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DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie Beats Obama’s Selfie!

From Reuters:

Ellen’s Oscar ‘selfie’ crashes Twitter, breaks record

By Lisa Baertlein | March 2, 2014

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Is this the year the "selfie" stole the Oscars?

What are the Oscars, but one gigantic ‘selfie’?

A self-portrait of host Ellen DeGeneres and stars including Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper taken during Hollywood’s annual Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday quickly became the most shared photo ever on Twitter.

"We got an email from Twitter and we crashed and broke Twitter. We have made history," DeGeneres said shortly after access to the social media site was disrupted due to sharing of her star-studded picture.

Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and new Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, also crowded into the picture, which was snapped by Cooper after DeGeneres mingled with stars seated in the audience.

"I’ve never tweeted before!" Streep, a three-time Oscar winner, gushed after Cooper snapped the photo with a mobile device.

Don’t you love it when old and out of touch people discover new technology? Of course, now Ms. Streep will be qualified to lecture Congress about the pros and cons of Twitter.

DeGeneres shared the selfie via her Twitter feed. It was shared, or retweeted, more than 2 million times in some two hours during the broadcast of the 86th annual Academy Awards.

The photo surpassed the record set by U.S. President Barack Obama’s "Four More Years" re-election victory shot. The picture of Obama hugging first lady Michelle Obama on election night in 2012 has been retweeted more than 780,000 times…

You can bet Obama won’t let that record stand. Even as we speak, he is surely wracking his brain trying to figure out a way to top her selfie.

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3 Responses to “DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie Beats Obama’s Selfie!”

  1. dasher says:

    I’m still looking for the picture (most recent) of Clinton with the hookers….


  2. Right of the People says:

    Obie’s not going to take this laying down. Watch for a new media surge with his fugly image splattered everywhere.

    I bet in private he’s probably telling Reggie, “Who does that bitch think she is?”

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Maybe I’m just getting to be an old curmudgeon, but the 1000 Hollywood awards shows per year is selfie-indulgent, selfie-ish, selfie-serving, and selfie-narcissistic, to the level of a psychiatric personality disorder. http://allpsych.com/disorders/personality/narcissism.html

    There is a long list of head-scratchingly UNTALENTED(headlined by Ellen DeGeneres) people that have warehouses full of awards, and more fame and money than they ought naturally to own. It’s an assault of unbelievable stupidity and vainness shoved in America’s face. A short list (and please add your own) include:

    ►Ellen DeGeneres ( won 13 Emmys, 14 People’s Choice Awards,–really?)
    ►Rosie O’Donnell ( won Outstanding Talk Show 10 times, Emmy Award 1 time, Kid’s Choice Award: Hall of Fame [what kid would know her or vote for her for anything?] )
    ►Whoopi Goldberg (born: Caryn Elaine Johnson, won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award.)
    ►The Kardashians
    ► Every member of “Jersey Shore”
    ► Jay Z –sounds like a mentally challenged child
    ► Paris Hilton
    ► Barack Obama
    ► Megan Fox
    ► Entire cast of Sex and the City
    ► Melanie Griffith
    ► Yoko Ono
    ► Unfunny comedians: Dane Cook, Tina Fey, Lewis Black
    ► Ashton Kutcher
    ► Chris Tucker
    ► Katie Perry
    ► Justin Bieber
    ► Nic Cage

    It seems, just like Sochi Olympic skater KIM YUN NA, who lost the gold medal to an inferior Russian skater, liberals and communists give awards (and government hand-outs) to party supporters as being the #1 determination of human worth. There is no earthly reason why the lesbians at the top of this list deserve any award or fame other than being a showpiece for democrat vote-getting.

    It’s all fake. It’s all a manipulation. You would be better served never listening to music, movies, or t.v. that comes out of that cesspool. Perhaps the Amish have figured it all out….

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