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Dem Candidate Forced Out Over Voter Fraud

From an unfazed Washington Post:

Maryland Democrat quits congressional race amid vote fraud allegations

By Ben Pershing | Monday Sept 10, 2012

A Maryland Democratic candidate quit her congressional race Monday after her own party told state officials that she had committed fraud by voting in both Maryland and Florida in recent elections.

Why did she have to be told that this is fraud? Did she think it wasn’t?

Wendy Rosen, a small-business owner running against freshman Rep. Andy Harris (R) in the Eastern Shore-based 1st Congressional District, released a statement saying that “with great regret, and much sorrow” she was resigning from the contest.

“Personal issues have made this the hardest decision that I have had to make,” Rosen said.

It must be "personal issues." No Democrat would resign over something as petty as voter fraud. For one thing, it would set a dangerous precedent.

Rosen’s announcement came the same day the state Democratic party released a letter to state Attorney General Douglas Gansler and state prosecutors reporting the allegations against Rosen.

“The Maryland Democratic Party has discovered that Ms. Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006; that she in fact voted in the 2006 general election both in Florida and Maryland; and that she voted in the presidential preference primaries held in both Florida and Maryland in 2008,” wrote Yvette Lewis, the state party chair

It was certainly an accident that could happen to anyone. Who remembers when they vote?

A senior Maryland Democrat said the party had been tipped off this weekend by someone within the party about Rosen’s potential issue. After checking the allegation, the party contacted Rosen on Monday morning and urged her to quit.

Local Democratic committees in the 1st district will now meet and vote on a new candidate to replace Rosen on the ballot. The new name must be submitted to the state by Sept. 27…

“If the Maryland Democrat Party is willing to push one of its own candidates out of the race due to voter fraud, I’m sure this means they will join us in an effort to purge the rolls across Maryland of illegal immigrants, the deceased, and those otherwise unqualified to vote,” said David Ferguson, executive director of the Maryland Republican Party…

Who says Republicans don’t have a sense of humor?

Still, there must be some mistake. We have been repeatedly assured by both the Attorney General of the United States and the President that vote fraud does not exist?

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4 Responses to “Dem Candidate Forced Out Over Voter Fraud”

  1. chainsaw says:

    I wonder if she will be charged? Check out what happened to Charles White (R) for failing to register his new residence and voting in his old precinct…..in the same county in Indiana.


  2. untrainable says:

    Wow. Her own party ratted her out to the state. I don’t believe it. They had another reason for ratting her out on this. She has something much more heinous stuffed into the back of her closet under the skeletons. Something that might put her chances in the election at risk. She won’t be charged. She won’t even get a slap on the wrist. She’ll fade into the background for a while and then she’ll be back. She’s probably already been promised a cushy appointment once her replacement is elected.

    Progressives are like cockroaches. Shining a light on them may make them scurry out of sight, but being out of sight doesn’t stop the business of cockroaching.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Steve, I hope this was a rhetorical question: “Why did she have to be told that this is fraud? Did she think it wasn’t? ”

    Of course it isn’t, she’s a Democrat. When the moron (Janet the Lame) the cretin in the White House appointed Secretary of DHS makes a statement that ‘Illegal aliens aren’t illegal’ what do you expect? Those laws are for the peons and the Republicans, not a sainted card carrying person of privilege like her.

  4. canary says:

    Join Wendy Rosen for Congress (You are our best asset: educated and informed voters)

    We don’t have the millions of our opponent and his billionaire friends.
    We have something better; we have you!

    Dear Friends,

    For all too long Congress has allowed big corporations and lobbyists to set our national priorities. It is time to rebuild Main Street and support entrepreneurship across America…. Together, we can build a new economy and a better future in Maryland and in the rest of the United States.

    What can you do?

    You are our best asset: educated and informed voters. Sign up to volunteer, “Like” us on Facebook and share with your friends. Together we can create a better future. Let’s get to work!

    Her signature.

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