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DeLay Show Trial To Begin On Election Eve

From a slavering Associated Press:

Jury selection to start in DeLay corruption trial

By Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press Tue Oct 26, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas – Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, saying he committed no crime, has been pressing for a trial since he was indicted five years ago on charges that he illegally funneled corporate money to help Republicans in Texas legislative races in 2002.

DeLay is finally getting his wish, with jury selection set to start Tuesday for one of the most polarizing politicians during President George W. Bush’s administration. DeLay’s case had been slowed down by appeals of pretrial rulings…

You see? This "trial" is only happening because Mr. DeLay has insisted on it. It has nothing to do with the upcoming midterm elections.

And the AP can’t help it if Mr. DeLay is a "one of the most polarizing politicians."

Testimony in the case was set to begin Monday, the eve of Election Day, with the trial lasting at least three weeks

The timing is undoubtedly the merest of coincidences. 

DeLay has said the charges were politically motivated by Ronnie Earle, the Democratic former Travis County district attorney who originally brought the case.

Prosecutors have said Earle, who retired in 2008, did not seek the indictment based on politics

Well, then that’s settled. Goodness knows, that notorious political hack, Mr. Earle, would never have done such a thing.

Speaking of politics, this 571 word, 15 paragraph AP article manages to list every allegation ever raised against the arch fiend, Tom Delay.

But it is only in the penultimate paragraph that we hear that the US Justice Department has finally dropped its own six year witch hunt investigation against Mr. Delay. (News that most of our watchdog media went out of their way to avoid mentioning.)

Of course the AP hopes that few people will ever get around to reading that.

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7 Responses to “DeLay Show Trial To Begin On Election Eve”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Well they often call me ‘Speedo’ but my real name is Mr. Earle.”

  2. wardmama4 says:

    Perhaps the entire motivation (aside from the October surprise that implies Repubs are criminals aspect of this) – is to take from the Harris County (Houston) news that the state/Feds have been alerted to serious election fraud going on to enable the Dems to hold state and local seats. [see Michelle Malkin site for the info]

    When something ‘criminal’ is declared against a Repub in the week before an election – you can rest assured that it is solely meant to deflect and divert the stupid masses from the Dems own criminal election fraud.

    I hope that sanity rules in Houston and Delay won’t be railroaded by a political attempt to get him out of office/keep him out of office attack by a partisan political hack (despite what the AP drivel says – Never forget Ronnie Earle sat 6 Grand Juries to get the charges – if that isn’t a political attempt at personal destruction, I don’t know what is).

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  3. Adam Moreira says:

    If DeLay is innocent, the truth will set him free. The question is why the 5th Circuit would not dismiss the charges.

    • hushpuppy says:

      Not necessarily Adam. The Lie-berals stop at nothing to get what they want: lies, smear campaigns, rigging elections and election ballots. These are only a few items they’re capable of.

      And speaking of election rigging, Harry Reid’s name is surreptitiously appearing on voting machines in Nevada. Various Reps and talking heads say it’s just a coincidence, no malfeasance or anything like that – nope nope, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more….

      Nevada Voters Say Reid’s Name Checked for Them on Touch-Screen Ballots

      Voters in one Nevada city are complaining that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s name was already checked when they went to cast their ballots in early voting Monday, according to Fox5Vegas.com.

      Voters in Boulder City said they were trying to vote for Republican nominee Sharron Angle, but that Reid’s name was checked when they got to the electronic voting machines.

      “Something’s not right,” voter Joyce Ferrara told the network, saying several people reported the same problem. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five-minute period of time — that’s wrong.”

      A Clark County voting official said highly sensitive touch-screens may be to blame and that fraud is not the issue.


      The moral of the story? Never trust a Dem!

  4. P. Aaron says:

    When Delay was forced out, the Republican house lost their way. He kept them in line.
    If the prosecutors really had something on Delay, this trial would have started long ago.

  5. canary says:

    I learned what polarizing race means. The schools shining new English teacher who is a liar, gave the class and example of the difference between highlighting & “slugging” in writing a thesis. A black police sgt. complained that Affirmative Action did not help because, less qualified Mexican’s & women on test scores were getting promoted before him. She wrote this is race polarizing & ineffective.

  6. Enthalpy says:

    If proven wrong, what will be the consequences for Earle? There won’t be any.

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