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Democrats Demand Vote Extension In Maryland

From the DNC’s Associated Press and Maryland local TV station WJZ:


Maryland Lt. Governor and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Michael Steele.

Civic Groups Want 1-Day Absentee Ballot Extension

Nov 6, 2006 2:13 pm US/Eastern

Suzanne Collins

(WJZ/AP) Baltimore, MD Several top Maryland Democrats are urging Governor Robert Ehrlich to push for an extension of the deadline for voters to postmark absentee ballots.

In a letter to Ehrlich dated Sunday, the group asked the governor to instruct his appointees on the Maryland Board of
Elections to allow ballots postmarked on election day to be counted. The current deadline is today.

The letter cites shortages in absentee ballots because of the high number of requests this year.

The letter comes on the heels of a similar request by a coalition of attorneys’ groups and civil rights organizations.

Those groups said they would consider going to court today if the Board of Elections didn’t extend the deadline.

A spokesman for Ehrlich says the governor has not taken a position on the request and says it’s entirely a decision for the election board.

Governor Ehrlich and his running mate, Kristin Cox voted by paper ballot and encouraged others to do so. But the massive number of requests means some absentee ballots arrived at homes late, the ACLU the NAACP say that’s a problem.

WJZ’S Suzanne Collins spoke to a member of the ACLU. "Many people will not receive them until they get home from work, by that time they need to take it to a main post office to get it postmarked in time. It’s a logistical nightmare, that’s not necessary." said Meredith Curtis.

The NAACP has a voter hotline to respond to problems voting and the U.S. Attorney’s office has said people should call the FBI if they suspect fraud.

It looks like Mr. Steele must be pulling ahead in the polls.

Why can’t Democrats ever play by the rules? And why is it always the same "civic groups," the ACLU and NAACP, doing their bidding?

And why is the NAACP standing in the way of the advancement of a black man?

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