure wages, D.C., on a per capita basis, was 79 percent higher than the national average in 2012 — $36,974 to $20,656…

"79% higher." Where is the outrage?

Employee benefits were 102 percent higher in D.C. than the U.S. average in 2012, $7,514 to $3,710…

"102% higher." Where are the pitchforks?

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2 Responses to “DC To Raise Min Wage, Has Highest Income”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, with Senators (3) to an apartment, and a nasty little hive at that, maybe a higher minimum wage is necessary in DC. Hookers and blow ain’t cheap in The City ..

  2. mr_bill says:

    And the rich politicians get richer.

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