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‘Deer Hunting’ In DC Park Spurs More Protests

From the Washington Post:

Sharpshooting plan for Rock Creek Park spurs more protests

By Robert Samuels | March 29, 2013

Their case had been deemed unworthy by the U.S. District court and their cause ridiculed by a federal agency, but still two dozen residents braved a chilly, windy Thursday evening to continue their protest against sharpshooters killing deer in Rock Creek Park.

This was the National Park Service’s second night of six-hour operations, an unprecedented effort in Rock Creek Park to thin a population that the agency says is threatening flora and fauna within, endangering the food supply of other animals in the park. Park officials, cautious about the new program and citing safety concerns, did not allow reporters to observe any of the operations.

Why all the protests? We thought guns were fine as long as they were only used for deer hunting?

By the way, Rock Creek Park is lined with houses on both sides. A bullet could easily ricochet off of a rock and end up hitting the wrong target.

Officers began blocking off parts of the park as evening descended. Sharpshooters, stationed in undisclosed locales from just north of the National Zoo to 16th and Oregon Avenue NW, planned to be elevated in lifts, near areas where bait was set up to seduce hungry deer, said Carol Johnson, a Park Service spokeswoman. They planned to harvest between 60 and 70 deer by Saturday …

Baiting deer is illegal in most parts of the country.

Johnson said the agency quickly planned the hunts after a March 14 ruling that re-affirmed their authority to kill the native species, if it was in the best interest of the park.

The defeat was a blow to a spirited group of neighbors and animal rights activists, who view the action as barbaric and unnecessary. ..

For the organizers who were out Thursday, the protest was almost as much about the Park Service’s treatment of humans as it was about the animals.

“It shows so little respect for the community to do this during Passover and Easter weekend, when everyone in Washington is leaving town,’’ said Grunewald, who struggled to find people to join the protest on Military Road and Oregon Ave. NW. ..

And never mind that both holidays are traditionally celebrated by eating a slaughtered lamb.

Activists said as many as 30 people joined them throughout Thursday. But only about eight were still out on Thursday night.

Holding signs with slogans such as “Shame on NPS” and “Don’t Kill the Deer,” they chanted, “Birth control! Not bullets!”

Everything comes down to birth control with some people.

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2 Responses to “‘Deer Hunting’ In DC Park Spurs More Protests”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    They should just re-introduce mountain lions and red wolves as natural, organic, population control. And when one of those granola crunching hippies gets munched, hey man, that is the circle of life.

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