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‘Death Parties’ Hope To Disrupt Thatcher Funeral

First, we have these tidings from the UK’s Independent:

Police fear ‘death parties’ will disrupt Margaret Thatcher’s funeral procession

Kevin Rawlinson | 11 April 2013

Senior police and politicians are meeting tonight to finalise details for the funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after fears surfaced that the procession would be disrupted by parties celebrating her death.

Which side are the ‘haters’ on, again?

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that they were meeting with representatives from Number 10 and the Home Office, as well as their counterparts at the City of London Police, to put the finishing touches to a plan that has been years in the making.

An event celebrating Mrs Thatcher’s death is planned for Saturday evening at Trafalgar Square, the scene of arguably the worst rioting of her tenure as Prime Minister. And there have been reports that the funeral procession itself will be disrupted by those who opposed Mrs Thatcher.

The police have said they are determined to protect the rights of those wishing to pay their respects, as well as those of the people wishing to hold parties but officers ruled out the use of rubber bullets and water cannon in the event of any trouble.

And they were careful to get the word out in advance, so the protesters would know they have nothing to fear, not matter how outrageous they behave.

Ian Bone [sic], founder of Class War, the now defunct group which first called for a party to mark Mrs Thatcher’s death in 1994, said that the parties would go on regardless of police tactics.

In our country the ‘Class War’ people are called ‘Democrats.’

He said: “If they try to stop it, it will just take place as near as possible to Trafalgar Square. If they block one road, we will go up another. If they decide to close Trafalgar Square down, we will head up the Strand. They can block off whatever they like and it will happen in the streets round about.” …

Letters and emails have been sent to those the police believe to be organisers of the two events calling on them to enter into a dialogue with officers, in order to facilitate their demonstrations…

That is to say, they want the police to provide them with food and water and porta-potties and first aid stations.

Meanwhile, closer to home ,we have this news from the Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action:

Democrats are Blocking Resolution to Honor Lady Thatcher

Katherine Rosario | April 11, 2013

… A Senate resolution to honor Lady Thatcher was supposed to pass last night. However, per well placed sources on the Hill, Democrats have a hold on the resolution.

To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful.  One truly has to wonder, what is it about Lady Thatcher that gives them pause?  Her unfaltering commitment to freedom?  Or perhaps the way she fought for individual liberty and limited government?

We’re pretty sure there isn’t much to wonder about.

The House used traditional bereavement procedures, the same model they used for John F. Kennedy.  It’s a simple, solemn means of honoring the individual by passing a resolution and immediately adjourning. Similarly, Great Britain’s House of Commons was recalled, bringing members of Parliament back from vacation to honor Lady Thatcher.

Those actions were a fitting response to the death of one of the world’s greatest post-World War II leaders.

We suspect this is just more of the Democrats war on women. They are clearly afraid of powerful women.

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5 Responses to “‘Death Parties’ Hope To Disrupt Thatcher Funeral”

  1. Petronius says:

    So the Senate Democrats have refused to honor Maggie Thatcher.

    Just when you think America cannot sink any lower, the regime plunges to new depths of malice and depravity.

    Liberals and Democrats have lost all sense of shame, and Americans have lost their sense of smell.

    We must remember, however, that these are the same people who, at their 2012 convention in Charlotte, voted down God, loudly and passionately, denying Him, and booing and hooting Him, not once, but three times.


    I reckon that puts Lady Thatcher in pretty good company.

    Memo to all Democrats, Labourites, Liberals, Bidenites, and self-described “progressives” (ha, ha, he, he, ho, ha, guffaw, guffaw … don’t you just love the irony in that word, “progressives”?) and other Marxists everywhere :

    Enjoy your death parties but in future please spare us your lectures about compassion, tolerance, reason, enlightenment, justice, the innate goodness of man, and the rest of your phony ideological mumbo-jumbo.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    My contempt knows no bounds

  3. BBFmail says:

    Another POV of Thatcher:

    Thatcher’s real record
    From TRAP: The Real Art of Protest

    1. She supported the retention of capital punishment
    2. She destroyed the country’s manufacturing industry
    3. She voted against the relaxation of divorce laws

    [Edited cut & paste spam.]

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Hey, Helpy Helperton, why don’t you go suck canal water in Helperland where you belong? We don’t need you here. Go play with your broken glass collection somewhere else.

    • Right of the People says:

      What does BBF mail mean? Big butt fake? Boy Bangin’ Feebie?

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