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Dem Attacks Ann Romney For Not Working

From ABC News:

Ann Romney Fights Back: Debuts on Twitter to Counter DNC Advisor’s Insult

By Emily Friedman
April 11, 2012

Ann Romney’s debut on Twitter couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

Ann’s first tweet came just moments after Democratic strategist and DNC adviser Hilary Rosen lobbed an insult at Ann Romney, suggesting that the 64-year-old mother of five and grandmother of 16 had never held a job.

"Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life," said Rosen, who was being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the "war on women."

Hilary (one L) Rosen is Anita Dunn’s partner at the PR firm, SKDKnickerbocker. Naturally, she is also an on-air contributor for CNN, and before that the Editor at Large for The Huffington Post and was that site’s Political Director during the 2008 election.

So this is not a random "insult" from some low level "DNC advisor." This is part of the Obama campaign’s strategy. Even though they now are pretending to disagree with her comments.

And then, just like that, a familiar name popped up on Twitter: @AnnDRomney. "I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work," Ann tweeted. The Romney campaign confirmed to ABC News that the account belongs to Ann Romney…

"I could not disagree with Hilary Rosen any more strongly. Her comments were wrong and family should be off limits. She should apologize," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in a tweet.

Top Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod also tweeted his disapproval: "Also Disappointed in Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney. They were inappropriate and offensive."

Following the interview, Rosen herself tweeted, "I’ve nothing against @AnnRomney. I just don’t want Mitt using her as an expert on women struggling $ to support their family. She isn’t."

To be fair, Ms. Rosen should know what it is like to raise children, since she and her partner, Elizabeth Birch, ‘had’ twins (a boy and a girl). Sadly, Ms. Rosen and Ms. Birch separated in 2006.

For the record, Ms. Rosen was the interim director for the Human Rights Campaign, the lesbian gay and transgendered lobbyist organization. In fact, Ms. Rosen’s erstwhile partner, Elizabeth Birch, was the executive director of HRC.

Additionally, Ms. Rosen launched OurChart.com with her business partner Ilene Chaiken, who is the creator of the L Word. OurChart.com is a social networking and entertainment site targeted to lesbians and their friends.

So she is really the epitome of a typical hardworking American woman and mother.

Here is an update on this saga, via the Politico:

Hilary Rosen talks Ann Romney tweet


… Rosen isn’t backing down.

"I admire Ann for getting in the mix," Rosen told me tonight, via email. "But she didn’t answer my follow up tweet to her! Which I thought was respectful and sincere."

Rosen’s tweet read as follows: "I am raising children too. But u do know that most young american women have to earn a living AND raise their kids don’t u?"

The Romney campaign declined a request for a response to Rosen’s CNN statement, but Ann is scheduled to appear on Fox News tomorrow and will likely address the issue.

As for Messina and Axelrod’s reactions, Rosen said, "It’s ok that Jim and Axe did that. But, I have my own voice. Mitt put his wife in this conversation, not me."

Excellent. Than that mean the gloves can come off in talking about Michelle Obama.

Striking a similar tone, Rosen wrote a column on the Huffington Post tonight in which she encouraged Romney "to come out from behind his wife’s skirt and tell us working women in this country should trust his vision for their future."


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8 Responses to “Dem Attacks Ann Romney For Not Working”

  1. Melly says:

    Here’s the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vrE7DG1OWc&feature=player_embedded BTW did you also notice Paul Begala’s nod of approval and big grin when his cohort delivered the talking points? Really, I’m laughing so hard as I type this. What a sorry, ridiculous duo – spouting off ridiculous rhetoric to hide Obama’s sorry economy and ridiculous federal debt.

    Byron York said:
    . . Presented with an opening, Romney’s staff jumped on the controversy with impressive speed, forcing top Obama officials to respond before most people even knew there was a story. The fracas suggests that Team Romney is determined to aggressively — really aggressively — pursue any chance to press an advantage against Obama. If the president’s re-election team thought they were facing a slow-moving, not-up-to-the-task Republican rival, they learned differently Wednesday night.

    Romney camp sent out word that Rosen had visited the White House at least 35 times, according to publicly-available White House visitors logs. And then that Rosen attended last month’s state dinner at the White House.

    Ann is scheduled to be on FOX News some time today. Oh, she’ll be asked about her never-worked-a-day life. Count on it.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    There are few things more TEETH GRINDING than listening to homosexuals lecture ANYONE on ANY-THING.

    I would have said, “One, Hilary, It’s none of your damn business what I do with my life, and feminists were supposed to SUPPORT women’s choices remember? Two, I have MS. Three, I wanted MY kids to have the DIVERSITY of a two-parent household. You know, the kind that your deprived your kids of? Four, no one needs any family or parenting tips from a lesbian divorcee.”

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “Striking a similar tone, Rosen wrote a column on the Huffington Post tonight in which she encouraged Romney ‘to come out from behind his wife’s skirt and tell us working women in this country should trust his vision for their future.'”


    Hard to portray a Republican war on women when the Republican candidate is a marble-mouthed eunuchorn!

  4. GetBackJack says:

    I wish I could get me a cushy desk job paying a quarter million a year to do nothing more than issue venom at others.


    Can you imagine the size of the turd Ms. Rosen is going to have to smoke in Hell?

  5. mr_bill says:

    Wasn’t SKDKnickerbocker the firm that paraded Sandra Fluke around on all the morning shows? I guess they only like liberal activist women who lie to Congress. The rest can go to hell.

    In case anybody thought Rosen’s comments aren’t part of a larger story the nerobama campaign is trying to paint, there is an interesting piece from CNSNews (dated April 9, Monday):
    “Obama on Why Michelle Was a Working Mom (at $316K Per Year): ‘We Didn’t Have the Luxury for Her Not to Work’”

    In this piece, nerobama claims his wife didn’t have the luxury of not working. This is contradicted by a Chicago Tribune story from 2004, as nerobama was running for the Senate:

    “A month after daughter Sasha was born, Obama got a call from the new president of the University of Chicago Hospitals, Michael Riordan,” the Tribune reported. “He wanted her to help build a vision for the hospital’s nascent community affairs effort. It was a critical time for her, personally and professionally.”

    “She was struggling ‘with wanting to be a good mother and was on the verge of saying ‘I’m not sure what I want to do [professionally], so I’m going to do what I haven’t done before and stay home,’” the Tribune said.

    “Like her husband had been, Riordan was a persistent suitor. He offered her ‘all the flexibility’ she desired. She took the job,” the Tribune reported. “That flexibility is allowing her the time she needs–and wants–to play a visible role in her husband’s campaign.”

    Despite this flexibility in her job, Michelle Obama was well-compensated, earning $121,910 in 2004 and–as the Chicago Tribune would report in a Sept. 27, 2006 story–getting a raise to $316,962 the next year…

    “…Hospitals spokesman John Easton said Obama’s salary was in line with the compensation received by the not-for-profit medical center’s 16 other vice presidents,” the Tribune reported.

    According to FactCheck.org, Mrs. Obama’s compensation from the University of Chicago Medical Center decreased after 2005. By 2007, she earned only $103,633 when, according to FactCheck.org, she “actually started working part-time.”

    It must have been terribly difficult for them. There are a lot of people who don’t make $103,633 as year full-time employees. Let’s not forget that there were some author fees and book royalties beginning in 2005, raising the obama’s reported income to $1.6 million that year and $983,826 in 2006. I’m sure the Tony Rezko money helped, too. Lastly, it sounds like she was already working part-time with all that “flexibility.” Did she draw a salary as a nerobama campaign aide?

    “In fact, Mrs. Obama’s income in 2006, a year after her promotion, had decreased to $273,618,” said FactCheck.org. “And for 2007 (the year she actually started working part-time), her income was $103,633, according to the couple’s tax return for that year. She took an ‘unpaid leave of absence to work on her husband’s presidential campaign’ in 2008, but still received $62,709 from the hospital. However, [University of Chicago Medical Center spokesman] Easton noted that her final reported salary ‘consists of accumulated but unused vacation time plus the final payout from a supplemental executive retirement plan.’”

    nerobama’s remarks were the predecessor to the Rosen Attack. They were meant to frame the debate and cast nerobama and his wife as the average family and paint Ann Romney as an elitist, lay-about wife, nevermind that raising 5 boys is tough as is battling cancer and MS. In addition, nerobama lied about moochelle antoinette “not hav[ing] the luxury of not working.” That lie has already been ignored by the media. It’s too bad they can’t get somebody to go scrub that story from the Chicago Tribune and plant a story that is in line with the new lie. Where is the Ministry of Truth when you need them?

  6. Astravogel says:

    “…working women…” Haven’t I seen that term used in a derogative manner?

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    I’d tell them that the only thing not working is their strategy and all of DingleBarrys’ policies to date.

  8. Tater Salad says:

    Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton making an ass of herself in front of the world. Next door, secret Service agents having fun with hookers. This is what our administration is doing while the citizens of America are paying $4 to $5..00 for gas and 9% unemployment. Sad and Pathetic!


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