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De Blasio Accused Of Not Plowing Upper East Side

From the New York Post:

De Blasio ‘getting back at us’ by not plowing: UES residents

By Jennifer Gould Keil and Frank Rosario | January 21, 2014

It really is a tale of two cities — this time with the tony Upper East Side getting the shaft!

Except that it is a total myth (lie) that Mayor Bloomberg stinted on snow removal for the non-Manhattan boroughs back in 2010. It was the labor union that represents the sanitation workers that called for a slow down/work stoppage.

Huge swaths of the city’s wealthiest neighborhood had been not been plowed by early Tuesday evening, leaving 1-percenters out in the cold, according to the city’s own map of snow-plower activity.

“He is trying to get us back. He is very divisive and political,” said writer and Life-long Upper East Sider and mom Molly Jong Fast of Mayor de Blasio.

Hey, if ‘the rich’ don’t like being punished, they can get the hell out of the state. Along with anyone who isn’t pro-abortion and pro-gay and anti-gun.

“By not plowing the Upper East Side, he is saying, ‘I’m not one of them.’ But we have everyone in this area on the Upper East Side. We have rich people, middle class people, and housing projects. We have it all.”

There appeared to be no snow plowing between East 59th and 79th Streets and between Second and Fifth Avenues.

“I can’t believe de Blasio could do this. He is putting everyone in danger,” said Barbara Tamerin, who was using ski poles to get around 81st Street and Lexington Avenue.

“What is he thinking? We’re supposed to get up to a foot of snow and nobody on the Upper East Side is supposed to blink an eye? I can barely get around and I’m on snow shoes! All of the buses are stuck and can’t go anywhere. He’s crazy. We need Mayor Bloomberg back!” ..

Something tells us we are going to be hearing a lot of that.

Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, at an evening press briefing, defended the handling of the Upper East Side — claiming that one spreader had a busted GPS and was not reporting progress to the PlowNYC Web site…

So the whole Upper East Side only has one salt spreader? Besides, the residents aren’t basing their complaints on a website. They can see the snow on their streets.

At the same press conference de Blasio stood by his performance. “All city agencies are acting [like] usual very, very effectively and in a coordinated fashion.”

"Acting like usual" is right. And that’s the problem.

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2 Responses to “De Blasio Accused Of Not Plowing Upper East Side”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Communists are impossible to understand until you burn your mind with caustic chemicals

  2. electraglide says:

    I was on the UES yesterday afternoon. I have to give the mayor a pass on this one.

    A perfect storm of breakdowns, ice and accidents on the 59th Street Bridge caused total gridlock from 57th to 96th Street. Nothing moved for hours. I was right behind a snowplow on 2nd Avenue and we only moved 3 blocks in 40 minutes. This lasted until the late evening.

    Sorry, nothing to see here…

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