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11 Dutch Illegals Die Waiting To Be Deported

From Reuters:

Schiphol airport

Two Dutch ministers quit after immigrant deaths probe

21 Sep 2006 13:10:05 GMT

By Alexandra Hudson

AMSTERDAM, Sept 21 (Reuters) – The Dutch justice and housing ministers resigned on Thursday, news agency ANP said, after a damning report highlighted safety lapses at a detention centre where 11 illegal immigrants died in a fire last October.

The report by the Dutch Safety Board on the fire at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport was a major embarrassment for the government ahead of a national election in November.

"There would have been few or no victims to mourn if fire safety had received attention from the relevant authorities," concluded the report, published on Thursday.

Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner’s department was heavily criticised for failings in safety measures at the centre at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, and ordered to examine fire safety at all penal institutes in the country within a year…

Shortcomings in the complex buildings had intensified the fire and made it harder for fire officers to reach those trapped and save lives, the report said. Staff were also inadequately trained for emergencies, it added…

Dutch television reported both ministers would address parliament later on Thursday…

In August, the Dutch government granted residency to 39 illegal immigrants hurt in the fire and who are still suffering health problems

The Dutch centre-right coalition collapsed in June after disagreements over immigration policy, prompting the early elections in November.

The fire sparked major criticism of the government’s treatment of illegal immigrants and its plans to expel 26,000 failed asylum seekers.

Investigators ruled out a technical fault as the cause of the fire. They told a news conference a discarded cigarette or arson could have caused the blaze.

To sum up, illegal aliens started a fire — either through carelessness or more likely, intentionally. This caused 11 deaths in the airport building where they were being detained while waiting to be deported.

Therefore the Dutch are: 1) giving them residency 2) firing ministers 3) re-thinking deporting thousands of other illegal aliens.

What is wrong with this picture?

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