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Democrats Being Told To ‘Avoid Bragging’

From an irony proof Los Angeles Times:

Democratic candidates all but ignore their legislative successes

Avoid bragging, strategists advise, and warn against putting Republicans back in charge.

By Janet Hook, Tribune Washington Bureau
August 9, 2010

As Democrats fan out across the country to campaign for reelection this month, many are surprisingly quiet about their hard-won accomplishments — the major bills they have passed under President Obama.

In an effort coordinated with the White House, congressional leaders are urging Democrats to focus less on bragging about what they have done — a landmark healthcare law, a sweeping overhaul of Wall Street regulation and other far-reaching policy changes — and more on efforts to fix the economy and on the perils of Republican control of Congress

To bulk up their record on job creation, Democratic leaders have gone to great lengths — even calling House members back from recess for a special session Tuesday — to pass a $26-billion bill to avert public employee layoffs.

“Bulk up their record” on what “job creation”? Note that the LA Times cannot refrain from putting in an implied lie like this, even in an article like this.

And in an effort to turn attention to their opponents, Democrats from Obama on down have taken to warning that giving Republicans control of Congress would be akin to reelecting George W. Bush.

"The question for 2010 is: Whose side are you on?" Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said to reporters Thursday. He spoke after a closed meeting with Democratic senators, where palm cards itemizing contrasts between the parties were distributed for lawmakers to carry around during the recess

Obama has been reading from the same playbook, comparing Republicans to bad drivers who want to retrieve keys to a car they had driven into a ditch.

"When you get in your car, when you go forward, what do you do? You put it in ‘D,’ " Obama said last week at a Democratic National Committee event in Atlanta. "When you want to go back, what do you? You put it in ‘R.’ " …

Now that is sound reasoning. And at about the level Mr. Obama is used to using from his ‘community organizing’ days.

"Our candidates’ job is not to sell the accomplishments of the past but to send a message that strikes a chord," said a senior Democratic advisor who did not want to be identified while discussing strategy. "I am not one who thinks our candidates should go out and sell healthcare reform. They have to stay focused on jobs, the economy and shaking up Washington."

In other words, if you can’t say anything good about what you have done, lie about the other side.

With the House and Senate adjourned until after Labor Day, the White House and congressional Democratic leaders have coordinated their summertime message and strategy in part to avoid the imbroglio that marked last year’s August recess, which laid bare the political risks of the healthcare debate that was underway.

Many Democrats’ town hall meetings were disrupted by angry conservatives criticizing the legislation — a spectacle that riveted cable news television and amounted to the public relations debut of the "tea party" movement, which portrayed the healthcare bill as the epitome of big-government excess.

This year, town hall meetings are likely to be more low key, in part because many Democrats are seeking alternative venues such as teleconference town hall meetings that are easier to control

In other words, they are staying away from townhalls and having highly selected conference calls with their lunatic leftwing ‘base.’

It’s almost as if they realize they are governing against the will of the people.

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18 Responses to “Democrats Being Told To ‘Avoid Bragging’”

  1. RightWinger says:

    “”When you get in your car, when you go forward, what do you do? You put it in ‘D,’ ” Obama said last week at a Democratic National Committee event in Atlanta. “When you want to go back, what do you? You put it in ‘R.’ ” …

    Yeah, that is the advice I would give to a person when they are driving and the sign on the side of the road says “Bridge Out Ahead”.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      So we don’t want to go backward? Back to those halcyon days where Americans made their own way in the world and their daily lives, and were masters of both, while demonstrating to the opressed around the world what could be accomplished when the freedoms of Men were the law of the land, and a policy of swift destruction awaited anyone who would threaten our right to be what we were once proud to be? Back when we could actually protect ourselves and would, back when we cared about our history and removing the impediments to inidvidual progress, believing that no man knew better how to achieve their goals and dreams than they themselves? Back when our cars were fast and beautiful and lasted a long time, and were made in a great industrial city like Detroit or Baltimore? Back when every man had a gun in his truck and we were comforted by the fact instead of frightened? Back when children could ride bikes, carry jack knives, fish in the streams, hunt the fields and didn’t shoot one another over shoes and drugs? Back when a teenager could earn his summer money working a hayfield or shooting crows in the cornfield instead of watching Pedro and Juan do it while dad works two under the table jobs to pay the taxes on his business? I say put that sucker in “R” and don’t let off the pedal till we run out of gas, or at least gasbags like this blathering fool.

    • fallingpianos says:

      “When you get in your car, when you go forward, what do you do? You put it in ‘D,’ ” Obama said…

      Not if it’s a stickshift.

      Besides, isn’t driving a car a sin against the environment?

  2. proreason says:

    Why do the Republicans let the press and the morons get away with this kind of crap.

    You’re damned right we want to go back to 2004…..because we’ve been jammed back to 1936, and it ain’t pretty.

    I’ll take low taxes, fighting people who attack us, full employment, a small deficit for good causes, and supporting free enterprise any day.

    That’s about 150 years “newer” than the class warfare hatred spewed out by an angry failure who sated his jealousy at the brilliant entreupreneurs who became rich as they increased the wealth, mobility and longevity of the entire world by orders of magnitude every 20 years.

    When you flush your toilet, call your fiend while driving 70 mph on a highway, live to 80, hold your granchild born 3 month’s premature, or take a cold one out of the fridge……think about that.

    Because you’re on a path back to 1775 man.

    Back to a time when the Ruling Class owned and controlled everything, and people couldn’t even begin to conceive of what they were missing.

    • jobeth says:

      Great points, every one, Pro, but I think that’s only the beginning.

      They are actually on a path back to the “enlightened” days of Muhammad.

      I can see it now…not only will the Statue of Liberty be forced to wear a full face covering but she will be stoned into oblivion because she is caught in public with out a male relative! So much for liberty…especially for women.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      jobeth, you caused a dot to connect in my head.

      I will share:

      For a socialist, they are driven by “enlightenment”. And that drive is centered on the need to find purpose and justification as to why they are here. In other words, they are lacking something, internally. Self-fulfillment. For the conservative, that fulfillment is found in meeting challenges, hard work, reward for a job-well-done, etc. And it is reinforced by long-term commitment, loyalty, etc. Even a devotion to religion.

      For the socialist, that need is (temporarily, and unhealthily) satisfied by rabble-rousing, blaming, making others do what you want, forcing others to submit or see their point-of-view. But the satisfaction is only temporary. They have no internal contentment. No understanding that “the world will go on without them”. In fact, that is their biggest fear, that the world will, in fact, revolve without their help.

      They therefore make up reasons to exist.

      Global warming
      save the tree frogs
      make everyone drive electric cars
      stop using this or that
      make sure everyone uses that, or this

      And you can easily see how it becomes an obsession. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the number of socialists with OCD numbers in the 80 or 90 percent range.

      That joke that makes its rounds in my e-mails…

      “If you’re a conservative and you are a vegetarian, you don’t eat meat. If you’re a liberal and you’re a vegetarian, you make sure NOBODY eats meat”.

      And so on.

      The socialists get satisfaction and self-validation by making others COMPLY to their wishes, thus, through false logic, “proving” they were correct.

      It’s an itch they cannot scratch. A void they cannot fill. One autocratic measure leads to another. They could have the ‘perfect world’ and all their utopian dreams realized yet, they would be absolutely MISERABLE.

    • proreason says:

      “enlightened” days of Muhammad.”

      “the need to find purpose and justification as to why they are here.”

      Two significant insights.

      I hammer the theme of wealth and power all the time, but am also aware it doesn’t explain the motivations of some of the more insidious cockroaches.

      Your thoughts help with undertanding the unified field theory of liberal dimentia.

    • jobeth says:

      You all and your thought processes are why I could never leave S&L.

      What one of us miss the other catches.

    • bullforever says:

      Rusty, you actually just made me remeber something I saw in a movie a few years back. The movie was called Enemy at the Gates and was about the siege of Stalingrad. One of the Comisars who ran the Army newspaper and helped make Vasiliy zietzhev (sp?) famous for sniping all the Germans. During the movie, the Comisar (political officer for Stalin) became jealous of Vasiliy beause of a woman and because of Vasiliy’s skills. The Comisar went out of his way to sabotage Vasiliy. When the woman that they both loved was killed, the Comisar came to a realization about Socialism and said (paraphrased from memory) Vasiliy, I have been wrong, we can not make all men equal. Men will never be equal. Some are rich in love, some poor in love. Some are rich in gifts, some poor in gifts. There is always something to envy in others, no matter how hard the government may try to make it not so.”

      The comisar then exposed himself to be shot so that Vasiliy could see where the german sniper was, and Vasiliy was able to kill the german sniper.

      Interesting that a Movie with Jude Law in it would end with such a conservative (and true) message for the audience. probably why the movie never did that well in theaters.! :-)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      bf, I have that movie in my collection and yes, coming from socialist hollywood, it’s amazing it made its way past the censors.

      One man’s ceiling is indeed another man’s floor.

      Rush last week gave a nice diatribe on inequality. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_080510/content/01125113.guest.html

      Life is not fair….Gosh how many times did I hear that growing up from my parents, teachers and coaches? And it’s true.

      Therefore, they encouraged us to capitalize on our strengths, not make excuses, buckle down and work both hard and smart and succeed…but that success is never guaranteed, even if you do everything right.

      Socialists have recently been successful in spreading the myth that being a victim is everything. They have found comfort in the phrase, “misery loves company” and made it socially acceptable to be so flawed that one is irreparable. Manning is now the latest poster child for that.

      In 1950, he would be categorically skewered in the press.

      My biggest sadness is that I will grow old and die in a country that once not only knew how to succeed, but was able to show other nations what success was all about. It’s not “self-gratification” alone to work hard and buy some nice things and a home. For, once neighborhoods were established there were plenty of people who found reward in coaching sports, volunteering at the fire department, etc.

      But the 60’s happened and destroyed all that. The WW II generation gave birth to the most ill-mannered, most spoiled generation in this nation’s history. I am at the tail end of the baby boom and I have to admit, I had a spoiled childhood but my parents put forth limits. If I wanted a car, I had to get a job and work for it and buy my own. I paid my own way through college, etc.

      I also did military service.

      Many of my generation I served with seemed put upon while on active duty.

      Something after WW II changed us. Prosperity. Unprecedented prosperity. Too much freedom? Some may say so. Certainly freedom to think that the US is the root of all evil by some. Too much time to think about things? In the movie you mentioned, the Soviets had little time for thinking. The Nazis were decimating their home. Food was almost nonexistent. It was always cold.

      I doubt that if Ivan had been driving tanks down our streets in 1966 that the pony-tailed potheads would be wasting their time plugged into Deep Purple.

      So, we had a boom of pseudo philosophers who wanted to “make love not war”. And yup, after 44 years it still sounds stupid. The mantras that become the foundation for “movements” in the US are pathetic and useless. The evidence is all around us.

      Speaking of movies….specifically, I will mention that I watch old reruns of “Dragnet” from the 60’s. Joe Friday and Gannon seem to make the statement every episode about the then growing drug craze and the downfall of America. We never really recovered from that. Lots of people found it easier to “be hip” than to go get a job. Or, worse, become an activist because something in their lives gave them extreme dissatisfaction.

      I had to learn, as a boy and young man, there are healthy ways to handle frustration and unhealthy ways. Nowadays, many choose to be victims and get involved in negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Yet they call it “success” in socialist circles. The bigger the victim, the more successful they are.

      To a conservative, just hearing them talk makes us want to retch. Empty logic, yanking on the heartstrings, crying over spilt milk, whining, on and on. What did Pro call it? Psychosis? Yes, exactly.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    I can see the memo going around the email boxes of the campaign offices now.

    “Avoid Bragging”

    Along with over a hundred clips of examples from Obama and Democrats since 2008:

    – The Immaculation, “I Won”
    – HealthCare Sunday, the Gavel Walk
    – Fortney Stark: “The Government can do pretty much anything.”

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    Yeah! Don’t tell them you bankrupted their grandchildren. Don’t tell them you’re throwing the oppressed around the world from Columbia to Afghanistan YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN. Don’t tell them, “We won! You Lost! Deal With It!”

  5. jobeth says:

    “”When you get in your car, when you go forward, what do you do? You put it in ‘D,’ ” Obama said… ”

    Now, now folks, he is speaking to his base…or should I say down to his base. That’s high tech stuff to his supporters.

    They need it simplified by the great ‘I Won’ on what they are supposed to think. Obviously, since they voted for him, they can’t think and breaking it down to clarity they understand is important to them.

    If I destroy my house…what exactly would I be bragging about?….Unless its that I destroyed my house.

    Just like the stealth hurried, middle of the night methods he used to get his agenda in, he must guard against the masses from actually discussing the details of his accomplishments.

    They just might realize he destroyed the house.

  6. canary says:

    When the Democrats brag they are lying.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Not really. They are bragging about their sucess at ruining the country and driving us toward some kind of oligarchy, monarchy, fascist dictatorship or commie “utopia” depending on how you view it. They are admittedly lying about the actual accomplishment of the moment (we created jobs, we saved health care for all, we pulled the economy from the brink etc etc), but the result of their action is never the point. It is the fact that A: they TRIED to save humanity, the earth, the pandas and snail darters and so on, and B: it will ruin those that they don’t like.

  7. proreason says:

    Hell froze over. proreason has reversed himself today and is actually giving the Moron credit for something for the second time (the first is that I give him credit for being the greatest liar this country has ever seen).

    Here is where he and liberal nuts are correct. They have proposed some grand themes for the country. Republicans have not. Their inane analogy of “forward” and “reverse” is stupid to the max when viewed in the context of the last decade, but brilliant when viewed in the context of the grand sweep of history. Another way to say it is that Liberals have proposed a mission for the country. Conservatives have not. That’s a problem.

    The liberal mission, of course, is highly disingenuous. The underlying mission is for the ruling class to destroy the middle class and rule in perpetuity. But the STATED mission is much more compelling……”save the environment and enact social justice”. Stripped of ideology, that mission is, at least, noble and appropriate for a post-communist world. But beside that, it is a rallying cry that allows them to build a coalition, and present a strategic framework that masks thier lies from people too busy to look below the surface.

    Consider the history of the United States from the perspective of the successive missions of the country. In my view, those missions have been:
    – build a nation
    – explore the continent
    – free the slaves
    – populate the continent
    – industrialize
    – defeat the Nazi menace
    – defeat the Communist menace

    Now, those are some compelling missions that were universally accepted, energized the country, and guided the day-to-day governance at all levels. At the very least, missions like that unify a people dispersed across thousands of miles.

    But what happened when the Berlin wall came down? What has been the conservative / republican mission after 1989. I say….nothing. I can’t think of any unifying theme other than the reaction to 9/11, and, frankly, although radical Islam is certainly a menace, it is hardly a threat significant enough (to this point) to serve as a grand mission. Meanwhile, liberals have rushed into the void with environmentalism and social justice.

    Republicans should listen up. Yes, the excesses of the marxists need to be reversed. Yes, the economy needs to be restored. Yes, national defense needs to be rebuilt. Yes, illegal immigration needs to be stopped. But the heart of all of that really is “no”. Abosultely necessary, but hardly a compelling mission to unify the country and inspire it to the next level of achievement.

    I don’t view myself as much of a strategist, but my thoughts on what the mission should be are:
    – City on a Hill (dated, but compelling)
    – Inventing the Future

    City on a Hill is obvious. But republicans could use it at every juncture to forward the conservative agenda. We aren’t suppressing welfare because we are greedy bastards. We suppress welfare because we are dedicated to restoring the family in poor communities, implementing school choice. etc.

    Inventing the Future is about the economy and a response to china and india. We will never again be the dominant economy in the world if economic success is measured by the cost of an hour of labor. So we will change that equation. Robots, energy, space, nano-technology, automation, new materials, computer integration, etc. And the government’s role isn’t to dictate anything. That always fails. The government’s role is to enable an educational system focussed on innovation, and to remove the barriers that limit the Edison’s, Bell’s, Carnigie’s and Job’s who will make this country even greater than it has ever been.

    Not “no”. More, better, more stable, more adaptive, more innovative, more American.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Meanwhile, liberals have rushed into the void with environmentalism and social justice.”


      “Inventing the Future.. So we will change that equation. Robots, energy, space, nano-technology, automation, new materials, computer integration, etc. And the government’s role isn’t to dictate anything.”

      And yes. The dirty little secret is that American entrepreneurship is still changing the world at such a pace that if you were to unleash its full potential now we’d might easily find ourselves in a new technological age as fast or quicker than the computer age.

      I’ve always believed Liberals have known this as much as they saw that the internet would eventually be the deathknell to their monopoly on information and media. Why else would you literally adopt and spread a philosophy that believes 235 years of progress and individualism has been evil?

      “The mission.” You nailed why the Republicans have been wandering in the desert ideologically since Reagan and why so many RINOs get so enticed to latch onto Democrat narratives, especially secular Republicans.

      Conservatives have a mission for the Republicans. They just need to choose to accept it before it self-destructs.

  8. JohnMG says:

    …..“Avoid Bragging”…..

    Shouldn’t be too difficult, I would think.

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