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Dem Candidate Calls KKK Hoods Republican Party Hats

From a quietly amused Associated Press:

Gubernatorial candidate to hand out Klan hoods

By SCOTT BAUER | May 1, 2014

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Brett Hulsey plans to hand out white Ku Klux Klan-style hoods to Wisconsin Republicans as they gather for their annual convention Friday to highlight what he says are their racist policies.

Hulsey, a state representative from Madison who is white, came into the state Capitol press room on Thursday to show off a hood he says he made with his daughter’s sewing machine using curtain material he purchased for $1. "It’s a Wisconsin Republican Party hat," Hulsey said. "And people can interpret it any way they want." …

For the record, the first meeting where the name "Republican" was suggested as a name for the brand new anti-slavery party was held in a Ripon, Wisconsin schoolhouse on March 20, 1854. Wisconsin Republicans led the fight for the abolition of slavery.

And, as we have oft-noted before, the KKK was formed to be the militant arm of the Democrat Party. Its purpose was to attack Republicans, and to keep blacks from voting for them. And Democrats wrote, enacted and enforced every single Jim Crow law that ever was.

But clowns like Mr. Hulsey can get away with this kind of vile stunt because of our horrible education system. And the fact that our news media know nothing about our country’s history.

Hulsey, a two-term state representative, is running a long-shot campaign for the Democratic nomination against the better-funded and more broadly supported candidate Mary Burke…

He’s bound to be a shoo-in now.

Hulsey has a history of outlandish behavior. Hulsey contemplated bringing a musket onto the Assembly floor to call attention to GOP policies, like legalizing carrying concealed weapons, that he opposed.

Because it is so easy to conceal a musket.

Last year, one of his legislative staffers told police she feared for her safety because he brought a box-cutter to the office…

Who can blame her? Hopefully his on the TSA’s ‘No Fly’ list.

In 2012, Hulsey pleaded no contest to a disorderly conduct citation after police accused him of flipping a 9-year-old boy off an inner tube at a Madison beach and taking pictures of the child. Hulsey told police he just walked by the boy and didn’t "touch or molest him." He also said he needed to point his camera toward the boy in order to get a shot of a sailboat and the sunset…

But he’s not crazy. Not much. But, as we said, he’s bound to win.

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