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Dem “Expert”: Everyone Takes Pills Like Gore III

Gee, a scion of a Democrat family gets nailed for drugs and once again our one party media trots out an “expert” to say that everybody does it.

From CNN:

Experts: Pills becoming the new marijuana on campus

By Elizabeth Cohen

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — The prescription drugs allegedly found in Al Gore III’s possession Wednesday are favorites among young people, according to drug abuse experts, who say prescription drugs may soon overtake street drugs in popularity.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if right now at this point in time, there are more kids abusing prescription drugs than abusing marijuana,” said Joseph A. Califano Jr., chairman and president of CASA, the National Center on Alcohol and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Gore was arrested on charges of possessing — in addition to marijuana — Vicodin, Xanax, Valium and Adderall.

According to a CASA report, between 1993 and 2005 the proportion of college students abusing Vicodin and other opiods went up 343 percent, about 240,000 individuals. The numbers increased 450 percent, or by 170,000 students, for tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium, and 93 percent, or 225,000 students, for stimulants, including Adderall…

And young people don’t have to go far to get these drugs. “Prescription drugs are very easy for kids to get,” Califano said. “They can get them from the Internet. They can get them from their parents’ medicine cabinets. They can get them from their friends.”

He said often students get them from friends who were prescribed these drugs legitimately…

Experts say it’s particularly a problem with Adderall, a drug prescribed legitimately to millions of young people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

According to CASA, more than a third of children ages 11-18 in Wisconsin and Minnesota who’d been prescribed Adderall and other ADHD medications reported being approached to sell or trade their drugs

Part of the solution would be for drug makers to formulate their products so they’re harder to abuse, said Califano, adding that anti-drug campaigns also should focus more on prescription drug abuse…

You see, it isn’t Mr. Gore’s fault. Not at all. Once again society is to blame.

But in case you don’t recognize the name, Mr. Joseph A. Califano Jr. is a hack Democrat pol who was first given a sinecure in the Jimmy Carter administration.

From Wikipedia:

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

In January 1977, Califano was appointed Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare by newly elected president Jimmy Carter. His major initiatives included prevention programs to support childhood immunizations and against smoking…

He was fired by President Carter during a major cabinet reshuffle in 1979 largely because of his “blunt, high-profile, self-promoting approach cost Carter too many political allies” (Shea). Califano’s lack of popularity by White House staff and his identification with Senator Edward Kennedy were also cited as contributing factors to his dismissal.

Until further troubles arose:

After being fired, Califano started his own law firm and exploited his political contacts to generate business and revenue.

Congress brought contempt proceedings against Califano in 1979 (United States Congress) and the New York State Legislature passed legislation specifically barring him from sitting on the state’s Commission on Ethics (Cuomo).

And it would even seem that his “scientific institute” is also a bit of a joke, at least according to the same Wikipedia entry:

From 1983 until 1992, Califano was senior partner and head of the Washington office of the law firm of Dewey Ballantine. Since 1992, he has been the chairman of the National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA), an organization that he established.

The Center, which is not affiliated with any school at Columbia, is frequently criticized for distributing its research reports without peer-review and for publicizing the often seriously flawed research it conducts in support of the public policy positions it advocates


You don’t think Mr. Califano is offering flawed research to support a public position he wants promoted at this time, do you?

(I wonder what job he is angling for in the upcoming Gore administration.)

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