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Dem Candidates Hide Party Label – In NY!

Buried in the ‘NY/Region’ section of the New York Times:

A campaign video for Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand [D-NY] describes how she opposed her own party on automatic pay raises for Congress.

In Ads, Democratic Candidates Play Down Party

October 4, 2010

One New York Democrat proclaims that he proudly opposed the federal government’s health care overhaul plan. Another one pledges, in the finest Tea Party spirit, to oppose any future financial bailouts. Still another has rolled out three Republicans in three separate commercials, all vouching for his credentials.

But there is one word you will not hear mentioned in any of these campaign advertisements: Democrat.

With the Democratic Party bracing for a dismal showing in the elections next month, many candidates are doing everything possible to convince voters that they are not tied at the hip to President Obama or Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker. A vulnerable Democratic incumbent in North Dakota, Representative Earl Pomeroy, praises former President George W. Bush in one of his commercials. But even Democrats in and near New York State are running away from their party

“So why would you mention that you’re a Democrat?” [says Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran Democratic consultant]. “The smarter thing to do is, don’t tell them what kind of party you are, tell them what you’re going to do.” …

And for Allah’s sake, don’t let them find out what you have done to them already.

This year, however, Democratic candidates have made it a point to keep images of fellow Democrats out of their commercials. And even as some Democrats and their supporters start to unleash negative advertisements, they almost never disclose their party affiliation. Instead, they boast of their votes against their own party.

On Staten Island [NYC], Representative Michael E. McMahon cites his vote against overhauling health care, as a narrator calls him “our independent voice.” …

In upstate New York, Representative Scott Murphy boasts that he voted against his party on one measure this year because he wanted to cut the budget deficit more…

New York’s senior senator, the Democrat Charles E. Schumer, does not implicitly criticize his own party in his four advertisements to date. Instead, he champions an issue usually dear to Republicans, tax cuts — ones that benefited commuters and families with children in college

Yes, we all know what a tax cutter Mr. Schumer is.

Republicans, in contrast, have promoted their partisan uniform.

Carl P. Paladino, the Buffalo developer who is running for governor, embraces the Tea Party and criticizes the “liberal elites.”

Randy Altschuler, a businessman who is running against Mr. Bishop, calls himself a conservative and in his advertisements frequently juxtaposes images of Mr. Bishop and Ms. Pelosi.

And in central New York, Richard Hanna, a businessman, lumps images of his opponent, Representative Michael Arcuri, with Ms. Pelosi, Democrat of California, and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada. He expresses outrage over Congressional spending and flashes his credentials as “Republican. Independent.”

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, the party’s standard-bearer, has assiduously eschewed any mention of the word Democrat in his advertisements for governor

Mr. Cuomo does lean, however, on J. Patrick Barrett, a former state Republican chairman, who says in an advertisement that Mr. Cuomo is the only candidate with “the ability, independence and guts to take on Albany’s special interests.”

“Sure, I’m a Republican,” Mr. Barrett adds. “But this year it can’t be about politics. It’s about fixing what’s broken.”

Would you ever have believed that being Democrat would be the love that dare not speak its name — in New York? Maybe there is hope for the country, after all.

Still, we have to ask, where is Mr. Holder’s Justice Department? As the Washington Times reported, just a year ago, the Obama administration went after a small town in North Carolina because they had removed party labels from the voting booth.

The DOJ ruled that this was illegal, because blacks would not know whom to vote for:

Justice concludes black voters need Democratic Party

Ben Conery
October 20, 2009

KINSTON, N.C. | Voters in this small city decided overwhelmingly last year to do away with the party affiliation of candidates in local elections, but the Obama administration recently overruled the electorate and decided that equal rights for black voters cannot be achieved without the Democratic Party.

The Justice Department’s ruling, which affects races for City Council and mayor, went so far as to say partisan elections are needed so that black voters can elect their "candidates of choice" – identified by the department as those who are Democrats and almost exclusively black.

The department ruled that white voters in Kinston will vote for blacks only if they are Democrats and that therefore the city cannot get rid of party affiliations for local elections because that would violate black voters’ right to elect the candidates they want

In a letter dated Aug. 17, the city received the Justice Department’s answer: Elections must remain partisan because the change’s "effect will be strictly racial."

"Removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, eliminate the single factor that allows black candidates to be elected to office," Loretta King, who at the time was the acting head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, wrote in a letter to the city.

Ms. King wrote that voters in Kinston vote more along racial than party lines and without the potential for voting a straight Democratic ticket, "the limited remaining support from white voters for a black Democratic candidate will diminish even more."

It probably should go without saying, but as we noted at the time, Ms King was appointed to her position by Mr. Obama.

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One Response to “Dem Candidates Hide Party Label – In NY!”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    The tiger tries to hide its stripes but it still stinks of jackass!!

    As for the Kinston, N.C. article……….I am going to call it what it is.
    This is dingleBarrys’ attempt to keep the Homies on the Obama Plantation.
    He said that they are too stupid for their own good.

    Sharpton and Jackson give approving nod ….. it works for them.

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