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Dem Poll Spells Trouble For Democrats

From a deeply concerned Reuters:

New poll spells potential trouble for Democrats

Mon Mar 8

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A new poll on Monday found signs of trouble ahead for President Barack Obama and his Democrats on national security issues such as the handling of terrorism suspects.

The poll was conducted jointly by Democratic Corps, a Democratic organization,

Fittingly pronounced “corpse” by Mr. Obama.

[A]nd Third Way, a progressive non-profit organization. It was done mainly to gauge voters’ views on Democrats’ handling of national security.

The poll also found weaknesses for the Democrats on other issues ahead of November elections, in which they hope to defend their strong majorities in Congress.

The poll found 60 percent of Americans believe the United States is on the wrong track. It also found that people rated Democrats at about the same level as Republicans, in what amounted to an erosion of the advantage Democrats have held.

"We would not want the election to be held today, with this poll," said Democracy Corps’ chief pollster [and James Carville partner] Stan Greenberg. "If the election were held today, this would be a ‘change’ election."

[T]he pollsters said in a memo, "Historical doubts about the Democratic Party on national security show signs of reviving and many voters worry the president and his administration are not dealing forcefully enough with terrorist suspects."

The poll found that the Democrats’ gap on national security has widened in the areas of "keeping America safe," "ensuring a strong military" and "making America safer from nuclear threats." …

The poll found a 51 to 44 percent majority of likely voters disapproved of Obama’s efforts "on the prosecution and interrogation of terrorism suspects."

The pollsters said to improve Democrats’ standing on national security, they need to develop a stronger narrative on terrorism, and stress toughness and results by pointing out the increased use of Predator drones against Islamic militants and that FBI interrogation techniques that persuaded Abdulmutallab to produce "actionable intelligence."

What a laugh. The “FBI interrogation techniques that persuaded Abdulmutallab to produce actionable intelligence” — was having his father come in and giving him a stern talking to.

That is not quite the stuff of normal interrogation procedures.

Still, Messrs Greenberg and Carville are telling Mr. Obama to act more like that ‘cowboy’ President Bush on the war on terror and nuclear threats.

Isn’t irony ironic?

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Dem Poll Spells Trouble For Democrats”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Too bad Dems can’t spell (in addition to being deaf).

  2. proreason says:

    The dems are giving classes now to teach their whining women, queers, metrosexuals, basement jack-offs, professors and lawyers how to talk tough. Really. It’s a formal program.

    But it won’t make a difference. It’s now clear that 2010 will be a landslide of historic proportions. The only reason the Senate might not go Republican is that only 1/3 of the seats are up for election in any one year.

    Unfortunately, the real issue now is whether the country can be destroyed before then.

    I’m optimistic about the election, but I’m afraid the damage will be so vast that nothing will ever bring us back to where we were in 2007.

    I don’t want justice. I want revenge.

  3. JohnMG says:

    …..” A new poll on Monday found signs of trouble ahead for President Barack Obama and his Democrats on national security issues such as the handling of terrorism suspects……”

    Does anyone wonder at the timing of Plugs’ visit to Israel? They (Israelis) should be really pissed and treat Biden accordingly. After all, the “Won” can go to Egypt, Syria, and Turkey, but he sends beetle-brain to Israel when he finds his tit in the wringer.

    Of course, being muslim, he can’t go to the Zionist nation, but Obama can send “Catholic Joe”, giving himself adequate cover.

    There’s still plenty of room under the bus.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    I am beginning to think that these liberal morons actually believe their own bs -they think they are the smartest people in the country, that they know what is best and how to implement it, that they are right and that the US would be a far better place if all their ideas were law. Even given the abject failure of all their existing programs – even given that (at the beginning of The Won’s push for Obamacare) 85% of Americans were satisfied with their insurance and healthcare options (that is a majority in my statistics book) and even given that the past year has not solved a single problem The Won ‘inherited’ but rather has made them all worse – by a factor of trillions.

    And still they blah, blah, blah – and screech la,la,la,la – when ever anyone not them speaks.

    Nice to hear Rove on Rush today – saying Obama is a nice guy but basically said nothing to contribute to meetings – dressed up in a lot of words. And that is a summation of the past year and 2 months – no solutions dressed up in a lot of words, most of them lies.

    • proreason says:

      “Obama is a nice guy but basically said nothing to contribute to meetings”

      You can’t contribute to a meeting when you are 180 degrees off from everybody else.

      They are debating pizza vs burgers. You already have a special room service order for Beef Wellington.

      They are debating whether to work over the weekend. You didn’t show up for work until 3 p.m. and are leaving for the airport in 15 minutes.

      When there is no common ground you can’t contribute.

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