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Deal Reached In (SEIU) Doorman Strike!

From a relieved New York Times:

Deal Reached That Averts a Walkout by Doormen


April 21, 2010

The owners of more than 3,200 apartment buildings in New York City reached an agreement on a new labor contract with the union that represents about 30,000 doormen, porters, janitors and building superintendents, averting a strike that was due to begin at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

The talks went right up to the midnight strike deadline, as they often have in the past, with the union resisting the owners’ demands for cuts in health care and other benefits. In the end, the owners agreed to a new four-year contract that includes a total pay increase of nearly 10 percent and no significant cuts in benefits for the workers, an official with the union, Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, said.

In exchange, the union agreed to try to help the owners find ways to reduce the cost of providing the workers’ health benefits by $70 million annually starting in 2012.

Haven’t the SEIU done so already, by giving us Obama-care?

In fact, would it be too cynical to suggest that Obama-care was just a way for the SEIU to get a 10% raise for all of its workers — since now their employers won’t have to pay for their health care benefits?

The new deal calls for salary increases of $15 a week in each of the first two years, $22 a week in the third and $23 a week in the fourth. By its end, the average pay of the workers will be about $44,000 a year

On average, the union’s members earn about $40,000, or about $20 an hour, a union spokesman said. They also receive medical and dental care for themselves and their families, as well as 10 paid sick days, vacation and pensions. The owners estimated the total annual cost of employing a member of the union at more than $68,000

These put upon workers also enjoy life insurance, provided by their employers.

By the way, none of these income figures includes the sizeable tips that doormen receive daily and on holidays. (Tips that lowly waiters and busboys are required to report to the IRS.)

Still, what a relief! We certainly can’t have people opening their own doors. Not in New York City.

And speaking of doors being held open for the elite, do notice though that this story of this last minute deal was too big for Arthur G. Sulzberger to handle.

Better luck next time, Pinch-ette!

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6 Responses to “Deal Reached In (SEIU) Doorman Strike!”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Union dues have to go up to pay for the high salaries of other union members.

    Teacher salaries in New York: http://www.myshortpencil.com/newyorkteachersalaries.htm#County%20and%20Regional%20Summaries

    ~Every weekend off
    ~Every holiday off
    ~Teacher convention days
    ~Summers off
    ~Don’t clean their own classrooms
    ~Have hours each day off due to special classes (music, gym, art etc)
    ~1 hour lunch
    ~Read from a book, hand out worksheets
    ~Finished every day about 2:30-3:00

    Pretty good for 180 days of ‘work’ a year isn’t it?

    • Right of the People says:

      But the stress the have to put up with is nearly intolerable. (sarc)

      A few of them even find time to teach, but no too many.

    • proreason says:

      They also have authoritarian control of their workplace and dictatorial control over the students.

      For many of them, what they have learned by the time they are 16 years-old suffices for their life’s work.

      The requirements to become a teacher are not very severe. Almost everyone who can graduate from high school can become a teacher.

      Teachers aren’t mearsured by any rigorous standards, as are the workers in amost every other line-of-work. It’s nearly impossible to fire a teacher. It’s easy to spot an outstanding teacher (thank goodness there are some), but nearly impossible to identify a failure.

      For most of them, they never have to break a sweat.

      And simply by the nature of their position, they have a status that few achieve in their lives.

  2. proreason says:

    I’m confused.

    I thought health care was free now.

    I demand my rights!

    including a car

    and a house

    and more paid-for vacation time

  3. canary says:

    When did NYC doormen become unionized?

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