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‘Deal’ Struck To End Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

From a walking on air New York Times:

Deal Reached for Ending Law on Gays in Military


May 24, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Obama, the Pentagon and leading lawmakers reached agreement Monday on legislative language and a time frame for repealing the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, clearing the way for Congress to take up the measure as soon as this week.

What exactly is the rush? Is there a ‘crisis’ we haven’t heard about?

It was not clear whether the deal had secured the votes necessary to pass the House and Senate, but the agreement removed the Pentagon’s objections to having Congress vote quickly on repealing the contentious 17-year-old policy, which bars gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the armed services.

Where is this “contentious” apart from in the halls of the New York Times and bathhouses? The policy seemed to be working quite well. (Come to think of it, maybe that is the problem.)

House Democratic leaders were meeting Monday night and considering taking up the measure as soon as Thursday. But even if the measure passes, the policy cannot not change until after Dec. 1, when the Pentagon completes a review of its readiness to deal with the changes. Mr. Obama, his defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff would also be required to certify that repeal would not harm readiness

No, of course it won’t harm readiness. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama and his hand puppet Mr. Gates are claiming that paying US soldiers a living wage is ‘harming readiness.’ 

Luckily, they have their priorities straight. (If you’ll pardon the expression.)

The compromise emerged Monday after a flurry of closed-door meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill…

Already this year, the administration has taken significant steps toward doing undoing the policy; last month, the Secretary of the Army, John M. McHugh, said he was effectively ignoring “don’t ask, don’t tell” and had no intention of pursuing discharges of active duty service members who have told him they are gay

Yes, we should all be so proud that the current Secretary of the Army is proudly ignoring a law passed by our elected representatives and signed into law.

But, after all, who in this administration bothers to follow the law?

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14 Responses to “‘Deal’ Struck To End Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

  1. proreason says:

    I can’t wait until queers in the military start outing themselves.

    Guys who risk their lives every day will really appreciate knowing that they have a cuddle bunny when the shooting stops.

  2. bill says:

    The GAY Marines. I bet that goes well.

    • jobeth says:

      Do they allow sequins and feathers on the Marine uniform?

      Next do we have a demand for make up for the troops?
      The women get to use it…why not the ‘fellas’?

      This makes me sick. Not only for the obvious, but for the future marines and soldiers who are fed up with having sneaky passes made at them and having no way to get away from it, finally lose their temper with these idiots. These good solders will suffer career ending events…because we have to accept the antics of a few.

      And it WILL happen.

  3. JohnMG says:

    …..”McHugh, said he was effectively ignoring “don’t ask, don’t tell”……


    But if I read this correctly, and the Sec./Army is ignoring the law without retribution, then he should be equally quick to ignore the “new” law that will openly allow gays to serve. I mean, if you’re going to ignore ONE law, why not ignore ALL laws?

    What is wrong with these freaking idiots? Have they lost their collective minds?

    But I take comfort in this fact. Since the precedent of ignoring the will of congress has been set, it will be ignored again. And when the revolution comes and martial law is declared, the way will have been paved for true patriots to ignore unlawful orders and right the ship of state.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    What Courage! What Conviction! What a Moron!

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    I see SG my Youtube posts are having an effect on you. Good One!

  6. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Anybody remember “A Few Good Men,” apart from the “you can’t handle the truth.” That was all because someone was falling behind on duty. I can imagine all kinds of backlash against open queers. If anything, this will keep queers out of the arm forces for fear of being singled out for harassment. Those that manage to put up with it will be crying, I got passed over for promotion because I bite my pillow. Not to mention what will happend if one gets captured by an understanding and tolerant Muslim.

  7. canary says:

    They’d better write an entire new law with lot’s of restrictions & limits if they do this.

    Gays may take “openly serve” in the military, literally making out in public.

    Barracks will turn into hotel paradise for gays. Soldiers sharing bunks, swapping partners. Oh the Drama. Law enforcement say they can tell if a murder was due to a domestic gay lovers quarrel.

    The military should say no celebrations or parties over the change, because that would be like no less than “sex parties, sex clubs,”

  8. xdannyh says:

    What a shame! I believe that “Don’t ask don’t tell” was the only thing Clinton ever got right. Are all present and former military commanders “toadies” ? Will any one of those speak out about the problems that will have to be addressed with these changes, and how any thing other than “kill the enemy” is a weakening of the mission.

  9. Mithrandir says:

    You only need to witness 3 things to figure out all you need to know about homosexuality:

    1. Gay pride parade pictures on http://www.zombietime.com

    2. Read (written by a gay man) Gabrielle Rotello’s “Sexual Ecology: The Destiny of Gay Men”

    3. DSM IV in context of gay behavior.

    That’s it, case closed, any confusion or follow-up inquiries, questions, debates, restart step 1 again.

    • canary says:

      It’s all for nothing. It was not necessary. There was just a few trouble makers came out of closet in big way to get kicked out, and then complain about it, when they wanted out to begin with. Within the women, there was already too big a problem, especially the women who climbed in rank. If not them slapping a girl on the butt, they’d close their eyes to any gay women that made a physical pass on a straight women, and if a straight woman complained, then she would be the one punished, so it was truly a don’t ask don’t tell situation. Now it will be a whore house. I’ll bet rapes increase.
      but…when the Commander in Chief is pro-gay what can you do. I’ll bet this doesn’t lead to a big increase of recruits either.

    • Mithrandir says:

      True. This isn’t gay-control, it’s behavior-control. And anyone who knows ANYTHING about the military (or has been in) knows that keeping heterosexuals in-line is a difficult enough issue.

      The military has never been like in the movies where, wink-wink, Marines got drunk started fights and got the clap ever other week, and that was Ok. The military has been trying to snuff out that stereotype for decades!

      Now look what is going to happen, the behavior of gays is going to be protected which may unleash a floodgate of problems for all soldiers confused about conflicting enforcement of some behaviors and not others. Just like in the civilian world, where heterosexuals would be slapped with felonies for parading around nude, homosexuals are cheered and honored for “being so brave about who they are.”

      All in all, it’s just ah……..nother brick removed from morality’s wall…..

    • canary says:

      And now, the military will have all these gay soldiers telling everyone they are gay, so if they have any problems in the military, they will claim sexual discrimination.

      And the military was smart to let that muslim soldier sue to get off post pay, when it’s not procedural, be- cause he will not have a barrack guard who logs visitors and is responsible to intervene in threatening situations, to at least narrow down harrassment. Living off base, he is under local jurisdiction, and it could be anyone in the state of Texas or the U.S. that harrasses him. He’ll have to call local police, who have real emergencies like Ft. Hood, illegal immigrants, and can’t respond to every little sniff the muslim complains about. 911, snif snif.

    • canary says:

      And as far as Obama’s article on military being numb to war, it is Obama that is numb to violence, sex offenders he aided at Trinity & Acorn. Numb from his father’s violence to his grandfather’s violence, hunting down and raping young girls & mutilating female body parts.
      Obama is numb & disrespectful to U.S. soldiers dying to defend this country.
      Obama only has compassion for muslim terrorists who intentionally blow up baby’s of their own country, gang bangers, former black panthers, violent rappers, sex offenders, and former U.S. terrorists like his pal Bill Ayers, and Malcom X who was a hardened prisoner when he converted to Islam and started his reign to hate white people, doctors who chop up newborn 9 month developed babies, & Ted Kennedy who saved himself and waited to report the young woman who drowned because of his drunk driving. Obama is a more fierce than he described Kobe Bryant.

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