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Howard Dean Now Wants Money Out Of Politics

The DNC thought this message was so important they didn't issue it through their media hirelings, but put it out via chain-letter emails and their own website:

Dean: 'We Need to Clean House'

Governor Dean sent this letter to Democrats across the country asking everyone them to join the demand honest leadership.

Dear Friend,

Many Americans sense that our government has been bought and paid for by powerful interests with deep pockets. They sense that our government's priorities are being dictated by something other than the public interest.

They are right.

Republican leaders in Washington have deliberately and shamelessly built a money-for-influence machine unlike anything our democracy has ever endured. Many Democrats have spoken out about this Republican culture of corruption over the past months and years. But today our party takes a giant step forward — with a single voice, we demand sweeping reform.

Right now in Washington our leaders in the House and Senate are unveiling the Honest Leadership & Open Government Act — a set of specific reforms that will completely change business as usual in Washington. Democrats in the House and Senate are united behind this legislation, which aims to fulfill a specific promise: returning power to the American people.

Change in Washington requires more than the support of Democrats in Congress or Republicans scrambling to save face. Making real change will require an outpouring of support for that change by ordinary Americans. Democrats across the country and in the halls of Congress must speak with a single voice.

Please join the demand for honest leadership on this historic day:


It's not just Washington that needs a change.

I am writing to you from Ohio, where this morning I stood with Democratic state legislators demanding the same honesty and accountability in a state where Republican officials have defrauded the public and infected everything from the budget to the voting process with cronyism and corruption.

Our work together building the Democratic Party in all 50 states will ensure that we have a potent, organized political force making the case for clean government everywhere.

The first step is to get everyone you know who is ready to say, "Enough is enough" on board. Sign on to the demand for honest leadership and get the message out in your community:


This fight will not end today, and this demand will not go away. Every single Democrat in Congress will be pressing for this reform legislation, and everyone from governors to mayors to challengers running against incumbent Republicans will be carrying the banner of change.

Today Democrats across the country are united on the way forward. But as we head into this election year, there is one thing you should remember.

This legislation won't change anything for those elected leaders who have already demonstrated that they will break the law in their quest for money and power. One Republican leader has already pleaded guilty to bribery, another has been indicted for money laundering, and still more are under investigation.

We need a higher standard for all of our elected leaders. But when it comes to Republicans who have already broken the law, we need to clean house.

Let's do it together.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

The delicious taste of irony:

Many Americans sense that our government has been bought and paid for by powerful interests with deep pockets.

Perhaps, Mr. Dean, they got that impression because the political party you head has been bought and paid for by anti-American megalomaniacs such as this gentleman:

"It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out."  – George Soros

As to Dean's next revelation:

They sense that our government's priorities are being dictated by something other than the public interest.

Once again the American people might be onto something. Or are we supposed to believe that MoveOn.org, America Coming Together, and the Media Fund actually have America's best interests at heart?

Howard Dean, the rest of the Democrats and their hirelings in the media are once again beating the drum for reform. They want to take money out of the political process. Wasn't that the purpose of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform legislation?

Didn't the DNC and George Soros set up the aforementioned 527s and many more just like them to get around the McCain-Feingold reforms so they could funnel untold millions of dollars back into the system?

Didn't we just endure the most expensive election in the history of mankind, courtesy of this last reform?

Who does Howard think he is kidding?

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