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Dems Fear Hillary’s ‘Tonya Harding’ Option

From ABC News:

Dems Fear Clinton’s ‘Tonya Harding’ Option


March 26, 2008 — It is improbable but, yes, still mathematically possible that New York Sen. Hillary Clinton could win the Democratic presidential nomination.

What Democratic officials across the country fear is what Clinton will have to do to party rival Illinois Sen. Barack Obama — who leads in pledged delegates and the popular vote — to make that happen.

"I don’t think she has no chance, but the route for her to victory is so bad for the Democratic Party — it’s to damage Obama so much that people feel he’s not electable," said ABC News political contributor Matthew Dowd, a former adviser to President Bush, repeating the sentiments of many in the other party.

One Democratic Party official called Clinton’s strategy "The Tonya Harding Option" — the idea that Clinton’s only path to the gold medal is to destroy her leading competitor…

Who ever doubted that Hillary would go this route?

Except that Mrs. Clinton does not have Tonya Harding’s quiet grace and dignity.

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