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Democrats Demand Asylum For ‘Children’ Fleeing To US

From a cheering Reuters:

Democrats seek asylum process for children fleeing to U.S.

By Doina Chiacu [sic] | June 19, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The thousands of children fleeing drug violence and poverty in Central America could qualify for asylum in the United States and should have the right to make that case, Democratic lawmakers said on Thursday…

What a xenophobic lie. These ‘kids’ are coming from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. All of which are run by either card-carrying communists or hardcore radical socialists.

Consequently, these countries must be literal paradises for the masses. Just like Venezuela and Cuba are.

Republicans contend that Obama administration policies have created an incentive for additional border crossings. They blame the influx of children on President Barack Obama’s 2012 decision to give temporary relief from deportation to some young people brought to the United States illegally by their parents.

How crazy of them. By the way, note how artfully Reuters describes Obama’s executive order giving amnesty for anyone who could claim to have been in the US since the age of 16.

(Not to mention his general amnesty for anyone but the most hardened criminals. And even they are being released.)

But the Democratic lawmakers said the children are fleeing drug-fueled violence and said the masses at the border should be treated as a humanitarian and refugee crisis.

So why don’t we close the border? In fact, don’t we have borders to protect us from situations like this?

"We’re seeing unprecedented violence, unprecedented suffering, unprecedented abuse," said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez. "This is much more than an immigration issue."

That moral paragon, Robert Menendez. But he is actually right in this instance. This is not an immigration issue. This is a full scale invasion.

Proposals outlined by Menendez included providing lawyers for the children and families, having child welfare experts screen unaccompanied children, offering alternatives to detention and smart investment in Central America to stem the flow of people out…

Yes, lawyers for the children will solve the problem. As will sending more money to Central America. What could be more obvious?

The U.N. refugee agency estimated 58 percent of unaccompanied children arriving in the United States may have a viable claim to refugee protection under international law, Menendez said…

Then let the UN take them in. (And not in NYC.)

Honduras is the murder capital of the world and Guatemala and El Salvador are in the top five, said U.S. Representative Luis Gutiérrez, a vocal advocate of broad immigration reform legislation…

Yes, we need as many of their angry young men as possible. As Valerie Jarrett said (echoing Obama): "They are exactly the kind of people we would want in this country… They are the best that we have."

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3 Responses to “Democrats Demand Asylum For ‘Children’ Fleeing To US”

  1. yadayada says:

    by law, any minor who can claim they suffered any type of abuse, or fear of abuse (from anyone) is automatically assigned a pro bono attorney. this attorney “assists” in establishing benefits including education, food, shelter, medical treatment, and parental location services, including reunification on this side of the border. all at tax payer expense.
    this is law.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This moral vacuum we’ve entered is truly a hell of its own making.

    “The best that we have”???

    I won’t even begin to try to dissect her meaning. Clearly, she’s talking about something that is off-the-(freaking)wall. No thinking person could decipher her meaning in real-time and maybe that’s what she’s counting on.

    The utter lack of suspicion from our low-information-jounalists is also quite telling.

    Clearly, we’ve entered into the home-stretch for “Communism Or Bust” for the last two years of this ridiculous administration, chock full of liars, cheaters, communists, socialists, idiots with degrees and so much more.

    I was pleased to see Ryan take it to the arrogant ass from the IRS…yet another bureaucrat in our government I could’ve done well without knowing who he was. And there are thousands more where he came from.

    I say again, it’s a generational problem. The kids of the “Greatest Generation” divided down ideological lines, with the right-wingers just wanting to get back home and get on with their lives after Vietnam. The left wingers, perpetually angry, became communists and are still as unhappy as they were when they were seventeen. Sadly, they think their happiness emanates from outside sources; That “all we need” is a benevolent dictator to (beat up on) all the “bad” people or people who they think are bad or ….or…..wait a minute…..don’t confuse them…..by asking for examples and then logically refuting their stance.

    Their argument lately has been, “Because: SHUT UP!”

    Reid, Pelosi, Bullsh*t Barry, all of them.

    So their latest “tactic” is to flood the nation with illegal “churldrens”. Then argue that the mean republicans are trying to kill them etc. Then they will demand to be with their relatives…who already live here.

    They are trying to force our hand to take on drastic action and make fools of ourselves. John McCain did that today with his outburst at the IRS toad. In spite of his and Ryan being correct, they fed the news people just what they need to keep calling us “mean”.

    However, I’m fine with that. I like being mean now. Suits me just fine when I have the truth on my side.

    So….kick all the kids out. Send them back to die, get sick, be forced into gangs, whatever. Mean? Hardly. I want them to be returned to their families…the argument that Bullsh*t Barry used to get the Cuban kid sent back to Cuba…who didn’t want to go.

    So send ’em back. Where do I donate so the travel costs can be covered?

  3. canary says:

    Good let Democrats, Valerie Jarrett and her White House buddies, Biden Pelosi, Reid, all provide foster homes.
    The heck with that.
    Leave Jarrett out or they’ll all turn into Islam terrorists.

    Let filthy rich liberal Bill Gates, Soros, and Warren Buffet give them foster homes.

    And the filthy rich Clinton’s build a village of foster homes for them.
    Chelsea doesn’t need a ten million dollar pent house in NYC.

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