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Dem Families Deal With Children Going GOP

From the Associated Press:

When partisan politics stretch parent-child bonds

By Leanne Italie | Tuesday, August 27, 2012

When David Burrows took on Barry Goldwater and Ayn Rand as “mentors” at age 14, his parents wanted to know what else he was doing that might make them ashamed.

By the way, the Washington Times headline for this AP article is probably more accurate: "Democratic families deal with shock of children going Republican."

Andrew LaGrone’s grandmother was an Edmund Muskie delegate at the Democratic National Convention in 1972 and was stunned when Andrew became a Republican at 19. As Jake Wagner was growing up in Buffalo, N.Y., his dad assumed he’d be a Democrat. Not.

While young people have gone “liberal” on their conservative parents for decades, teen crossovers to the GOP are more of a rarity. How do parental Democrats and their Republican offspring manage the familial bond when partisan politics are on the line?

You would think that even hardcore Democrat parents would want their children to become Republican. At least until they get to the point of getting a job and moving out of the basement. But ideology is thicker than water.

The 21-year-old Mr. LaGrone in Nebraska and 19-year-old Mr. Wagner in New Hampshire are staying busy marshaling campus support for the Romney-Ryan ticket as they look back on where it all began.

Mr. Burrows, 50 and living in his hometown of Dallas, has lost both his parents, but he remembers their reaction to his Republican awakening as if it were yesterday.

His dad threatened to cut him off financially once he mustered the courage to tell his parents he had broken from his Democratic roots to become head of the Baylor University GOP in 1983 — and a year later, chairman of the College Republicans of Texas.

“My dad made a comment about, well, the Republican Party’s for rich people, so maybe you should get your rich friends to pay your tuition,” Mr. Burrows recalled, “and I was, like, uh oh, what have I done?”

Democrats are such tolerant and loving people.

And mom? She would drop him off at the library while she went shopping. That’s where he discovered Rand and Goldwater, the longtime Arizona senator and Mr. Conservative himself.

“My mom patted me, and she goes, ‘Well that’s good for you but let’s just keep this a secret in the family,’ ” he said. “I never understood how they lumped in my political views with taking drugs, having illicit sex and cheating on exams, but it somehow carried with it the same ‘immoral’ baggage.”

Being a Republican is the new ‘love that dare not speak its name.’

Mr. Burrows did persuade his mother to vote Republican once, in a show of support for vice-presidential candidate George H.W. Bush, and he crossed back over himself for the first time to support Mr. Obama. He doesn’t know how he’ll vote in November, but he has never forgotten the emotional turmoil of his political estrangement from his parents.

“It was almost like they lost a part of you in a way,” he said. “I think it’s what they thought.” …

For crying out loud. This article is supposed to be about kids breaking away from their Democrat parents. But it spends most of its time focusing on a 50 year old supposedly conservative Republican, who voted for Obama, and who might even vote for him again!

Apparently, the AP just can’t help themselves.

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3 Responses to “Dem Families Deal With Children Going GOP”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    So … better have a doper, dealer, STD infected hooker and pimp child than a Republican

  2. Anonymoose says:

    Same thing happened in the early 80’s with the “Yuppies.” Children at some point start questioning their parent’s values, and without a repeat of the same experiences that made them go all Democrat they start to wonder what’s so bad about the Republican side. Unfortunately the same thing happened at the end of the Bush era, but I think we’re well overdue for the pendulum to swing back to normalcy out of the Looney Left zone.

  3. canary says:

    No statistics. This is joyful bias propaganda by the liberal media. It’s fear mongering to make parents and teachers work harder at brainwashing children.

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