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Dem: Obama-Care Worth Losing My Seat

From the DNC’s CNN:

Freshman Dem: Passing health care reform worth losing my seat

Posted: November 22nd, 2009

From CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

Washington (CNN) – A freshman Democratic senator said Sunday that he will support his party’s efforts to pass health care reform legislation even if that means losing his seat in next year’s midterm elections.

“If you get to the final point and you are a critical vote for health care reform and every piece of evidence tells you if you support the bill you will lose your job, would you cast the vote and lose your job?” CNN’s John King asked Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado on Sunday’s State of the Union.

“Yes,” Bennet bluntly and simply replied.

Bennet was appointed by Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter to replace Sen. Ken Salazar, who stepped down from the Senate to serve as President Obama’s Interior Secretary. Bennet, who was superintendent of the Denver public school system prior to his appointment, will have to seek election to the seat for the first time in 2010.

They are just as Mr. Limbaugh described them. Suicide bombers.

Still, you have to wonder, what will paradise look for these Democrats?

For a Muslim devotee, paradise is where they can finally enjoy pork and whores.

But don’t Democrat Congressmen already have ready access to both of those attactions?

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13 Responses to “Dem: Obama-Care Worth Losing My Seat”

  1. Petronius says:

    They should be worried about more than losing their jobs. Much more.

    Yes, that should be the least of their worries.

  2. proreason says:

    “Still, you have to wonder what will paradise look for these Democrats? ”

    Every single one of them is being promised highly paid government positions with lifetime pensions, and the promise of financial assistance to run again in the future after they have been thrown out of office.

    How do I know this?

    Because that’s what I would do if I was a Community Organizer, or another form of criminal, like Reid, Pelosi, and the chief national criminal. After all, it wouldn’t cost me a penney. The taxpayers will foot the bill.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    What they believe is the fantasy that either 1) the DNC is going to hold any power after 2010, 2) that it doesn’t matter at all as these bills are passed and will hold the DNC brand – so what – legislation never gets undone or that 3) the complete and utter collapse of the US will ensure that the DNC will stay in power and be able to remove any and all opposition.

    Because they believe the ultimate (and proven over and over again by their revered ‘polls’ to be absolutely WRONG) msm drivel – that their ‘agenda’ is exactly what the ‘majority’ of Americans want.

    Our freshman (local Rep) Dem is also out on his butt in 2010 (not to mention our R & D Senators) as the count locally is 1000 to 1 against this Obamacare scam & he promised if any abortion funding was in it, he’d vote against it – still – he voted for it.

    January 26, 2010 – Federal Judge Carter set a date for a trial about Obama birth certificate case. While I would rather he had insisted the documents be presented immediately – I guess better a trial set than nothing at all.

    And after ACORN goes to court and Obama goes to court – this entire year will just be a nightmare of what happens when ONE party gives in and the other HOLDS all the power.

    God Help America.

  4. Alan_Speakman says:

    Well, I say kudos to him for stating, simply and with no equivocation, what he’d do. That’s what we should be hearing from every single politician in answer to questions like this: a simple yes or no. No beating around the bush, no “on the one hand, this… on the other hand, that…”. Just yes or no.

    That said, it remains to be seen which way he actually votes. And whether his constituents are serious about this.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Soooo ……. is it time to hone the pitchforks and ready the staffs of flames?

    I foresee a Frankenstein mob on fortress D.C. very soon.
    Yes indeed!!
    The people and not the party (D) shall be heard!

  6. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s see what really happens when push comes to shove.

  7. Laree says:

    Are they really so dumb? All of this legislation can be over turned if the Republicans take over the house and senate 2010. All they have to do is DEFUND it. This isn’t brain surgery – this guy is a poseur. He doesn’t believe what he saying for a minute, he thinks this posture will find him favor with someone in his party and push his prospects up.

    That means he isn’t just a freshman politician, he’s a poor politician, who probably shouldn’t be holding the seat he is now currently holding.

    • Chuckk says:

      If the Republicans try to repeal anything you will see every looser in America paraded out on the news crying about how is mother/wife/kid will die if his free health care is taken away. Once in place, it will be with us forever.

  8. Media_man says:

    The GOP should make ObamaCare repeal the central theme of their 2010 campaign with their healthcare reform message emphasizing Tort reform (put all medmal under specialized health courts), allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines (making null & void the absurdly expensive state mandates that drive up private insurance), block grants for State Medicaid federal revenue sharing (no more free rides for states that abuse Fed’l Medicaid funding like New York) and increasing the number of Medical Schools to increase the # of Physicians.

    The end game is better healthcare for everyone while bringing the structural deficits under control.

  9. crosspatch says:

    In other words:

    “I don’t give a crap what the people in my district want, I represent my party, not the people of my district.”

    Ok, I get it now.

  10. Tater Salad says:

    This guy would not have to lose his seat in Congress “if he would just vote how the majority of his constituents have him requested to do. Seems to be the way these arrogant Congressmen act these days and that my friends is why they have a 21% approval rating with the taxpayers of this country.

  11. DGA says:

    Here is my fax to Evan Bayh (IN stupidD) on Thursday night:

    Senator Bayh,
    So us conservatives now know how this works with you people. After the NJ elections of a couple of weeks ago when you Democrats got a spanking at the polls, I’m guessing you figured out that most of you are going to have a nearly impossible task ahead of you of keeping your seats. And then, I would imagine, all of you started to get the phone calls and visits from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and maybe even Obama himself. You were told, maybe even threatened, that either way, next year you would probably lose your seat. So, if you were to vote FOR this monstrosity of a “health care” bill, then, even if you lost your seat, that the three of them would find you a place in politics somewhere. BUT, if you didn’t vote for the bill, and lost your seat anyway, good luck finding any work of any kind in DC, let alone in politics ever again. SO, you sold We, the people out and voted not for us, but for yourselves to stay in a cushy job somewhere no matter what the outcome of the 2010 elections. Nice job. This job is, after all, all about you having a nice life, right?? But, here’s the clincher: do you really want to end up as the ambassador to Botswana? Or Yemen? Something to think about, isn’t it Senator?

    So, here’s my solution for you. Stand up. Stand up for We the people. Look what it did for Joe Wilson. We backed him. Ok, he is a Republican, but Republicans aren’t really on us Conservative’s side at this point either. But we’re willing to make a truce with you. Stand up for us, with us, and don’t vote to destroy this republic with overbearing taxation, with regulated healthcare, with overbearing government intrusion into our everyday lives. I implore you Senator Bayh. Do this for us and we will remember you for it.

    Thank you.

  12. joeblough says:

    …For a Muslim devotee, paradise is where they can finally enjoy pork and whores.

    But don’t Democrat Congressmen already have ready access to both of those attactions?

    Really! I would think it was obvious.

    Who do you think the are the pork dealers and whores in the mohammedan afterlife?

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