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Deaf, Dumb, Blind – World Ignores Muslim Threat

It is perhaps fitting on the eve of the fourth anniversary of 9/11 to post this pensée from one of our far-flung correspondents:

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Islamic militants training in Kashmir.

Deaf. Dumb. Blind.

In 1998, 1999 and 2000 I lived in Wellington, New Zealand. I was with my fiancé who was shooting a movie and we happily traveled up and down both the South and North Islands as the shooting schedule demanded. Sheep grazed the meadows, possums were flattened on the highways and Kiwi life floated along at an idyllic, unworrying pace.

One night, in either ’98 or ’99, as we sat in the living room of our glorious, rented, 1920s, Art Nouveau, semi-mansion, atop a hill overlooking the beautiful Wellington bay, a strange report came on the news. It seems a savage group of Islamic militants had occupied a soccer stadium somewhere in Malaysia (or was it Indonesia?). I had barely been paying attention when the New Zealand anchorman mentioned, between yawns, that the men were some kind of self-appointed religious assassins who were marching around the soccer field as they chanted their intention to leave the stadium and kill as many Christians and Catholics as they could find.

Huh? What did he just say? I looked at my half-slumbering fiancé. He opened his eyes, stared at the TV a second, then looked at me. Did we hear what we heard? We changed the channel and hunted for further information. There was none.

In New Zealand you get the “Austro-Asia” news on the local nightly newscast and it’s a hodge-podge of international news service reports and the daily goings on of local Maoris. It usually took all our concentration to figure out exactly what the various anchormen and women were saying, because of their puzzling New Zealand accents and strange syntax, which left us alternately scratching our heads or dissolving into pools of laughter.

But. Wait a minute. Did that guy just say some pissed-off, religious guys with pointy knives in their scarfy belt things were heading out to murder Christians? Yep. He did and there was a similar report the next night…and the next.

But why were these killers so ticked? What had the Christians done? What was happening? They didn’t say. Hey, CNN International will know. Christiane Amanpour will have parachuted in, wearing that khaki safari jacket, and she’ll have every detail. (Is it just me or has Mrs. Rubin gotten really snippy lately?) But, nope. No Christiane. No report. Nothing. Not a word about Christians being butchered…where was it? Indonesia? Malaysia? Panama? Damn, I can’t remember. Why didn’t I pay closer attention?

Then, some time later, in the Wellington Times, buried deep in the paper under “International”, there started to appear tiny news service pieces about “Christian/Islamic conflicts” on some Asian islands somewhere. Could that be our story? I was getting really frustrated and couldn’t wait to get back to the states to find out what the Hell was going on. I just knew the L.A. Times , the New York Times , the Washington Post , Newsweek or Time magazine would have page after page of horrific images, plus long, detailed explanations of what this monstrous story was about. But for right now, the whole thing disappeared. Gone.

A few weeks later there were more news reports, this time of whole Catholic and Christian congregations being wiped out by…whom? They didn’t say, (or did they?) but priests and ministers were beingbeheaded and entire churches were being wiped out by some group. Why won’t anyone give us some back-story on these things?

Then I started to re-think the whole thing. Maybe I was over-reacting. That must be it. No one else was upset by these reports. Most of the people I talked to hadn’t even heard about them. No one else was talking about it on TV talk shows or at parties. People weren’t calling and saying, “Have you heard? Isn’t it horrible? Somebody has got to do something!!!!!” No. None of that was happening, so was it, maybe, not such a big thing? Was there some sort of history to this event that I was newcomer to? That must be it. It either wasn’t real or it had been exaggerated by the news. I was just an alarmist who took everything I heard and read way to seriously.

In December of 2000 the movie wrapped and we headed back to the states. I went returned to burying myself in my usual four newspapers, plus The Hollywood Reporter and Variety everyday. Of course, there was not a single word about any mass slaughter of innocent Christians by marauding Islamic murderers (were they Islamic? I couldn’t remember). Oh, there was the occasional two sentence item about a couple of boatloads of people drown fleeing some religious island conflict somewhere and there were brief mentions of “Christian/ Muslim infighting” here and there, but nothing was connected. No report was linked to any other report suggesting that an all out religious war had been declared on Christians, missionaries and the West in general by lunatic Islamo-fascists.

I finally shelved the whole thing. Someone named Osama bin Laden had been out there blowing our stuff up and killing our embassy workers and he better cut it out or we’ll have to kick his ass. Other than that, all that was on the nightly news or in the papers were reports of how the Democrats were happily blocking Bush cabinet nominees. Nothing new there.

Now, gentle reader, you might think my retelling of all this is a tad sketchy or confused concerning when and where and why these events took place, and you would be exactly right. To tell the truth, I’m not sure. It’s not clear. I lose bits of it everyday with no place to reload the info. And that’s because I made a huge HUGE mistake. I put my own brain on “Pause” and counted on the American press, the international press, Jerry Springer, Joe Franklin, ANYONE to take notice that a group of innocent people of God were being massacred by another group of “God-fearing” monsters, maybe connect it to the guy blowing our stuff up and explain it all to me. I now know, that was a childishly naïve notion. I now realize that Watergate-worshiping “reporters” would never take a break from demanding our new president lay out a plan to protect the endangered funds in our Social Security Lock Box, long enough to cover the story of the civilized world being under attack.

Even after September 11, 2001, the slaughter of school children in Beslan, Russia, the bombings in Spain and London, there are only isolated “News In Brief” items suggesting this war is international and continuing.

How can this be?

A few years ago when the space shuttle Columbia blew up on reentry and its crew tragically lost, a Muslim cleric in London celebrated. Stop me if you’ve heard this. He was a happy man, our cleric, and praised Allah because not only had several Christian Americans perished on that day, but a despised Jew (Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon) and a hated Hindu (Kalpana Chawla) were also incinerated. Yes, members of the reviled Big Three, all dead in one momentous event. Happy, happy. Joy, joy. Remember that cheery cleric? Didn’t hear about him? Hmm.

Well, last week in Kashmir an apartment building was forcibly emptied, the residents were lined up, sorted by religion and all the Hindus were murdered. Did you hear that on the network news? Really? But is there any doubt who did the killing?

And how about this one. A few days ago, in southern Thailand, an entire village was wiped out by Islamic terrorists “demanding an Islamic state”. Villagers butchered, houses burned to the ground. Gone in a day. Did you hear about that? Figures.

If you spend a good long time Googling, hunting and Lexis-Nexising you will probably find mention of the stories above, but chances are it will be far easier to find Gold Star Moms, columnists and editorials claiming that current waves of terrorism have been brought on by “Bush’s immoral war”, our “Israeli policies” or general “American warmongering”. You’ll hear everyday from Joe Biden and Chris Matthews that the terrorist are being created by the president’s unilateral, go-it-alone policy of trading the lives and limbs of our brave, young men for oil.

If you believe anything except that the entire non-Islamic population of the planet is living under a bull’s-eye next to a ticking clock…you’re just not informed. But I can’t really blame you.

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